Chirenon presents a kinky photo story!

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Joel (now known as #5317) undergoes additional surgeries to complete his processing to become an employee of the Resort. He wakes the next morning in an unfamiliar setting. He’s now officially become one of the faceless “drones” he’s seen on the island. But what have they actually done to him?

Click here to see all published chaptiers of “The Resort”.


  1. O Thank you, So much. I have thought “The Resort” was all gone and all your great stuff and the stories. I think i looked back in the end of 2018. but great to see it back.
    I hope to some day find the stories that you had, One i love to read again, was about a doctor mounding his sub. Love to be him.
    Well keep this and other stories going. It is a great. When the contract is up, i sign for three more years if they let me. thanks bob.


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