Having spent the night at a hotel, the big morning has finally arrived.  A limo is scheduled to take Barb and Joel to the airport where a private jet will fly them to a tropical island where they will spend the next three years working. Forbidden to bring any of their possessions, they must first put on the uniforms the Resort has provided.

Note: I’m reviving, remastering, and re-posting my longest and most ambitious photocaption story.  Although the scenario is Mfm, the focus will be on the journey of the submissive males. Fetishes explored will include: male chastity, CMNM, humiliation, fashion, diapers, mind control, white slavery, black supremacy, medical fetish, cuckolding, and more.

Mr. Lawrence has arrived with a limo that will take Barb and Joel Warner to the jet on its way to the Resort. It’s their first day on the job, and already Joel has some serious complaints…


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