fAn interview with Chris (28) who loves WHITE dads.

MasterMarc: Hi Chris, you’re a 28 year old Chinese living now in the US. You say that you love white daddies. I have several asian friends and have also had Asian slaves. Something i have realized is, that if somebody is kind of “racist” agains Asians, then it are Asians  Why do you prefer white guys? 

Chris-dad-160824-003Chris: I just prefer guys who are my opposite. I’m dark-skinned, so I like fair skin. I have dark hair, so I love guys who are blond/grey haired. Same with weight (I like heavier guys, whereas I’m skinny), I like hairy men, I’m smooth. I like big, tall guys, I’m on the shorter side. Also, I just think White men are the “ideal” in American society, and if you grow up with that ideal, then it’s ingrained in you. I also want to be with someone who looks nothing like my father. That’s a big part of it. 

MasterMarc: For how long are you into daddies and what is the fascination of daddy guys?

ChrisI’ve been attracted to older men since I was a little kid. Used to have crushes on my teachers, even in 6th grade. Every year in school since then, I’d have a crush on a different White male teacher. Even today, on Tumblr, I’d label certain pictures “Tumblr crush”, because that’s all it is, and will be, is just a crush. Nothing can really come from it. Just admiring from afar.

Why daddies? I guess I’m looking for a father figure. To love me, and fuck me. The two things are intertwined. Older guys tend to be mentors, are usually protective, and caring. Those are things that I seek. I’m probably also looking for approval, from an older male, that I never got from my real dad.

MasterMarc: When have you had your first dad in bed? And how was the feeling you’ve had then?

Chris-dad-160824-006ChrisIt was my first year of college. He was in his early 30s, I was a few weeks away from being 18. Met him at a bar (it was a small, neighborhood bar in a small town in Ohio. No bouncer at all.) We chatted, then he actually offered to drive me back to my dorm. But then we ended up at his place by the end of the night.

I was too afraid to do a lot that first time. I had zero experience sexually, never played with other kids, like a lot of other gay guys did when they were young. I lived a pretty sheltered childhood.

So the guy and I made out, he showed me his penis, which was huge. I had never seen one that big, even though by then I had seen enough porn magazines dicks, from sneaking into the gay bookstore. I was so turned-on, but scared at the same time. We didn’t do much that night. We didn’t even have oral. He dry humped me, with my undies on, and when he put his mouth on my penis, I came all over my underwear. He said he’d teach me how to take a big dick another time.

MasterMarc: If you say that you like dads because they give the feeling of protection I have to ask, if you’re not looking for dominance too? Do you like to be used as toy boy, to be exist for the pleasure of the other?

ChrisSure, I like to be dominated. But I like playing both roles. I like to dominate over some Dads too, if he’s into that vibe. And yeah, sure, who doesn’t like being treated like a whore sometimes? Even if they denying it, there’s probably a part of them that do. I’m just not into the whole costume/toys/roles/acting thing, that are part of the S/M scene. I’m not putting it down, I fully respect people who get off on it. But for me, just getting verbal is enough, as far as the dominance/submissive game.

MasterMarc: When have been used hard for the first time and what have you enjoyed? Are there some practice you really love?

Chris-dad-160824-007ChrisFor the most part, I’ve had gentle sex partners. There was a guy a few years back who had a dominant streak, who really pounded my ass hard. He loved to have me lie on my back, legs up in the air, and fucked me hard with his 8-inch, thick cock. It’d hurt like hell, I felt it in my stomach. But at the same time, it was really hot.

Beside getting pounded hard, I like it when guys grab my hair when they fuck me. I grow my hair long just for that purpose. I love it when they are verbal, when they tell me that I’m a good boy, and say how much they like fucking me. I also like it when they fuck my face. I’ve had a few guys that was into that. Always hot when they shove their cocks into my mouth.

MasterMarc: Do you have a dominant dad at the moment? 

ChrisI do have a partner/husband/Dad. He is more mellow than dominant, but he does like to fuck my ass. And I enjoy riding him.

MasterMarc: Chris, it was nice to talk to you. I am sure we will read more about you on sadOsam soon. 



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