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Hello readers, today I’m talking to adorable red puppy Bones. Tell me Bones, how did you first stumble over the kink world? And what got you drawn to it?

I started getting into kink when I got together with my current partner. He had experience already so he introduced me to it and I started doing research online. I liked the idea of power exchange and the feeling of being owned but the kinks I knew about already didn’t quite fit (DD/lg and CG/l). I joined a Facebook group that discussed different kinks and someone shared a video of a human puppy getting his permanent collar.

I thought it was so charming and wholesome, I had to look into it more. It felt like a perfect fit so I jumped into it head first. I never knew I was looking for puppy play until I found it. My boyfriend became my Master/owner! He didn’t know much about pup play but he was so supportive and wanted to be a part of it.

Sounds like a great partner. And discovering kinks is some of the most fun people can have together in my opinion. How was it for you two? Do you feel comfortable as a pup(and in the head space) , and with him as handler?

It was fantastic. He listened to everything I told him about puppy play and he never made me feel weird about it. He let me explore myself as a pup. I honestly feel more comfortable as a pup most of the time than I do as a human. It’s an escape from my human responsibilities, so I can really relax. My partner is an amazing handler and he comes to most of the pup events I attend. He makes me feel like a good pup and gives me lots of chin scritches! We communicate really well so we always enjoy doing puppy things together. He even wears two of my hoods sometimes and let me give him a puppy name! He’s Napalm. He hasn’t explored being a pup much but he’s open to it and it’s so exciting.

I’ve also gotten into other kinks of course, but pup play is my main thing. My newest interest is sports gear. Particularly hockey and American football.

That’s cool, it’s rare to find such engaging partners. How was it for you first going to such events? Were you nervous?

My first pup event was Toronto’s Pan American Canine Konvention (PACK) in 2019. I was unbelievably nervous, unsure of how people would react because I’m not a cis guy. But Toronto’s pup community is very diverse and welcoming and I was already friends with some of the pups online so I was very comfortable. I also got to meet two of my packmates in person for the first time! After that, I started attending Toronto’s monthly pup moshes hosted by the Black Eagle Kennel Klub (BEKK) because I moved there for school. I always have a great time seeing local pups and hanging out. I’ve only had good experiences at events.

I met a couple of pups at school and brought them to the monthly mosh and they also had a great time. I love introducing people to the community!

From your school as well? Wow pups really are everywhere nowadays 😂 And well we all crawl on all fours after all, so why shouldn’t they welcome you positively 😉 but lets touch this topic nonetheless. You’re a cis pup. That’s still quite rare in the community, although it seems to become more popular too lately, which is cool. But how do people generally react to and treat you in that regard? Are they unsure, interested etc? And what’s the reaction when pupping out?

Well when I started as a pup I was a cis female. And now I’m genderfluid, mostly using he/him pronouns but I’ll accept any.

I was worried about being a girl at first, since the community is mostly made up of gay men. But both online and in person, I’ve never gotten any hate for that! Usually people are neutral about it or even interested sometimes. Pupping out, I still get treated the same. I’ve never felt left out, but especially not for my gender identity.

Since exploring my gender, and figuring out that I feel more comfortable as a boy 80% of the time, I feel even more at home in the community. I tend to wear masculine pup gear and share more common interests with boys.

I feel like people think less about gender when we’re in the puppy headspace so a lot of the time, it doesn’t even matter to us when we’re all puppies.

True. I’m more focused then on having fun in the moment, and experimenting if something new presents itself 🙂 that’s often even exciting then. Did the pup and kink environment help you in exploring your gender?

Yes, the kink community has made me feel more comfortable with myself and allowed me to explore my gender with no judgement. I mainly post on Twitter and I always feel like I have so much support from people when I’m being myself. People are very encouraging so I feel like I can try new things.

You say you like to wear gear, and lately sportswear right? What does attract you there? The transformation aspect? the feel of the gear?

I enjoy wearing all kinds of gear. Leather, neoprene, sports gear, gas masks, pup hoods, and more! I like the way it makes me feel larger, because I have a tiny body. I can look however I want. I can be a hockey player, football player, leather puppy, or a rubber drone! I like how all of that looks when I’m wearing it.

Often it also makes me look more masculine, and hides my breasts if I want to cover them. Gear makes me feel attractive and I enjoy the aesthetic. I especially enjoy sports gear because I also associate it with the smell of musky men. 😍

I get to transform into any persona or character I want when I put different outfits on. I also enjoy when other gearheads appreciate the gear as much as I do. A lot of the gear I like covers my face which is helpful because I keep my vanilla life mostly separate from my kink life so when I post photos online, no one will know it’s me.

Thats quite a few points 😉 do you also feel a difference in behaviour, depending on the outfit you wear?

Like, my own behaviour? I usually go into a different headspace depending on what gear I wear. If I’m wearing sports gear I want to rough house and stuff. When I’m in puppy gear I go into pup space and play with toys. It depends on the people I’m around, too.

Hehe alright. And you and your Owner also are experimenting with other things right?

Yes. I want to try everything at least once. Well, almost everything. The newest thing we’re trying is piss play. I’m into way kinkier things than piss but for some reason it’s never something that I’ve thought about. My partner is the same; we’re neutral about it but looking for ways we could find it enjoyable.

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