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Clinic & Bodymods ?

Clinic is a fetish for medical environment sex. However, it also can be the want of using instruments specifically made to surgical for specific purposes, such as sounds or e-stim, to provide sexual stimulation. Bodymods are body modifications for aesthetical, sexual, bdsm or personal reasons. These vary wildly, from tattoos, to piercings, to other.

Tested Products

Bal(l)zac Dildo

Data Sizes: One SizeBalls Ø: 3 cmLength: ~25 cm Material: Polished Medical Aluminium Polarity: Bipolar (just needs itself for electricity flow) May need adapter for different brand connecting Statements The...

Mystim Tens

Data Power: Battery (repl. 9V) Patterns: 7 Timer: 10 - 60 min Channels: 2 Adjust: Power & Cadence Popular Tens unit with wide range of connectable brand toys. Statements This...


Cam Boys

Kink Art Sneak Peek

Kink Academy

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