Clyde Walton

1994 | 175 cm | 63 kg
United Kingdom

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Hey Clyde, how are things going? You’re a 22 years old kinky British who is doing porn for labels as Hardkinks and Staxus. What do yo prefer to do, vanilla or kinky movies?

I’m good thank you, I prefer to do kinky movies because there is a bigger variety on the things you can do as in rough sex, feet, spanking, toys, bondage etc:… I do like vanilla sometimes too but my favourite is kinky.

I’ve said in the beginning that you’re a kinky guy. Can you tell us, when have you done your first steps into the kinky world and what you’re into?

Yeah I am, when I was younger about 14/15 years old I watched alot of porn and that’s when I realised that I was into alot of kinky stuff when it comes to feet/socks, rough sex, daddies, chav/scally lads, bondage etc: my first time doing anything sexual was with my first boyfriend, I used to have rough sex with him and he used to make me sniff his feet and lick them. It was hot! Made me really hard in seconds!

I used to love it when he had been walking on his feet all day and he came home and made me take is trainers off and sniff his smelly socks and make me massage his feet and lick and suck his toes. It was amazing! When it comes to other kinky stuff like rough sex, I love the thought of being forced and dominated by someone, being held down and my arse to be used. I get turned on alot by older guys who are muscly and daddy type of guys.

That sounds hot. 🙂 Are you just looking for sexual domination or do you like to have a boss in live too, that you have to submit and do whatever he wants?

I would love to have a boss/master in life who would make me do what he wants, whenever he wants. If he has a hard day from work he could come home and take his anger and stress out on my arse and my body, or if his feet hurt he can make me massage them for hours and lick them clean until he is satisfied! He can even invite his mates round for them to come round and use my body to how they want. One guy fucking my arse, whilst I’m sucking the other guy off, and another guy spanking me. Would be really hot to experience.

Do you have a desire to become dependant? And do you want also be pushed so that you loose your own limits?

Yes definitely! Would be hot to have no control over anything and having to rely on someone and be dependant. They could lock me up in the bedroom all day and when they want me they can come in and use me. Tie me up or throw me on the bed, hold me down and fuck me nice and hard! Then make me take their cock all the way down my throat, making me gag on it! They can cover my mouth so I can’t scream out, no matter how painful or rough it may be. Although for me, I would most probably be precumming everywhere because I’d love and enjoy every minute of it!

What are your current limits and do you have some sexual practice in your mind, you haven’t tried yet but you are totally curious about?

I’m up for totally anything really, I am not overly keen on toys as I prefer the real thing but if the other person wanted to use them on me I’d be up for it. I haven’t tried watersports/piss yet, but would probably be open to trying it sometime as I’ve heard that it is really sexual and a turn on for most people.

Do you have also the desire of being humiliated, punished, to feel pain, being used and abused even if you’re not in the mood for action?

Yeah definitely, like I said before I have a desire to be forced and dominated. So that means even when I’m not in the mood to do anything, I would still happily love someone to do stuff with me even if I didn’t want it at the time. If I did try and hold back, they can happily punish me and smack/spank me even harder. Make me want to enjoy it and make me want it! And if I really miss behaved, the master could invite his friends round or record himself pissing on me and humiliating me for them to all laugh at and enjoy. I’d also love for the master to stamp on me and cover my face with his rank smelling feet. Making me inhale all his sweat and odor. I’d also love to be fucked really hard and have his hands round my throat whilst he puts his smelly socks and trainers over my nose and mouth!

Why do you think would you be a good slave?

Because I’d obay and serve the master, whatever he wanted I’d happily do it for him. I’d be like his own little boy pet. Lick and massage the masters feet, clean and wash his dishes, clothes and shoes, be his sex boy/toy aswell as his punchbag for his anger/stress relief or just to turn him on by making me feel pain. I’d wash him, massage him, and just be there for him. I can even make my master earn some cash by selling my body to other people to use so he doesn’t have to do any work himself.

Let us talk about porn. What is the fascination of doing porn and when have you started with it?

I like the fact that you can do most or all of your fantasies and kinky stuff in porn. There’s porn for every single kink out there, anything from vanilla to rough, Daddies to Twinks, feet to watersports/piss. I have only recently started doing porn since July 2016, the first company I had worked for is Staxus. I was unsure about doing porn to start with but after I had done it and I set up a twitter account for people to follow me, I am really happy that I did it now because I have loads of fans/followers who really like me and it makes me really happy seeing new followers everyday. And it makes me want to do more porn scenes and keep my twitter profile updated for my fans and followers out there.

How was it to on the set for the first time and to have sex with strangers and a lot of others watching?

To be honest I was a bit nervous as most people probably would be but it wasn’t as bad as I thought it might be. I am used to people watching me have fun/sex with other guys because my current partner likes to watch me. He is into Voyeurism himself so he gets hard over watching it. I was more excited than nervous doing the porn scenes and I was really looking forward to it. I loved doing the scenes, it was a fantastic experience and it makes me want to do it all the time now.

Now I got a question I have asked several porn actors already: If you would be the main actor, storybook writer and director at the same time, how would your kinkiest scene look like?

I would probably do something like me being kidnapped, thrown in a back of a van with someone in there already waiting to tie me up and abuse me, take me to a house in the middle of nowhere. Drag me into the house, take me to either a basement or bedroom. Somewhere I will be locked in and can’t physically escape and noone will be able to hear me. Then I get undressed and beaten up but about 4 or 5 different blokes and get made to sniff their socks and feet and lick them whilst the other guys after fingering my hole and putting toys up my arse. And then one guy would grab my hair with force make me suck his cock and choke on it! Whilst the other guys are wanking over watching me doing it. And then I get pinned/held down over a table and get a hard, lubed up cock shoved right into me. With me screaming and crying out in pain. The other guys are laughing and enjoying it. One by one I get fucked by each of the guys, I am knackered and exhausted, laying my head down on the table until one of the guys comes round and makes me suck on his cock again. My arse has so much cum in it that it’s dribbling out of my hole. Then the last guy pulls his cock out of my arse with all the other guys cum on it and makes me suck it until he is ready to explode and then he makes me open my mouth nice and wide and then shoots his load all down my throat making me swallow every last drop of his nice warm spunk.

I think that movie could be a great success. 🙂 It was a great pleasure to talk to you, little pussyboy, and we hope to see you in many new porn productions. 

Kinky Porn Movies with Clyde:

Clyde has also made two scenes (Cum Harvest, Sc. 2 & 3) with Staxus.



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