Hi to all sadOsam readers,

My name is Sam and I’m Mister Rubber France 2018. A few weeks ago, I launched the , initiative, which aims to have everyone take a photo of him or her with a sign on which is written , write a few lines of their discovery of fetishism and publish it on the wall , at

Why this initiative?

Quite simply because I discovered fetishism “by accident” at the age of 15, except that at that age I didn’t accept my homosexuality, and so being fetish on top of it was a double pain for me.

I had a few difficult years in depression, struggling to learn to love myself, to learn to love who I was. It was mainly thanks to the websites and the first fetish people with whom I was able to talk (virtually) that I discovered that I was not alone, and that I learned year after year to accept my fetishism.

I was able to make my first rubber purchases and discover a love for this material… A few years later, I went from virtual to real by meeting the first fetish people and participating in my first events, it was a revelation for me!

And today, after many long and difficult years, I am finally happy with my sexuality, happy with my fetish! And this thanks to all the people who helped me to be myself. I was able to see, through the encounters I have made, through the messages I receive daily, that my story is the story of many in our community, and even today, many people are destroying themselves by rejecting their true person! That’s why I ran for Mister Rubber France 2018 and launched the , initiative, so that I could help everyone to be themselves by highlighting the different stories of all the people who make our community proud!

The initiative only takes a few minutes to do and may help many people not to waste a part of their lives by discovering that they are not alone or different through stories similar to their own!


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