Kink Fiction

Illustration by Theo Blaze

Colton is a player, one day in a coffee shop a man spouts odd words at him. From that moment on he feels an undeniable desire for something he never before considered – dick

Colton grabbed the girl’s ass as he kissed her good-bye at her door. He made the usual promises to call her later, but her name was already fading from his mind. He had fucked her and was glad to have finished the tedious work of extracting himself from the girl’s apartment. That was the part he never liked. That and convincing them into bed. It would be so much better if they would only spread their legs for him, but no, he had to do that whole boring dance.

Coffee, he could use some coffee. Colton ducked into a coffe shop and placed his order. The woman who took his order was a bit chubby, but looked at him like she wanted to rip his clothes off, hidden behind her customer service smile. While waiting for his drink to be finished, someone tapped his arm “Colton Abels?”

“Yeah?” Colton turned to look at the man. Thin with wiry muscles, wild dark brown hair, scruff of a beard.

“I have a message for you.” The strange man said.

“Wha? How’d you find me?”

“Don’t worry about that. Your message is.” And a string of sounds came out of his mouth that could be words, but not any language Colton had any idea of.

“What the hell is that?” Colton took a step back.

“Your future. You’ll see.” The man turned and walked off. Colton watched him, puzzled. His coffee now ready, he took and decided to put the incident out of his mind. At work, Colton had another odd experience. He was at the urinal, and another man came up to use the other urinal. The odd experience was that Colton found himself checking the guy’s dick out. He’d never looked at another dude’s junk, much less a guy taking a piss. Colton was confused, but didn’t dwell on the thought.

After work, out on the street, Colton found he was evaluating men’s asses. Why was he doing that? Even with the question in his mind, Colton was still checking out asses. He felt a tickle in his own ass. What was going on? As he walked, the asses captivated him more, and his own asshole had a feeling he suddenly realized was emptiness. Why would his ass feel empty? Nothing had ever gone in it.

But it did feel empty. Colton found a bench and sat down on it, closed his eyes and took a deep breath. He had to get a grip on himself. With his lids down, he couldn’t see men’s asses, but there was still that unexplained feeling that he wanted something in his ass. More deep breaths. The feeling of his ass being empty and needed to be filled was getting more intense. He had to get home. Colton was going to find buddies at one of the places he hit on a regular basis, but decided he needed to head to his apartment.

Once home, Colton stripped naked and fell onto his bed. His fingers found their way to his mouth and sucked on them, reaching back to his asshole, letting one slip in. It felt so good. He fucked his finger in and out some, that was even better. One finger felt so good, he put a second one in. Colton’s other hand made it to his mouth, and he sucked on his fingers. Something in his ass and mouth offered some relief. Faster, he fucked them in and out faster. That gave some relief, but he needed more. He needed a cock in his ass and his throat. Where did that thought come from? Colton didn’t stop moving his fingers in and out as he recoiled from the idea of taking cocks. How could he be craving cock? He’d never wanted one before, now he was craving cock. Craving it so much he was using his fingers as a substitute.

Wrong, Colton’s head was all wrong. No way he could be wanting cock. But he did, deep in his ass, thrusting. He couldn’t get his mind off the need for dick. It was driving him crazy. He tried to fight it, but it grew stronger and stronger. He was losing ground to the burning need to go out and find someone to fuck him good. Colton groaned. He couldn’t do that, could he? The need was growing so much in him. Colton gave a ragged half-shout. He needed dick. He needed dick so bad. He had to go out,  he had to get a man to fuck him. His fingers weren’t doing it anymore. Colton got dressed, leaving off his underwear, it would be faster getting dick that way. Taking short, sharp breaths he left and headed to a club prominent in the gay community.

Walking in was the bravest and most nerve wracking thing he had ever done. He couldn’t believe he was there. Now he needed to find someone to fuck him. He had no idea how to do that. It was early, so there were not a lot of people there. Colton looked around, the bartender gave him an interested look, as if to see if he would put in an order.

Colton ran his fingers through his hair, looking around. He had to get one of these guys to fuck him. Two would be better, one for each end. There was a pair that looked sort of likely. Damn, he was going to try to get them to fuck him. He had no idea how to do that.

Colton walked up to the booth, before he knew it his mouth said “Want to take me into the back alley and ride me like there’s no tomorrow?” Did he say that? The two guys looked at each other, cocked their eyebrows with shoulder shrugs, then broke into wide grins.

“Sure, we can do that.” One said.

They both got up. “We can use the service door.” The other said, taking Colton by the arm, guiding him to the back of the bar, and through a door into an alley. “This is going to be dope.” One pulled Colton’s shirt off while the other undid his pants. Colton kicked off his shoes while the pants were assisted off him.

“He’s ready for it.” One of the guys said.

“Sure is.” The other replied. They manhandled Colton so he was bent at the waist and undid their own clothing. Colton found he was turned on, his dick so hard it hurt. He moved his lips closer to the dick that was appearing before him as he reached behind to pull his ass cheeks apart.

“So begging for it.” One of the guys said.

“Yeah, just fuck me already.” Colton said, not believing he said it. “Shove your dicks in me and use me like a cheap whore. Use me to get off and don’t give a fuck about how I take it. “

“Fucking whore, you got it, now this will shut you up. You talk too much.” A dick made it into Colton’s mouth, a few seconds later one was in his ass. He gobbled both greedily. The guys started going good. Colton realized his great longing was gone. The horrific desire was sated with a pecker in each end.

Colton’s eyes could see the dark pubes moving rapidly back and forth as a massive cock shoved into him. He could feel his throat swelling as the massive rod went down it. Good thing he was bent over so it would go further in. That horrified and pleased him at the same time. Horrific because it was another man’s dick and pleased because he knew he needed one or he would be craving it.

The cock in his ass was like that as well, he needed it but was mortified that he did need it. The cocks were big, really filling him, and the two guys – he didn’t even know their names, were pushing in fast and hard. They were not coordinated, and Colton’s body was whipped around like a rag in a storm drain.

And it hurt, both cocks in him sent shooting bolts of white pain into him, like his ass and throat were being ripped open. As much as the pain seared in him, the relief was so much stronger. He had to take the pain, it was nothing compared to the more-burning need to have dick in him. He writhed trying to shake off the pain. “He’s so fucking into it. What a cum-whore.” One of the guys said. Colton realized they were thinking he was totally enjoying this. Part of him was.

The cocks did feel good. Colton couldn’t believe how fantastic they felt. How could he have gone so long without doing this? He had never felt so great. The cocks filled him, Colton felt complete with them in him, each withdrawal made him feel empty, not like before they started, but if they could be in him all the time. He could still feel the pain, but it was like a shadow besides the ecstasy of being dicked. Like when you pull a muscle on a heavy lift but the endorphins keep you from really feeling it. Colton’s brain was shutting down as it could not process the contradictory feelings.

He needed the dicks, needed them in him pumping in and out. But each thrust was new pain, like sandpaper coring his ass or throat. In desperation Colton squeezed his ass and it felt a little better. “Fuck yeah slag, squeeze that pussy so I like it better.” The guy fucking his ass urged. Colton did, each time he did the pain seemed to lessen. Colton fought the fog in his mind and tried a sustained gripping. A sound of pleasure from above him washed over his ears, and his ass felt so much better.

Try the mouth now, Colton had to struggle to get the thought formed, much less do it. He moved his tongue over the pistoning meat there. Colton could register that his throat took the dick better as his tongue moved, but had no way of connecting why. It just did. He worked his tongue harder, adding his lips into the mix. So much better. His throat felt more natural as the sharp pain faded. Colton’s addled mind could only maintain one mostly-coherent thought; please the dicks, reduce the pain. Colton had to concentrate to keep that in his head. Every time he slacked off on either end, the pain came back.

Colton tried, but could not keep up, jabs of pain struck him every time he let his work falter even for an instant. The longer he worked at pleasing them, the faster the pain receded. He could not take the cocks, he had to actively strive to pleasure them, to make them feel good. Colton’s mind turned over completely to doing just that, the very reason why his mind was unable to maintain. Only that he had to. That he must.

The cock skin over his tongue was a special silkiness, Colton moved his tongue and lips as the two guys got into a rhythm, one filling as one left. Colton could appreciate the cocks better this way, able to concentrate more on servicing them better. Colton felt his body accept the cock as more precious than oxygen. Breathing was less important than big hard dicks in him. He’d choke himself, he would have to have more. Colton was stuck between the two men and could not choose which one he wanted more. Which was good, since he had no power to resist. He would do whatever the dicks wanted so long as they stayed in him. The guys did a high five over Colton’s back.

“I’m almost there dude. This ass is so tight.” The guy at his ass said.

“Do it, his sucking sucks. I want a crack at it.” Said the dick at his head.

“Sure. A bit more.” The guy fucking Colton went even faster before unloading into his ass. Colton felt the cum inside him, total bill radiating from his guts. It was better than any orgasm he had ever had. So much better. Being a cum-reciptical was better than actually cumming.

Colton did an intake of breath as the dick left his ass. An empty feeling replacing it. Not as bad as before, he needed a new cock in there again. Colton barely registered that the guys using him kissed as they swapped places. Those few seconds where it was only his body made him feel hollow. When the dicks went back in, it was so great, his place, what he should be doing was back. Colton’s ass started to squeeze as his lips and tongue got back to work as well.

The cock that had so recently been in his ass had a different taste, but that didn’t matter, Colton had to stimulate it. Colton would learn this difference was the juices of his own ass, and the sooner he cleaned it the better the cock would taste. But now Colton was faced with a new challenge. Blindly working his ass to grip his new fucker, Colton had to work harder on the dick in his mouth. That cock had recently cum, and where it was not totally deflated, its stiffness was going away.

Colton sucked for all he was worth, using every trick in his limited reproatrie to return the dick to full hardness. The guy in front of him was standing there, letting Colton do all the work. Colton’s hands gripped the man’s thighs, his face going forward to get more in, working the head and shaft. Sometimes Colton almost forgot his ass, but the slight slivers of pain that returned acted like gentle strikes of a whip to remind him.

Colton’s world was reduced to servicing the two peckers in his body. Nothing else mattered. The thought of being seen wasn’t even on his radar. The humiliation he had felt approaching a couple of guys and blunting asking them to fuck him was gone. All that mattered was the dicks.

Colton was succeeding, the rod was hardening, and that made him more attentive to it. The harder the cock, the better. Some animal like instinct was taking over Colton, please the schlongs, that was all. Do it, nothing else mattered, nothing else existed.

The better-than-orgasm feeling returned to his gut and Colton realized the other guy had cum in him. Colton had been so focused on his work, the men attached to the dicks had been lost to his mind. Colton felt the ass fucker slow and stop, then pulling out. The dick retreated from his mouth. Colton slumped naked onto the dirty alleyway. The guys put their dicks away and left him there.

“Total slut, but it’s fun to simply use a guy and toss him aside, isn’t it, lover?” One said as they re-entered the bar.

The pain and longing did not return at once. Colton lay there in a stupor for a while, his mind clawing back to some semblance of coherence. His mind moved, but his body did not. The full realization of what he had done hit Colton like a wave. Fully straight, he had walked up to a couple guys and without any preamble ask them to fuck him. They had, long and rough. Colton had gotten so into it that his world shrunk to only dicks.

Vomit welled up in him, Colton expelled it and shuffled away, not able to rise yet. He had taken cock like he had dreamed of banging cheap skanks in college. Only he was the cheap skank. How could he have done this to himself? It had felt so good, better than banging any pussy ever had. Way better than any blow job. Even better then the one time he had gotten two girls in bed at the same time. He would have to do it again, take more cock. That thought shattered him. Not being the fucker, not pumping into some chick, but opening his legs and mouth to any man who came along with a dick. He hated it so much, but couldn’t stop the craving for it.

His dick was still hard. Colton could feel it throbbing, but could not bring himself to touch it. Colton could almost feel the dicks still in him, a physical memory. Comfort, where he belonged, the receptacle for men. But he simply couldn’t be that way, could not yearn for cock so much. He was to give the cock, not take it. Colton remembered the desire for cock, how strong it was, how it pushed him to degrade himself so far, if it returned, he would again. Would he be fucked in back alleys for the rest of his life? Be forced to crawl from man to man hoping they would use him? Colton buried his face into his arms, feeling only the cold comfort of the concrete.

Everything about Colton’s life was wrong now. How he had lived it, what it would be like in the future. Nothing made sense. He had to get away from here. He had to get home. It took great effort to rise up. He looked at the vomit he had spewed on the ground in disgust. The acidic stink registering in his nostrils for the first time. It wasn’t as bad as facing a life of wanting cock. Colton pulled on his pants, dick still hard, unable to do anything but arrange it down his leg.  He left his socks to get his shoes on faster and left the alley wrestling his shirt on. He had difficulty figuring out how it had turned around itself. Colton walked around the outside of the building, no way he could face going in, even taking a longer route to avoid passing the front window.

Every face he glanced at seemed to know what he had done and register judgement, cruel judgement on him. His face and neck turned red in the humiliation. Glancing at screens on the phones around him, he panicked that they would be watching some video sent out of what he had done. Shit, he had never considered there might be security cameras out there, some lonely security guard getting his jollies from it. Colton shivered at the thought.

Feeling like a hunted animal, Colton rushed to his apartment. At least the longing for dick in him was not strong. He could focus on the task of travel. What was going on with him? Could he cure himself by fucking a girl? The thought passed his head and revulsion seized his gut. Glancing at a somewhat attractive woman on the street didn’t raise his interest, in fact he wanted away from her. He’d fucked dozens of women in his time, how could he be repelled now? Nothing made sense, he had to work to remember how to get to his building.

Up the elevator, to his door Colton had to concentrate to move his feet. He fumbled with the keys, trying two before he found the right one. As he opened the door a masculine voice behind him said “Let me in and I’ll give you a chance at my dick.” No doubt, the overwhelming desire to do as the voice said. Colton shoved the door open to let the man in before he even looked. It was the wiry guy from the coffee shop.

Colton closed the door, his mind spinning. The mention of a chance for dick encouraged him to do whatever he could to get that dick. No hesitation, just do it for the dick. Colton knew he would do whatever this guy wanted for the chance at his cock. The realization was one more shock he was not able to take.

The guy had a wicked smile. “Strip and get on your knees.”

Colton started to obey, he could not muster any resistance. “I don’t even know your name.”

“You didn’t know the names of the guys who just fucked you either.” The smile got more wicked as Colton blushed in shame. “My name is Lel. You can call me Lord Lel. Do it.”

“You are Lord Lel.”

Colton slid to his knees, looking up at his tormentor. He held his hands in front of his dick, realizing it was hard and that was showing.

Lel sat down on a comfortable chair. “I’m sure you are wondering what is happening to you. I cursed you.”

“Why?” Colton asked, a desperate sound in his voice.

“You screwed my sister, discarded her. She cried on my shoulder. I was mad, and wanted revenge. It would have been easier, but I checked you out, and discovered you did this all the time, all the time. One girl after another, a string of discarded women. I may be gay, but that’s wrong. So I used a stronger curse on you than for messing up one girl, even my sister.”

“Stronger curse? What did you do to me Lord Lel?”

“You’ve felt it. It was fun watching you. You’re desperate for cock in you. Any cock. And I do mean any cock. It doesn’t matter whose cock it is. So it can be some old man, some fat unwashed lump of smells. You’ll go for it if you’ve not had cock recently. You felt the longing. It’s enough for you to approach and beg them to fuck you. Yeah, I watched you do that.” Colton looked at the floor in shame. “You’ll be like this for the rest of your life. You’ll need dick. A lot of dick. Don’t get enough, and the longing will grow in you until you can’t stand it. You’ll walk up to strangers and beg them to fuck you. The longer you go, the worse it will get.”

Colton shook, Lel looked at him in satisfaction.

“As you’ve also discovered, if someone offers you a chance at the dick, you’ll do whatever they say for it. Explains why you’re naked and on your knees in front of me, doesn’t it scum-bag?”

“It does Lord Lel.” Colton sounded defeated. Still not able to come to grips with everything.

“I’m not totally cruel, if you cage your cock, have a plug in your ass. Both of them, cage and plug. You’ll be able to hold off the craving. Enough to hold down your job. Not much more. You’ll need to get fucked right after. But you’re good looking, so that shouldn’t be too hard to manage.”

“I don’t want to want dick.”

“Tough shit. You shouldn’t have been so much of one. Look, I even got you a cage and plug.” Lel reached into a small shoulder bag Colton had not noticed before and tossed a couple items at Colton. “Here’s some lube. Lube up the plug and your asshole. That’s going in.”

“Yes, Lord Lel.” Colton was still in a daze. He couldn’t tell how much was his utter confusion about everything and how much was the compulsion Lel described when he had a chance at dick. As he opened the bottle of lube and started to apply it, Colton focused on the word “chance”. A chance to get cock. Not the certainty, the opportunity. What he had done with Lel was humiliating enough, lubing the plug up even more so. How much more horrific could it get?

Lel looked at the attractive naked man kneeling before him. It was gratifying to see him taken so low. Lel noticed the slight tremor in Colton’s hands as he applied lube to the plug. It was decent size, not huge, but enough to notice. Colton was going to be uncomfortable wearing it for a while. Until he was driven to get his own. Something that would humiliate him further. And Colton’s cock had not gone down. That would make putting the cage on more difficult, and having the plug in would not help. Not that Colton knew that. Colton would be learning a lot of new things. Lel hadn’t mentioned the aversion to female companionship. Let Colton discover that on his own. Not that he would ever have a chance to be with a woman again. He’s be too dick-starved

“Now put it in.” Lel instructed. Colton was reapplying lube to his hole, hoping to delay putting the plug in.

“I’ve never had anything in my ass before.”

“Learn respect, you need to call men using you Sir, I’m Lord Lel.” A bit of mental trickery to grind it deeper.

“Yes Sir Lord Lel.” Colton took a deep breath and tried to get the plug in, eventually bending over to do it. The pain on his face was exquisite.

Lel did have some regrets at what he had done to Colton, but he had also researched heavily in the six months since Colton had shattered his sister’s heart. Colton was a predator, going from woman to woman, using and discarding them. Colton had pictures and videos of a lot of his conquests, mostly taken without their knowledge and freely spread them around to boast of his conquests. Lel had a buddy who had managed to get close to Colton’s group of friends. Colton bragged of his success, demeaned how cheap a lot of the women were and even had a set of videos where he gave a running commentary of their performance. The commentary was obscene, crowing about virgins he had bagged, and how poorly many of the women did. All the time Colton put on as if he were the ultimate stud.

Colton had gotten the plug in and returned to his knees. He was rubbing his ass and his face was contorted in pain. “It fucking hurts Lord Lel.”

“You’ll get used to it. You have to. To be effective, the plug will have to be at least that size. Any smaller and you won’t have what little relief I give you. Now, get that cage on.”

Colton picked up the cage and looked at it puzzled.

“Never seen one before, have you?” Lel had amusement in his voice.

“Not really, Lord Lel. I don’t know how to use it.”

“Remove the latch, put the ring behind your cock and balls.” Lel watched his instructions followed by helpless Colton. Colton struggled with his cock already hard, not knowing how much harder putting a cage on a hardon would be much more difficult.

Putting the ring on hurt Colton, having to force his balls through with a turgid cock, he almost screamed. He finally managed it and took a breath as he tried to adjust it to make it more comfortable.

“Now, force the cage part over your dick, put the studs through the holes and throw the catch.” Lel commanded, leaning back, this was going to be fun to watch. Colton picked up the cage portion and put it on the head of his dick. There were several inches between the cage and the ring. It was going to hurt bad. “Do it, I don’t want to wait.”

“Yes, Lord Lel.” There was trepidation in Colton’s voice as he realized what he had to do. Colton started to push, hurting his own dick at Lel’s command, bringing the cage towards the ring. Colton let out a series of agonized squeeks, using both hands to connect the parts of the chastity device. Colton had broken out in a cold sweat.

Unable to take the pressure, he let his dick return to full size before taking another attempt. Colton tried over and over, his penis in agony. Colton made several attempts before almost getting it only to have it slip and undo his efforts. The sweat made his hands slippery, and Colton had to concentrate more to keep the metal under control. His boner would not subside. How could it hurt so much and still be hard? Colton let out a tormented whine as he managed to get the parts connected. He barely managed to throw the catch before he slumped forward, trying to catch his breath.

Seconds after, Colton twisted, the full impact of a hard cock shoved into a cage washing over his body. He let out a yelp, his abs sucked in, his arms crossing as he rocked back and forth, his hips grinding on his heels. Colton bit his lower lip, teeth far to his chin.

Lel let out a soft amused cackle. The formerly proud man was racked with self-inflicted pain. Colton had screwed over so many women in his life, this was the start of payback.

“You feel the need lessen now? It will still be strong as I’m here offering you dick, but not as bad as before. You get an offer for dick even in that get up, you had better take it. You will never be able to go a full day without dick again.” Colton groaned as Lel spoke. “You’ll need more than one. Any way you can get it. If you need to beg homeless dudes to suck them off you will. Go to a club and offer your ass, you will. No depravity will be too much for you.”

Lel looked at his victim, rocking back and forth on his knees, he’d told Colton enough. Colton would face this knowing why. That was important. If Lel had not shoved this into his face, Colton would have been confused, but not recognized what his punishment was for. Lel’s sister was sweet. Sure, she slept around some, but Colton had tried to get the dusky girl to love him on the way to the sack. Lel would have done something to Colton for that, a string of impotence before he fucked a girl, or adjusted his desires to fat, unkempt ones for a while so the shame of servicing women he found undesirable ate into him. But if you can do that, you have to act in a very responsible manner. Lel had been trained to be very sure of what he did, so a lot of research was needed.

This was not the first time Lel had been in the apartment. Well it was physically, but Lel had astral projected himself into it and Colton’s mind two weeks ago. While Colton slept, Lel looked through his memories, and more than the memories of girl after girl discarded and left behind, the thoughts Colton had of them. Every one was a conquest, to use and leave. From his first glance, Colton was looking forward to them watching his ass leave, wanting him more and never getting it. He thought of them as playthings, toying with their emotions, wanting them to be crying on the floor, longing for him. A mindset of pure cruelty. Colton would take pictures and videos with or without their knowledge and freely spread them. Exposing their private time for his group of cacklers.

“Suck me.” Lel said. Time to get a bit of enjoyment out of this and leave Colton to his misery.

Colton crawled the few steps and began to undo Lel’s pants, the need for cock rampaging in him. His own cock straining so painfully in the cage. It hurt, his dick pressing so forcefully on the ribs of the steel cage. Nothing overcame the need for cock, not even the excruciating pain in his groin. Lel’s prick was long and thin, uncut. black hairs at the base. Colton took it in his mouth and began an inexpert blow job. Ignoring Lel’s balls or able to do anything but bob up and down, Lel watched the head in his lap work. This was the start of so many times Colton would be on his knees like this. He would learn to do better work, that would take time. A long time. Colton would need to discover on his own that the more satisfied his customers were the better it was for him. Let him find out the hard way.

Lel let him slobber for a while wallowing in misery. Colton was miserable. He was taking his third dick ever, and as why had been made clear to him, he could recognize that he would have to be doing this the rest of his life. The thought ground his soul to mush. Lel got tired of the insufficient stimulation, grabbed Colton’s head and began to roughly fuck his face. He’d be getting rough fucked a lot, so might as well get started now reasoned Lel, and Colton wasn’t that good at smoking pipe, so just get off and go.

Lel ignored the struggles Colton made, the fleam pouring out of his mouth, and pounded in without a care. Colton had no concern for the women he banged, so Lel didn’t bother at how much discomfort he was meteing out. Lel came, giving an aggressive grunt. Once his balls emptied into Colton’s throat, Lel shoved him off. Refastening his clothes, Lel left Colton on the floor.

Colton lay on the floor with his eyes closed. He had had cock in his mouth, now another man’s cum. And not for the first time in the last few hours. He’d been fucked and used. He knew he would be doing this a lot, he would have to face this day after day for the rest of his life. How would he take dick after dick? Begging for cock, taking it up the ass. He was straight, he fucked women, he’d fucked a hell of a lot of women. Now he’d be taking any pecker that came by, his mind spun, not able to fully grasp it. The cocks he’d had, had been terrible, he never wanted to see one again, not even in the gym. Oh fuck the gym. He’d be longing for cock in the gym. He knew those guys. He had bragged to those guys, showed them videos of his conquests, now he would be a conquest. He would be passed around the locker room and showers, treated like a cum rag for any of the guys there.

People he knew, guys he’d taken girls from, guys he’d had beer with. He’d have to take their cocks, let them rail him as much as they wanted. As bad as it was taking strange cock, taking cock he knew would be even worse. How could this happen to him? He was merely out to get some pussy. Colton wrapped his arms around himself and his mind was frantically trying to piece everything together. He was going to live a life of a cock-whore. How could he do that? It was going to tear him apart. He was going to have to degrade himself endlessly as the need grew in him. He could feel his ass wanting a cock again already.

Colton stirred, he pulled the buttplug out of his ass, expelling a half-yell as it came out. So much better. Now for the cock cage, Colton felt an echo of the pain of putting it on, making his hands reluctant to approach, but he had to get it off. Colton fumbled with the catch and let out a sigh of relief as the parts separated. Colton gently ran his hands over his cock and balls, wanting to sooth them. He started to pull on the ring, but it was proving too difficult, so he left it. Colton moved his back to rest on the chair Lel had sat in. He took air in and out, glad there was something his mind could hold onto.

That worked, concentrate on filling and emptying his lungs, don’t think of anything else. It helped so much. Colton focused until he realized there was a cry from his ass to be filled again. The hellish need was coming back. Colton could manage it now, a background feeling, but there would be an increase, it was inevitable. Colton’s dick was deflated, no longer having a man around him.

Colton put his head in his hands. It was happening already. Lel had left not that long ago, and his body was already starting to crave more dick. How could he want more of the dick that revolted him so much. No, no, no. He had to fight it. He tried to push the desire away. Like when you try to overcome pain, but he wanted to get this out of his mind. It did not work. He could not overcome the rising need. A battle raged in his mind, and he was losing, losing badly. Colton let out an agonized snarl. He needed a cock in his ass, he had to have one. Colton got up headed to the door, not realizing he was still naked until he was half out the door. He did manage to pull himself back into his apartment, shocked it took so much effort. He was ready to go out of his place bare ass naked in search for dick. How could he be so deprived? He had to get a handle on himself.

With supreme effort Colton shoved the butt plug into his ass. The longing faded slightly. He added the cock cage, and there was a noticeable reduction of the drive he was feeling. Colton still had a desire, but he was in control of himself. He could resist this level. He could not eat, he curled up on the couch in a fetal position. He could manage it now. How long could he hold out? Plug and cage should hold off the curse for a while. He had to figure out what to do. He could not have to go out for more dick.

Hardly able to move, Colton waited, failing to get his mind wrapped around what he had to do for hours. He felt the increased pull to get dick. Not so much he would run to the street, but it was there. About 9 hours later, after some fitful sleep Colton was staring at the wall, his fingernails digging into his palms and he knew he was going to have to go out. The plug and the cage had delayed as long as they would. He was going to have to go out for more dick. He was totally lost, he knew it. The drive for cock was too strong. He struggled into his clothes and dragged himself out. On the street, he walked around. It was early morning, few cars and fewer walkers. Colton wondered under the streetlights, striving against the need.

Seeing a man in front of him, Colton seemed to stumble, grabbing the wall of the building next to him to steady himself. The man looked at him, and Colton realized his body was trying to kneel to beg for dick. Colton felt the blood drain from his face, he was losing what little control over himself.

A few blocks later Colton saw a kid smoking next to an alley. Colton could not stand it any more, he approached the guy. Ratty clothes, Colton smelt an unwashed scent from the guy. “Would you be willing to fuck me please Sir?” Colton could not believe he had to do that, he was so humiliated.

The guy looked at him with narrowed eyes. “You shitting me?”

“No dude, I need to get fucked, I can’t stand it anymore. I need a cock in me. Fuck me, fuck me please fuck me.”

“You are off the spin fucker.”

“No, please I need to be fucked.” Colton got on his knees and pushed his face into the guy’s crotch, getting a whiff of the musk in there. “You gotta fuck me.”

“Damn fucker, you are hungry for it. Yeah, I’ll fuck that ass of yours. Get over here.” The guy pulled Colton into the alley tossing him against some trash cans. “Get your pants down, I’m wasting time.”

Colton couldn’t bring himself to say anything, dropping his pants and submissively bending over the cans. The stranger laughed at the butt plug in Colton’s ass and roughly pulled it out, discarding it on the ground. Colton heard the thump as it hit.

The guy quickly spit on his dick and ran a bit of spit on Colton’s hole before shoving in. It burned as the cock passed the sphincter. Colton knew this would be his life now, being fucked in an alley by some stranger, day in and out. This alley guy went full speed right off, rabbit fucking him like he was a cheap whore. Well Colton was the cheapest, being free. The guy’s dick was railing him without a care, he was a hole. The guy fucking him didn’t stop smoking. In fact the only time the dick in his ass even slowed down was when he lit a new cigarette. It didn’t take long after that pause when the guy’s seed to flood his guts, Colton had a fleeting thought that he would need to start carrying condoms, if he was going to be fucked this much, he would need them. The guy pulled out and left Colton alone, not bothering to look back. 

The craving for cock was already beginning to rise again, with a raspy choak in his throat, Colton reached for the butt plug.

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