A kinky story written by Alex | Chapter 1

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Do you ever get sick and tired of being messed around by stupid fucking bitches? Honestly, there’s always some messed up excuse why we can’t do this or we shouldn’t do that: it doesn’t half piss me off. I’m a man and I have needs; you’d think they’d understand that but, no, it’s all about them and what they want (or don’t as the case might be).

Take tonight, for instance. I was all set to hook up with this sexy little redhead: the messages we’d swapped between us were getting spicy as fuck and I’d already played out in my head exactly what I was going to do once we got into bed or… into the car at least. Of course, I had to woo first and play the whole game: movie, dinner, all that shit. The entire time, I’m looking over and imagining how those lips were going to feel on my thick, uncut cock: how good it was going to feel when I made this little bitch gag and choke on me. Fucking love doing that.

Of course, that’s not what happened thought, is it? After me shelling out forty fucking quid at the cinema and another forty for the meal, the dumb slut just decided that she thought it was better that we take things slow and not get too hot too quickly. Yeah, that’s right, you heard me: she. I know what you’re used to reading on this site but I want to get one thing really clear from the start – I am not gay. I’ve never even thought about it really although I know that other lads check me out sometimes. I don’t have an issue with it because most of the time they don’t do anything about it and the couple that have tried have just accepted that I’m straight and left it at that. Although, their disappointment at not being able to get at my dick always made me chuckle a bit. To be honest with you, it’s always been girls for me and I’ve been fucking around for years with no problems at all. Well, that was until the last three months.

My name is Charlie and I’m 23. Throughout my entire time at university, I fucked my way through what felt like the whole campus. Honestly guys, I’m a good-looking lad: strong features, neatly styled brown hair, eyes that you can just fall into. It always helped that I was really tall, reaching 6ft5 by the time I was seventeen. You know what girls think when they see a tall, good-looking, muscular guy with big hands and big fee – yeah, it’s the same as you gays think and they all fucking wanted a piece of it. My dick is fucking lush: it’s just a little over eight inches and pretty girthy too. At my size, I’m both a shower and a grower: there’s always a decent bulge showing but I’d say getting hard adds at least another three inches and makes it so much thicker. Because of that, I’ve never been shy in the changing rooms at swimming or the gym and I know I get looks now and then. Like I said before, I don’t mind if other guys want to take a look or even if they want to check me out: I’m secure in my sexuality.

In the last three months, I’ve taken out nine different girls and, for one reason or another, none of them have converting into sex. For most of them, it was because I wasn’t interested in getting into anything serious or long-term with them (I am still young after all) and they blew me off because of that. I guess that, at a certain point, girls stop acting as slutty as they did in their university days and started to think more about getting themselves a proper boyfriend. That just wasn’t for me. You see, despite me having slept with… well… hundreds of girls, I’ve never had a girlfriend: it just wasn’t for me and it still isn’t. The whole thing is just far too clingy and just leads to women thinking that they can nag at you and put limits on you to stop you being who you are. I’m far too headstrong for that and it just would never work out for me so I’ve not bothered with it. Unfortunately, it’s had the side effect that for the last three months, the only action my dick has seen has been my own hand.

Don’t get me wrong: I love wanking and I know just how to make me feel amazing when doing it. But sometimes it just won’t cut it and that’s especially true for a guy like me who has been used to getting sluts on tap whenever I wanted them. So for my cock to not even feel the inside of a mouth for three months really fucking hurt and to say that I was starting to get blue balls doesn’t even come close to it. After getting back home from what I thought was going to be a sure thing, I didn’t even bother with wanking. I knew that it wasn’t going to come close to what I needed and I just went to bed, hoping that tomorrow I’d be able to finally break through this dry spell.

A few of my mates had planned to get together and go out – we do most weekends – but this time we’d decided to go out in Leeds. One of the lads from work, Simon, lived in the area and had already said that I could stop over at his. Well, that was if I didn’t get lucky and pull some fit lass for a night of me slamming the fuck out of her. Simon and I had worked together as camera trainees for a while and had started up a friendship with us both being fresh out of uni and joining the company at the same time. However, we’d only really socialised at work and had only seen each other a couple of times outside of that part of our life. He didn’t usually join us on our nights out because it was more difficult for him to get home, with him living further away, with was the main reason we’d picked Leeds for the next big lads’ night out.

Simon and I had also decided that I’d come round to his earlier and spend a bit of time there during the afternoon. That way, I could get showered and changed there, leave my stuff for overnight, and not have to worry about rushing around. He still lived with his parents but they were both fine with it all and we’d be spending most of the time in his room playing on the PS4 anyway.

At around 3pm in the afternoon, I turned up at Simon’s and knocked on the door. It opened up but it wasn’t Simon like I’d been expecting.

“Hey… can I help you?” Stood in front of me was a lad who had a similar sort of look to Simon but shorter and younger. I reckoned he stood at maybe 5ft5 and looked to be around eighteen or nineteen. Figuring that it was his brother, I introduced myself and stuck out my hand for him to shake: “Hey, I’m Charlie – is Simon here?”

The young lad seemed unsure but, after a few moments, did take my outstretched hand. His skin felt very soft and, I’m not going to lie, I wasn’t impressed with the lack of power in his grip. It felt very… feminine… almost the way you might expect a lady to offer you her hand. It’s one of the things I always notice about a person: my dad raised me to believe that you could tell a lot about a man from the way he shakes hands and introduces himself. The boy pulled his hand away and appeared to blush, his cheeks reddening slightly, and he just nodded and stepped to the side to let me in. Taking that as an invitation, I stepped in, moving passed him and into the hall. As I did, Simon emerged from the top of the stairs and called down to me: “Hey Charlie! Come on up. Thanks, I’ve got him now Ted.”

The younger lad, who I’d now assumed was Ted, just sort of move back towards the door frame to the living room and I started up the stairs. Simon had moved away from the top of the stairs and back towards his room but the whole time I felt as if I was being watched. Just before I reached the top, I turned back and caught Ted looking back up at me, watching me walk up the stairs. He looked away immediately and turned an even deeper shade of red. I smiled, but he didn’t see, and then I followed Simon into his room. One thing was clear immediately: Simon’s little brother, Ted, was definitely gay.

After showing me where to put my stuff, Simon and I just relaxed in his room, sitting on his bed and playing the PS4. We spent the next hour just talking about bullshit: work, women, football, all the usual shit. It turned out that Simon was having similar issues when it came to women, not that I told him about mine exactly, but he mentioned that he was really hoping to pull tonight because it had been ages since he’d got his end away with some fit girl. Suddenly, his phone started to ring, disturbing our game. It was his mum: she needed him to go pick her and his dad up from the station. He was the only one left in the house that drove, his brother never having learnt, so he didn’t really have much of a choice. However, I didn’t mind and just carried on playing on the system.

Only a few minutes after Simon left, there was a knock at the door and it slowly creaked open: Ted was making his way into the bedroom.

“Hey… you alright?” I said to him as he came in.

“Yeah,” he replied, “I thought you might be lonely all by yourself.”

I smiled, knowing exactly why he was wanting to come in and spend some time with me. I didn’t mind though and invited him to join me on the bed and take over from his brother.

We played a few games and, before long, Ted was starting to open up a little more and talk a little more confidently. I was glad: I didn’t want him to feel uncomfortable in his own house. However, he wasn’t very good on the PS4 and was losing even more than Simon had been. In fairness, I’m pretty sure that was because his eyes spent about half of the time just looking at me instead of looking at the screen. We spent a good hour or so playing before Simon returned.

“Hey, what are you doing in here? You shouldn’t be in here bothering Charlie.” Simon was clearly not impressed that his little brother was in his room. Ted jumped up immediately but I interjected.

“It’s alright,” I said to Simon, “He’s fine – he’s just been keeping me company.”

“Well, I’m back now so go on,” Simon said to his younger brother. Without a word, he started to leave the room.

“Honestly, it’s alright, Si” I said, “Just sit down there, Teddy.”

I don’t know why I’d chosen to call him Teddy, such a childish form of his name, but it just felt like the right way to refer to him. He didn’t seem to take any offense either and he just sat back down on the opposite side of me so that he was sat to my right and his brother to the left of me. He didn’t carry on playing – Simon took over ownership of the controller straight away – but he just sat and watched instead.

The time came for both Simon and I to start getting ready. Being the guest, he told me to get in the shower first so, of course, I did. I left the room, Ted speeding out ahead of me so that he could hand me a towel on my way, and it was then that I decided to have a little fun with him.

“Could you put these clothes back in your brother’s room?” I said to him as I arrived at the bathroom door. He looked confused at first but it all clicked for him when I started to strip off. Although I wasn’t looking at him, I knew that he was watching me and I could almost feel his eyes bulge when I pushed down my boxers and he got a quick look at my cock before I wrapped the towel around me. It was soft but, as you know, I’m still pretty impressive in that state too. Stepping into the bathroom, I just left my clothes behind me on the floor.

I didn’t spend long in the shower – Simon needed one too and there was something a little weird about being naked and wet in someone else’s house. After giving myself a good clean over, I stepped out, wrapped the towel around me and headed out, still wet. Simon just rushed in after me, wanting to make sure he was nice and clean just in case he did manage to pull tonight, and, when I went into his bedroom, I found my clothes all neatly folded next to my bag. As I started to dry myself off, Ted’s head appeared from around the door. “I put them all there, neat for you,” he said, an slight eager excitement in his voice.

I smiled at him, “I’ve seen – thanks Teddy, good job.”

There it was again: Teddy. It just seemed to fit him better. He both smiled and blushed and then disappeared back to his own room.

Once I was dry, I started routing through my bag to find what I needed for the night. I wasn’t careful and just tipped out the contents on top of the clothes that Teddy had neatly folded for me and started rummaging around looking for all the right stuff. For some reason, I couldn’t find the socks that I’d been wearing that day but I didn’t give it much thought as I hadn’t been planning on putting the same ones back on anyway and had brought spare for tonight and tomorrow.

It wasn’t long before both Simon and I were ready and heading off into town to meet the rest of the group. The night was pretty decent and things were actually looking up for me a couple of times. In the first bar, I spent most the time chatting up this sexy raven-haired girl and we ended up snogging for a bit. She was really grinding up against me but then one of her friends got sick from drinking too much and she ended up disappearing. Just my fucking luck. Another girl spent a good half an hour flirting with me, touching my body and commenting on how big and strong I looked only to then tell me that she had a boyfriend and didn’t want to do anything once the chat got a little more serious. To say that I was frustrated would be an understatement but my mates definitely seemed to be having better luck than me.

Much to his delight, Simon had ended up getting with this fit little blonde chick who, by the way she was pushing her arse up against him when they were dancing, was clearly gagging for a good hard pounding. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want a piece of her too but he’d got there first and there’s a bro code about this sort of thing. As time went on, him and this girl seemed to be getting closer and closer and I was pretty sure that it was going ot happen for him tonight. My suspicions were confirmed when he came over to talk to me.

“Hey bro,” he was definitely a bit drunk and was slurring slightly, “I’m off back to Cheryl’s. She’s got the place to herself and, Charlie mate, she wants my dick bad.”

I laughed, “Yeah man, she definitely does. Am I alright still going back to yours?”

“Yeah mate of course,” he rummaged around in his pocket for a moment, “Here, take my key and just let yourself in. I’ll be back some time in the morning.”

With that, he disappeared – off to fuck the hell out of her and get exactly what I’d been craving for the last three months. Over the next hour, each of the lads started to head off and, eventually, I got in a taxi and headed back to Simon’s place.

I’d had a few drinks so I was definitely merry but not quite as drunk as I could be. I had enough about me to manage to get the door unlocked, locked it up behind me and then get all the way up to Simon’s room without making a scene. What I didn’t have the patience or desire to do was set up the airbed that I was supposed to be sleeping on but, with Simon not coming back tonight, I decided that it really didn’t make much of a difference and I just into his bed instead, once I’d stripped out of my clothes. I always like to sleep naked – in fact, I can’t remember that last time I wore clothes to bed. It just seems a little wrong to me, even if the bed I’m sleeping in isn’t my own.

Falling asleep didn’t take long and I was in the middle of a really sexy dream when I felt myself coming back to the land of the living because of a strange sensation at my feet. Once I awoke, I realised that there was both hot breath on my soles and the occasional wetness of something. In my tipsy state, I didn’t move away but instead just lifted up my head slightly to look down. I’d neglected to close the curtains when I got into the room and there was just enough moonlight streaming in for me to make out exactly what was happening.

There, at the foot of the bed, was Teddy. I couldn’t see his body, only his face and, even then, it was partly covered by my feet. This little gay boy had come into the room when I was sleeping and seen that I was all alone. I usually sleep with at least one of my feet sticking out of the covers – I get too hot otherwise – and he’d seen that and had clearly decided that he wanted to get a closer look. Luckily for me, he had his eyes clothes so he couldn’t see that I was now watching him as he pushed his nose into my toes and took in a deep breath. The little foot fag even moaned when he did that and I felt his tongue start to lick my sweaty size 14 soles. Now, I know what you’re thinking: Charlie, you’re straight and you’ve just woken up to find some random gay boy taking advantage of you and making out with your sweaty feet without your permission. And yeah, you’re right. I probably should have called out there and stopped him; maybe even have made a bigger deal out of it and expose his behaviour to his brother. But I didn’t. What Teddy was doing actually felt really good: I was even starting to get hard. I’d never had my feet played with before, in fact, most girls that I’d been with seemed to be put off by how sweaty and smelly they could get but this boy was just going for it. He licked against my sole from heel to toe, his eyes clothes all the while. In fact, they only opened when he wrapped his lips around my big toe.

The fear in his face when he realised that I’d been watching him was clear to see. Suddenly, he pulled back and started rambling out apologies: “I’m so sorry, Charlie. I didn’t mean to. I’m so so sorry. Please don’t tell anyone. Please.” He started to cry and, even in the lower light of the moon, I could see him shaking. I don’t know why I did this, maybe it was the drink or perhaps it was his tears, but I reached out towards him. He flinched, as if he was expecting me to hit him but I didn’t. Instead, I took hold of him by the arm and pulled him towards me. I wrapped my arms around him; the skin of our bare torsos touching and I just held him there until he stopped shaking and crying.

Eventually, I felt his body relax and I loosened my hold on him, letting our bodies move away from each other. As soon as he saw my face, he started apologising again: “I really am sorry, Charlie. Please don’t think bad of me.”

“It’s ok Teddy. It really is,” I spoke softly, “Stop worrying.”

I don’t know why but seeing him like this just made him look so vulnerable. Compared to me, this lad was tiny and for him to be so upset and so afraid of me and how I’d react to what he had done just made me want to… I don’t know… protect him somehow. He was like a wounded little animal. At least, that’s how my mind made sense of it. It wasn’t his fault that he’d been at my feet. This was just who he was – he was following his instincts. He’d seen a strong, manly, good-looking guy and he just knew he needed to do whatever it took to impress him and please him. That’s what he’d been doing all day with keeping me company, following my instructions, folding my clothes, etc. This was just an extension of that: he’d come into the room and seen my big, sweaty feet sticking out from under the blanket and he just couldn’t help but get down on his knees and worship them. What sort of a man would I be if I got pissed at him, or aggressive, because he was just following an impulse that he couldn’t control?

He stood up and started to pull back from me. “I’ll just… go… I just… I can’t believe I’ve done this. Sorry Charlie.”

“What do you mean, you’ll just go?” my tone shifted slightly here: my voice dropping so that it sat lower in my register and that softness that had existed a moment ago had pretty much vanished.

Teddy stopped, unsure of what to do: “I just mean… like… you don’t… want me… here… right?”

“Listen Teddy,” my voice firm now, “You shouldn’t have just come in here and started licking my feet without my permission, no. But you don’t start a job and not finish it.”

“What…” his confusion clear, “do you mean?”

He wasn’t putting the pieces together and I realised that I was going to have to spell this out for him: “Get back to the foot of the bed and get on your knees, Teddy.”

He furrowed his brow, definitely unsure of what was happening, but he did it anyway. I sat back on the bed, letting my feet dangle over the edge. In this position, they weren’t far from his face and I could see his eyes light up as he started to figure it out.

“Ask me,” I said, a simple instruction that even he couldn’t misunderstand.

“Can… can I worship your feet… please?” his voice was so delicate and soft; so much pleading inside of it. He needed this and, fuck, I was definitely getting something out of it too.

“Yes Teddy, you can.”

I sat back, propped up by pillows, as this young lad started playing with my size 14 soles once again. He looked to be in heaven as he inhaled as much of the scent as he could and dragged his tongue in long licks along each of my soles individually. However, my favourite thing was feeling his warm, wet mouth sucking on my toes. He’d take each one of them into his mouth and try to suck just on that one and then he’d open wide and take in as many as he could at the same time. I don’t know if he’d done this before with anyone else but, if not, he was a natural and definitely earned the right to play with my feet.

I knew that I was hard now – my eight inches were practically jutting straight out from my body as Teddy was playing with my toes. In fact, it was seeing both my throbbing cock and the boy trying to fit both of my big toes in his mouth at the same time that gave me my next idea. There was a way that we could both get what we wanted: I hadn’t felt a girl on my cock for over three months and, if Teddy was getting so excited over my sweaty feet then I knew he’d want more cock even more. Still, I hesitated for a moment: I am straight after all. But a moment was all it was. After all, a mouth is a mouth and Teddy’s lips felt great on my toes so they’d feel even better on my dick.

“Get up here,” I ordered him, keeping the commands as easy as possible. I knew that his little heart would have been pumping at a mile a minute as he got to enjoy my big feet so I needed to make sure that he knew exactly what he needed to do. His eyes looked up at me, my two big toes stretching his lips wide as he moved his tongue between them both. “Get up here now,” I repeated, waving my hard cock at him, “Something else needs your mouth, Teddy.”

His eyes bulged and he didn’t waste a second. Moving faster than I’d seen anyone move, he climbed up between my legs and moved his mouth to the head of my thick, uncut cock. He paused, looking up at me, and I could tell what he was waiting for. “Good boy, it’s yours. Go on.” Hearing my words, his lips parted and he took the whole of my head into his mouth. “Fuck, Teddy that feels so good,” I moaned out, my right hand moving to his head; my fingers running through his short hair. I put my left hand behind my head and leaned back, enjoying the sensation of having a hot little mouth working the head of my big dick. How I’d missed this!

Teddy was doing really well: swirling his tongue around my glands and sucking like a fucking vacuum cleaner. This little slut was a perfect cocksucker and he knew just what to do to pleasure the head. However, I’d decided that I needed to find out whether he could actually handle a cock like mine properly and so, of course, I started to push his head down.

For a moment, he panicked and brought both of his hands up to the front of my hips, pushing to try to keep himself from moving any further down my shaft. I was not impressed. “Teddy, get your fucking hands behind your back, now.” I wasn’t aggressive and didn’t shout at him but I was firm and commanding. It worked perfectly and they immediately moved with Teddy making it clear to me that one had taken hold of the other and he was holding them in place behind him, leaving no resistance to me pushing his head further down my cock.

He struggled but I’ve always liked it when girls have struggled to deepthroat my cock. I took it as a compliment that Teddy was struggling when he’d taken so easily to everything else so far. I felt and heard him gag but it only spurred me on further, wanting to feel the tightness of his throat around my thick, meaty cock. Despite him choking, he didn’t move his hands again and just let me push and pull him up and down my knob, going slightly further and further every time. Saliva was running out of his mouth and my shaft, as well as leaking out around his mouth, but that just made the whole thing even hotter. He really gagged a lot when I pushed him the inch that took my dick into his throat for the first time.

It took a few minutes for Teddy to manage to get all the way down to the base of my cock, his nose buried in my pubes and breathing in my manly musk from them. The tightness of his throat felt sublime around me and I was practically seeing stars as I pushed and pulled his face up and down my cock. Fuck, I’d never been able to do this with a woman: they’d always bitch and moan that I was too rough but here Teddy was taking my cock like a seasoned pro and just letting me fuck his face on my shaft.

I pulled my hand from his head, curious as to what he would do and lay back with both my hands behind my head, just relaxing. It turned out, once Teddy knew what I expected him to be doing, he did it all by himself. No longer did he need my hand pushing him up and down, he just fucked his own throat on my cock, gagging the entire time. I could feel myself getting closer and closer and so I did return both of my hands to his head just to pull him back so that only the head was in his mouth. I wanted him to taste me, to know that he swallowed my spunk by choice, not because I forced it down his throat.

“Fuck, yes Teddy. Get ready… I’m gonna cum… fuck, that’s it… yes! Take my load, you little cocksucking slut!”

I groaned out, louder than I’d expected, and flooded his mouth with my cum. Blast after blast of the stuff fired off into his willing mouth and he formed an airtight seal around the head, milking every last fucking drop of the stuff. Once I’d stopped shooting, he slowly and carefully pulling his lips over the head, keeping them tight so that not a single droplet escaped. He sat back and I could see his cheeks bulging as he attempted to hold all of my spunk.

“Go on Teddy… swallow.”

As soon as the words left my lips, that’s exactly what he did. He followed it up by saying just two simple words: “Thank you.”

The moment was so cute that I reached up and took hold of his arm, pulling him down on top of me. I was entirely naked but he still had his boxers on, although the front of them was clearly tenting. It looked like his cock was a decent size, judging by that, but it wasn’t something that held much interest for me. As far as I was concerned, the smaller he was, the better. Shifting around, I turned on my side and pulled him down so that he was laid in front of me. “You’re sleeping here now, ok Teddy-bear.”

“Yes…” came his small reply as he pushed back against me, “Thank you.”

“Only one rule though: no underwear in my bed.” I pushed down his boxers, without a word from him and he moved his legs to allow me to slide them down far enough for him to kick them off the edge of the bed. We were naked together, our bodies pressing against each other. I’d never been in this position with another guy but there was something different about Teddy, something that I couldn’t quite explain. It didn’t take long for his breathing to steady and I could tell he’d fallen asleep. I fell pretty soon after.

To be continued ….

Click here to see all published chapters. Illustration by Theo Blaze.


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