A kinky story written by Alex | Chapter 2

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I’m not going to lie to you: I slept incredibly soundly after having all of the spunk that had built up in my balls drained away into Teddy’s willing and eager mouth. I don’t remember experiencing any of the dreams I’d had that night but, whatever they were, they must have been pleasant as I awoke feeling an array of really positive feelings. In fairness, that’s quite unusual for me after a night out: normally I’m hungover as fuck but, for whatever reason, I felt pretty damn good instead.

When I first began to stir, I felt the warmth of another body in bed with me. They were snuggled deep against me: little spoon to big spoon. One of my legs was wrapped over theirs and my arm was around their waist, drawing them in towards me. Initially, I didn’t actually remember that it was Teddy, or what had happened the night before, and my mind made the assumption that the person that I was spooning was a woman, as it had been so many times before. It wasn’t until the fog began to lift that I realised just where I was and what I was doing.

Now, this isn’t some story where suddenly the straight guy is going to be all like: “Oh no, what have I done: this is terrible and disgusting! I’m not gay! Rawr, rawr, rawr.” That’s not the sort of person that I am. But, at the same time, I’m not going to deny that realising that I was in Simon’s bed, one of my friends, with his younger brother curled up against me was pretty tough to take in. Add to that the sudden memory of this boy slobbering all over my sweaty feet and me, with my hand on the back of his head, forcing him down on my cock until I flooded his mouth with my spunk and there was certainly something here that was starting to feel, at the very least, awkward. However, I also knew that it had been over three months since I’d been in this position with anyone and feeling his body heat radiate from him and into me, with my arm and leg over him, protecting him, was a sensation that I just wasn’t willing to give up just yet. My choice was to either have a crisis over it now and try to deconstruct what it all meant or just give in to the moment and revel in the feeling of having this little spoon next to me. I chose the latter.

I didn’t bother to look at the time but, given that the light coming in through the window was a mixture from streetlamps and the moon, I figured that it wasn’t actually that far into the morning and that I had time just to lay there. Next to me, I felt Teddy beginning to move around but he wasn’t waking up. Instead, he appeared to just be having a restless dream. He begun to make soft, quiet little noises; they were almost like moans but were definitely not a pleasurable sound. Tensing my muscles, I used my arm and leg to pull him further into me, his back pressed firmly against my torso and they seemed to stop – his breathing returning more to a steady rhythm which, I hoped, showed that his dreams had settled again.

Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on how you look at it, that moving him closer into me had also put me in quite an awkward position and one that I had definitely never experienced with another boy. See, Teddy and I were both sleeping naked – it’s something I’d done for a long time and I did then remember how I’d insisted that he did it too if he was going to sleep next to me. Something I also then realised I hadn’t really given him a choice about – it had all been my idea. Well, despite the fact that my friend’s younger brother had sucked a huge load out of me last night, I’d still woken up with a massive fucking boner and it was, now, pressing directly against his arse cheeks. Not just that, somehow Teddy had ended up in the position where my cock was lined almost perfectly along the crack of his bum.

Now, I know what you pervy guys are thinking: “Go on, get in, fuck the hell out of him.” But that just wasn’t on the cards when I woke up that morning. I mean, for one thing I hadn’t even begun to process the fact that I’d had sex with another guy, I wasn’t about to stick my dick into him out of nowhere. I figured I’d just stay very still and then, at some point, Teddy would move again and I’d be fine. It wasn’t a bad plan at all because Teddy did shift again about 15 seconds later. The problem was that Teddy didn’t move away; Teddy pushed back. My thick cock was engulfed by his cheeks and I suddenly felt myself surrounded on three sides my the arse of my friend’s younger brother. Obviously, I wasn’t inside of him but that didn’t stop the heat that he was radiating and the smoothness of his cheeks from making me even harder. Fuck man, I don’t know what the muscles in his arse were made from but this lad was squeezing me like a fucking vice! Honestly, I think if I’d stayed there much longer than I reckon he probably could have made me cum just from the way he was pushing back against me.

However, at this point, it was all becoming just a bit too much for me and I had to slowly, and carefully, pull myself away from the sleeping boy I’d spent all night spooning. I just needed some time to clear my head so I got up out of the bed, being as delicate as I could as so not to wake him, and left Simon’s room. Now, I’m not an idiot so, even in my slightly messed up headspace, I still thought to pick up my boxers and t-shirt from where they had been discarded onto the floor. I didn’t put anything else on. I mean, I know that I was in someone else’s house but I figured that a pair of boxers and a longish t-shirt covered me enough to be seen as ‘decent’ if his mum or dad suddenly decided to get up too. Besides, I always like the feeling of the floor on my barefeet – it just seems to ground me, you know? However, I didn’t really need to worry about that: I flicked on my phone to enable me to see as I walked down the stairs and it turned out that it was about 6am so I didn’t really think that I was going to get disturbed at that time.

I didn’t have any plan as to where I was going but I ended up at the door to the house and opening it up. I think I just needed that blast of cold air on my face and body, just that feeling of ‘outside’, if that makes any sense at all. That’s where I stood for about twenty minutes just examining what had happened and turning it over in my head in one constantly turning stream of consciousness.

I’ve always been straight. I am straight now. I do fancy the fuck out of girls. All of those things about myself I know to be definitely true. But, last night, seeing Teddy there like that, being caught right by my feet, looking so scared and alone… it did something to me. Am I attracted to other guys? No. Simon looks very similar to Teddy in that they share a lot of the same facial features – do I suddenly feel an attraction to Simon? No. There was… is… something just so different about Teddy.

However, I’m not a slave to my every whim and desire. Last night, I could tell that Teddy had no control over the fact that he’d come into Simon’s bedroom and went straight for my feet: it wasn’t a choice, it was a need. He had to do that because it’s just part of who he is but I didn’t have to let him. I chose to.

That realisation did not come easily. Teddy couldn’t resist the thought of my big, sweaty size 14s being in the next room, unlicked and unworshipped; what I did to him last night had nothing to do with me being unable to resist. I did it because I chose to which means that, on some level, I wanted to. I don’t know whether that was because of some feeling towards Teddy or because I had been drinking or maybe simply because it had been so long since I’d felt a hot pair of lips around my cock. Whatever the reason, I chose to do it… and I could choose not to.

I decided then that last night had been a one off and that nothing was going to happen between Teddy and myself ever again. Hopefully, he’d stay quiet about it and, that way, at least Simon and I could continue being friends. As for me, I needed to find a girl as soon as possible and get myself back on the path I should be. Last night with Teddy was going to be a one-off memory – definitely a pleasurable one but just a memory nonetheless.

After twenty minutes of spinning these thoughts around inside of my head, I was sure of my convictions and, now, I just had to work out how to deal with the fallout this morning with as little damage for everyone as possible. At least, that’s the decision I had come to when I was completely on my own. Being so involved in my own mind, I hadn’t heard the padding of bare feet on the stairs or the little surprised gasp at the entrance to the kitchen. In fact, I’d been completely unaware of there being another person here with me until I felt his arms wrap around my waist.

I didn’t jump: I wasn’t scared. Feeling the heat of his body press against mine, and his face between my shoulder blades, wasn’t anything other than a pleasurable sensation, especially with the cold air cooling the rest of my body.

“I thought you’d gone,” his voice was timid and unsure, like an animal taking that first cautious step towards a new person. It dripped with fear and anxiety as if finding me stood here somehow just brought more worry and questions than if I had just been gone. “I thought you might not want me anymore. That… that you were rejecting me.” I steeled myself, determined not to be swayed by some perception that I had of the emotions in his voice, but then it came again: “I’m sorry.”

Sorry? Sorry for what? Sorry that you woke me up to the new experience of having someone worship my feet and honestly take delight in licking them clean of the sweat? Sorry that you gave me what I’m pretty sure was the best blowjob of my fucking life? Sorry that you took my cock all the way to the base and even fucked your own throat on my dick just to bring me pleasure and get me off? Sorry that you’ve accepted that side of me that is more dominant and rough better than any girl that I’ve ever known? Or was it that you were sorry that all of that happened with you, a nineteen-year old twinky boy? And I thought that I was just going to decide not to take this any further – who the fuck was I trying to kid?

I took hold of his wrists as delicately as I could and moved them away from my body. Doing this, I heard him sigh, taking this to be a sign that I was rejecting him but it was simply so that I could turn and look at him. The boy hadn’t even dressed himself; he’d been that worried about me and where I was that he’d come straight from Simon’s room without even pausing a moment to put on clothes. I’d not taken much notice of his body before: his slender frame with narrow waist and wider hips; the smoothness of his legs leading down to small, almost dainty feet; his lips which were still red and slightly swollen from what I’d done to him last night.

It wasn’t a choice: it definitely wasn’t a choice. I grabbed hold of his shoulders and brought my face to his, lowering myself and lifting him up onto his tiptoes. Right when it was about to happen, I paused for the most brief of moments but then our lips met: my straight guy lips and his swollen, puffy cocksucker ones. I expected kissing Teddy to be different, to feel different to all of the girls I’d kissed before, but it didn’t. He had no stubble – his face being smoother than a number of the girls I’d fucked before – and even when I placed my hand on his face, his features felt almost feminine in nature. In all, it only lasted a few seconds but it was enough time for me to know exactly what I needed to do next.

As I moved my face away from Teddy, my hand traveled from the side of his face up to the top of his head and, with the slightest of downward pushes, the boy got the message and lowered himself down to his knees. Seeing him like this, down there on the floor and looking up at me, just felt so right. It was where he belonged and I deserved to have someone like him. Someone so eager to taste my cock that his eyes kept flitting between my face and the bulge in my boxers that had begun to grow and swell the moment his face came near it. They pleaded with me, each glance up at me hopeful that I was going to give him permission and allow him the thing that he wanted… no… needed the most in the entire world.

But I didn’t give it to him… at least, not yet. You see, being able to tell just how much Teddy needed my thick, eight-inch cock was turning me on so much that I couldn’t allow him to have it just yet. He needed to do more for that: needed to earn it. Looking down at him, I smiled and told him that he could have a taste but only through the boxers.

The boy was on me straight way – his face pressed into my crotch and I could feel his sucking up the air with his nose, desperate for my manly scent. He even moaned out as he got the first sniff of it and then again, louder, when he opened his mouth and started to lick my heavy, spunk-filled balls through the thin fabric. I couldn’t resist the urge to play with him more and I actually shifted the material so that one of my balls fell out through the bottom. This did not go unnoticed and, with seconds, it was in his mouth and he was sucking on my left nut, looking up at me the entire time. However, the more he got into it, the more his eyes started to close. I didn’t want that, no no, seeing him looking up at me was part of what made this so fucking horny. Carefully and without disturbing him, I just unbuttoned the fly of the boxers and the little cutie’s eyes darted open in surprise as my fat cock fell out onto his face, hitting it with a loud slap.

I wasn’t entirely hard yet but Teddy wasn’t going to let that stop him. He did, however, pause just before taking the head of my dick into his eager mouth and wait. I’ll be honest with you, it took me a second or two to realise that he was waiting for permission again – him being slapped in the face by my dick clearly wasn’t license enough to begin sucking him and I did laugh a little as I told him that he was a good boy and to have at it.

He engulfed the head of my cock in one movement, sliding down an inch along the shaft as well and tightening his lips as much as he possibly could. It wasn’t easy for him: even with a semi, the thickness of my dick was pretty much stretching Teddy’s lips as far as they would comfortably go. Almost immediately, he began to suck: I could feel my cock hardening further inside of his mouth and knew that, in this position, it was going to feel even bigger for him than he had last night.

To begin with, I let Teddy spend some time just sucking on the head and getting used to the thickness of my massive cock again but there was no way that that was going to last for long. I’m a throat-fucker – that’s just who I am and what gets me off and there, on his knees in front of me where he belonged, Teddy was going to feel the full force of that. Running my hands through his hair, I got a tight grip and, without warning, I began to pull his head further down my shaft.

I half-expected him to resist, as he had last night, by putting his hands up against me, but he didn’t. He left them there by his side and just allowed himself to be pulled down onto more of my eight-inch cock even though he knew he was going to gag and choke the entire time. There was something so hot about feeling and hearing him do that and, I have to be honest, no girl had ever let me fuck their throat the way that I started doing to Teddy, especially if there was any gagging involved.

The velvet-soft grip of his throat around my entire shaft, as I held him down with his mouth wrapped right around the very base of my cock, felt absolutely fucking amazing. With him choking on my dick, it was like his entire throat was purposefully massaging my cock with a vice-tight grip. He looked up at me, our eyes meeting as he took the entirety of my dick inside of him. Never have I see someone look so fucking happy and that gave me all the licence I needed to hold his head in place and thrusting my hips.

I went in hard, I’m not going to lie, and I could feel my balls slapping against his chin as I throat-fucked this sexy boy in front of me. He tried his best to relax his throat but, given his inexperience, he could only go so far and he continued to gag on my dick every single time I forced it all the way down his throat.

Then Teddy did something he shouldn’t. In between my hip thrusts as I continued ploughing the fuck out his throat, I noticed that his little cock was hard and he was starting to play with it: he was wanking himself off while taking my cock. I can’t explain to you exactly why but I just knew that that was not on. With one my big bare size 14 feet, I pushed his hand away from his dick and then place my foot over it, pinning it to the ground. Luckily, he got the message and didn’t try to use his other hand to play with himself again. Instead, he gave himself completely up to my fucking of his face.

Suddenly, I had an idea and withdrew from him completely. The look of disappointment that flashed across his face when he realised that I was taking my dick from him was, in fact, incredibly cute. However, his worry was not needed. Sliding down my boxers, freeing my cock and balls completely, I told Teddy to go and lay down on their dining room table, with his head hanging over the edge. Once he was in position, which he did very quickly and with no objection despite it being the table his entire family sit at to eat on a daily basis, I moved up to his head.

“Open,” I stated, giving him the simplest of commands and he complied straight away, opening his mouth as wide as it would go. Now, originally, I had planned to just use this position to continue to give Teddy all of my cock in his throat but, seeing him like this all eager and waiting, I decided to offer him my balls instead. Placing my big, hairy, spunk-filled balls at his mouth, I told him to worship them. After all, I wanted to get a nice big load of my spunk ready for him, didn’t I guys?

He lapped at my balls, tasting that same manly musk that he could smell whilst being down there. Fucking hell, it was like he was genuinely hungry for it, as if he’d been starved of essential nutrients for days, weeks even. It felt fucking amazing. I let my eyes close for a moment, lifting my head back as I enjoyed the way that Teddy was slobbering all over my sack and something I hadn’t anticipated happened. A wave of pleasure pulsed across my body. Then, suddenly, it came again. As it passed for the third time, I realised that it always occurred just as Teddy’s tongue was slipping around the back of my balls. I shifted forward, moving my body further down his so that he began to concentrate just on the area behind my big, heavy sack. Unfortunately, he didn’t realise what I was doing and tried to shift his body down to get back on my nuts but I reached behind me, taking hold of his hair and pulled his mouth back to where it should be. “There, Teddy, lick me there,” I panted out at me, moaning as I did.

Teddy twisted his tongue along my taint, pushing hard against it and making me groan out in pleasure as he did but, I don’t know, something in me just kept wanting to pull him further back. After half a minute or so, I gave in and did just that, pulling Teddy’s mouth into my sweaty arse instead. “Do it,” I told him but he hesitated. “Teddy, eat my fucking arse – do it now.” I punctuated what I was saying by pushing my arse down over his lips, giving him little choice but to start making out with my sweaty, hairy man hole.

Never in my life had I had someone do this. I’d never even been tempted to play with my hole myself, although I know some straight guys do. However, feeling Teddy push his wet, warm tongue against my tight arsehole was a fucking delight.

“Fuck, yes Teddy, that’s so fucking good,” I was probably being a little loud but, in that moment, I didn’t really care at all. All I cared about was sitting on Teddy’s face and feeling him snog the fuck out of my hole. Clearly, he was loving the taste now too because he was really bloody going for it.

Although feeling his tongue encircling my hole had been amazing, I needed to get back into his throat and so I pulled away, allowing Teddy to recover for a short moment before I plunged all eight inches of my thick, meaty, uncut cock all of the way into his throat. I’m not going to lie: seeing the way his neck bulged out as my dick forced itself further inside of him was one of the hottest things I think I’ve ever seen. I put my hands on his throat and could feel my cock sliding in and out of it, stretching and expanding it, every single time I pushed it in and out of him. If you’ve never experienced this then you can’t understand what it’s like to have this level of control over someone – Teddy was here allowing him to slam-fuck his throat, bulging out his neck, stopping him breathing for fuck’s sake and all because he wanted to bring me pleasure. All because I wanted to please me.

Feeling that, I knew that I was ready to give him what he’d been craving from the moment he’d woken up, what he’d been scared of never getting again. I pulled out of him and told Teddy to get on his knees in front of me. He obeyed without question, looking up at me with his tongue sticking out as I wanked my own cock just above his face. My balls started to tighten and I could see more and more precum starting to leak out, falling as droplets onto Teddy’s waiting face. I cried out, a deep roar, as the cum left my balls and I shot load after load all over Teddy’s face. Some ended up in his own mouth but most of it landed all over his face – his forehead, his cheeks, everywhere. Once I’d finished, and told Teddy to suck the last few droplets out of my cock head. I couldn’t help but admire how sexy the little fucker looked with my spunk decorating his face.

Using my fingers, I pushed it around, moving most of it into his mouth for him to lick from them. However, the rest I started to rub into his skin, making sure that every bit of his face had some of my spunk rubbed into it. It felt like I was marking him and, to be perfectly honest, I guess I was.

I got down onto my knees next to him and pulled him into an embrace.

“You don’t have to be worried about me rejecting you, Teddy-bear. You are mine now. Do you understanding?” my voice was calm and soft.

He smiled, every bit of his face lighting up, “Yes… yes absolutely!”

“Now, go upstairs and put some clothes on. But… only what I’m wearing, yeah? A t-shirt and a pair of boxers, no more. And, do not wash your face. I want… I want you to leave my cum rubbed into your skin.”

His quiet voice simply said: “Thank you.”

While Teddy was gone, I retrieved my boxers, put them back on and started making myself a cup of coffee. It turned out that we finished just in time because, not 5 minutes after I’d send Teddy back upstairs to get ready, I was joined in the kitchen by his mum and dad. Fuck, a part of me did go into panic mode but I tried to keep it together as much as I could. My mind started racing almost immediately, wondering if they had heard me using the fuck out of their son just minutes before they came down. However, they didn’t say anything, and I’m pretty sure a father wouldn’t be able to stop himself from punching me if he’d heard his son being face-fucked in his own house, so I figured that our secret was safe. Plus, the pair of them looked like they had only just gotten up themselves.

We chatted for a little bit, with me sorting a cup of coffee for each of them as I did my own, and I filled them in on the fact that Simon wasn’t home just yet but would be later on (although how much later on, I have no idea). From the look of him when he left the club, he was planning on fucking that girl for as long as his dick could possibly hold out.

Then came what I thought was a pretty unusual request. The pair of them, particularly Teddy’s mum, had looked concerned when I said that Simon wasn’t here. Initially, I thought it was because they didn’t know exactly where he was, etc. but no, it wasn’t that at all. They were concerned because they needed to go out for the day very shortly and, normally, didn’t like to leave Teddy at home on his own for longer periods of time.

“I know it’s a bit silly,” his mum began, “Ted is nineteen after all. But he… well…”

“He does stupid, fucking stuff,” his dad interrupted.

“No,” his mum argued back, “he doesn’t mean to – it’s not deliberate.”

“The boy doesn’t engage his brain,” his father told me, “How many times have we come back to find he’s gone out and left the doors unlocked and the windows open? Or he’s cooked himself a meal and left the bloody stove on?”

His mum couldn’t deny that: “He just doesn’t always think things through all the time.”

“He needs someone you do his thinking for him, you mean.” Teddy’s dad was getting increasingly frustrated and, in fairness, his mum couldn’t really dispute any of the points that he was making.

Eventually his mother made the request: “Would you mind staying with him? Just until Simon gets back. I know you’re probably really busy and everything and we shouldn’t really ask you this and…”

“Sure,” I said, interrupting her as she was beginning to ramble.

“He won’t be any trouble, honestly, he’s a good boy really,” she said. If only she knew how good of a boy he was…

At that point, Teddy rejoined us, coming downstairs wearing a colourful t-shirt and a pair of small, tight black boxer-briefs. When he saw his parents, his cheeks did begin to redden but, fortunately for him, the t-shirt was long and covered enough of him that they wouldn’t have been able to make out anything even if they had wanted to. They were, however, a little shocked as, clearly, this wasn’t how Teddy would have normally dressed if I hadn’t told him to. However, they didn’t say anything to him, only whispering about it slightly to each other before heading back upstairs to get sorted for the day.

Teddy and I settled down on the couch in the living room, sticking something on TV just so that there was something on. It was a little odd at first because he sat down at the opposite side of the couch to me, rather than right next to me as I’d expected him to do. I wasn’t quite sure why at first but, then I noticed him eyeing up my bare size 14s on the floor in front of the couch. He’d sat there because he wanted them in his lap but he’d not had the courage to ask for it, or maybe he wasn’t sure whether he could ask for them or not. Either way, when I realised this, I lifted them up and turned myself round on the couch so that I was laid over it with my huge feet in his lap. They looked even bigger next to his smaller frame.

“A foot massage, Teddy. They’re very tired from all the dancing.” I winked at him and he laughed but started to rub my feet immediately. His soft hands felt so good against them and I just laid back, watching the TV and enjoying having my soles taken care of, knowing that I would likely have a few hours of it just being Teddy and me once his parents left.

Unfortunately, just before Teddy’s parents were due to head out the door, Simon turned up. I had to try really hard not to laugh at the look on his face as he walked into the living room and found his younger brother, in boxers and a t-shirt, giving his mate, also wearing only that, a foot massage. To say that he was confused would be to significantly understate it – he had no idea what to say. Teddy, however, immediately took his hands off my soles the moment he realised that his brother was there. As he did, he looked over at me and I just raised my eyebrow. That was it, that one little movement on my face was enough to get the young lad’s hands working back on my feet and trying even harder than before.

With Simon here, I really didn’t have a good excuse for staying at his any longer and, after his parents offered to drive me to the station in order to get the train back home, I had to go. I barely had time to get my clothes on and all my stuff together so I didn’t have any chance to speak to Teddy alone again, something that clearly bothered him and it was etched all over his face as I had to hurry out of the door and into his parents’ car. It did frustrate me immensely too and I found myself actually feeling quite pissed off about it for the majority of the ride to the station. My mood did lift when I got onto my train, however, as I received a snap from a new person and, when I opened it, I was greeted to the sight of Teddy smiling up at the camera with my sweaty socks, that he had clearly stolen from when I first arrived, pressed firmly into his nose – the kinky little Teddy-bear.

To be continued ….

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