A kinky story written by Alex | Chapter 4

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Teddy was quieter than before as we got back into my car and set off towards my place. In fairness to him, I had just put the sexy boy through quite a lot. I mean, I took him into a public place and loudly made it clear to everyone around us that we were there because he couldn’t keep his hands off his little dick. Taking it even further, I discussed the entire problem and the possible solutions with a complete stranger all whilst standing right in front of Teddy and ignoring him like he was a naughty child. He has ended up imprisoned within a metal cage that must be weighing pretty heavily on his body – that was why I choose that one after all – and I even made him deepthroat my cock and lick up my load from the cubicle wall in a public place. To be honest, he had actually been a really good boy with everything I’d just put him through and, I’m not going to lie, I was starting to worry about him a little.

“What’s up, Teddy-bear?” I moved my hand from the gearstick over to his thigh and gentle rubbed it through the material of his joggers.

“I… erm… it’s nothing, it’s ok.” The little cutie was blushing bright red. I fucking love it when he does that.

“Go on. Tell me,” I instructed him; my voice was gentle but firm so that there was no mistaking it as a request. It was an order and Teddy recognised that.

“Will I… will I ever cum again?” He sniffled a little when he said this.

“Oh baby,” I said, realising that perhaps he just needed all this explaining to him properly, “you don’t need to worry about that, ok? Listen, that cage is there to help you focus and concentrate. I know how tempted you get by your own little dicklet and this just removes that temptation. It will let you give all your attention to the things that are really important.”

“Like… like you?” he asked, his voice betrayed a little seed of hope.

“Exactly. You only have to think about one dick now. You’ll be able to spend more time with your mind on my cock and on other things like your work for college.

“That’s really good then, I guess,” he smiled but then frowned, “So… I won’t cum again?”

I laughed: “I didn’t say that Teddy-bear. You will, you’ll just only cum when I say you can.”

He became quiet again but, this time, it was with a smile on his face and one more step along the road to accepting his new life with me in it.

This had been a really important step for me as well. As much as everything in that sex shop was focused on humiliating Teddy and dealing with that problem of his dicklet, it was actually quite a big moment for me as well. I mean, for the first time I was publicly acknowledging this growing relationship between Teddy and myself and, given that I still found myself identifying as straight, that was quite challenging. I guess that having the focus be on him allowed me to do what I needed to do without overly worrying about myself but it was clear that, the longer this went on and the further we would go, there were going to be some quite significant moments of transformation for me as well.

When we arrived at my building, I showed Teddy up to my apartment in the complex and gave him a little bit of a tour, just so he knew where everything was. He seemed genuinely impressed and it did kind of make me proud of the home I’d created for myself: it mattered to me what he thought in a way that had never mattered with any of the slutty girls I’d brought back to here before.

Once the tour was done, I brought the little cutie back into the main living area – an open plan space which included the living room, kitchen and a dining area – and I took hold of his wrist and pulled him up against me. Within seconds, my lips were on his and I was kissing him passionately, my tongue pushing into his willing mouth and wrestling with his own. My hand slid round the back of his neck, pulling him in towards me and controlling the kiss. Teddy was already moaning and whimpering just from this. Slowly, I started to remove his clothes but only his until he was left naked in the middle of the apartment, his heavy metal cage on display. He didn’t even notice that I wasn’t removing any of my own clothes because he was far too lost in the feeling of me kissing him – the silly little puppy.

Pulling away, I quickly moved to the door to my place. “Right, I need to go for a quick session at the gym downstairs. Be a good boy.” Before he had time to even realise what was happening, I was already out the door and had shut it behind me and started off down the corridor. I can hear you now, wondering why I left the horny boy in my apartment: you expected me to take him and fuck the hell out of him for the first time right there and then in my living room, didn’t you? Well, there were a few reasons for me leaving and, I promise, it’ll make sense.

First, I wanted to see what he would do once I left him alone. Would he remain naked or put his clothes back on? Would he come down to the gym on the ground floor (which I’d deliberately pointed out to him so he knew where it was)? Would be explore around my place and go routing around in places that he wasn’t allowed to? This was a bit of a test to see exactly where Teddy’s head was at the moment and give me some kind of clue as to what I needed to do with him next. Second, however, was a more immediate reason. It turned out that, the more I thought about it, the more I realised how much I’d loved Teddy playing with my feet, both when he worshiped them when I was “asleep” and when he was just massaging them in his house. I guess, I had a bit of a fetish for foot play although, at the moment, it was very one-sided with me wanting my sexy boy to do things to my huge size 14s. So why aren’t I up there getting my feet worked on right now? I hear you ask. Well, I took a long shower before heading out to pick the boy up this morning and I wanted to make sure that my feet were as sweaty as possible before I got Teddy working on them; I needed to go and make that happen in the gym.

The building that my place is in has a pretty decent gym on the ground floor. It’s open to the general public but, as part of living there, there are reserved lockers for each of the residents. To be honest, they are only small spaces when compared to the main lockers but it’s pretty handy as it means that I can leave some of my gym gear down there. I tended to use the same pair of trainers just for the gym so they were down there along with a pair of white trainer socks that I’d not bothered to bring up before. They were used and already sweaty so I knew that if I wore those socks and the trainers, my feet would be the perfect scent for Teddy by the time I’d finished.

I didn’t stay down at the gym for long and spent most of it doing cardio – running on the treadmill in particular – as that was what was going to get me the most sweaty. Periodically, I kept glancing over towards the door but across the forty-five minute session, Teddy didn’t appear. Of course, upon finishing, I didn’t bother using the showers and headed straight back up to my apartment and I was pretty shocked by what I found.

From the moment I opened the door, I noticed how the place looked different. Teddy had whizzed around, tidying things up as he went. I mean, it wasn’t massively different but he’d straightened things up, fluffed the cushions and that kind of thing. He had also cleaned the dishes that were still in the sink from the morning and had wiped down all of the surfaces. Of all of the things I’d expected, this hadn’t been one of them and I definitely hadn’t expected to see Teddy at the hob stirring a pan of baked beans.

“Hey,” I said to him, looking him over in his still naked form, “It looks like you’ve been a good boy.”

He turned towards me and smiled: “It’s… it’s not much. I can’t really cook but I thought you might be hungry when you got back.” He lifted up the pan and poured the beans over the slices of toast he’d had waiting on a plate. Wow. Not only had he stayed as naked as I’d left him but he’d actually tidied up and made me something to eat. He’d done much better than I’d thought he’d do and there was a significant part of me that was genuinely impressed and a little proud. Taking the plate, I headed over to the couch and set the food down on the coffee table.

I was about to start eating when a thought stopped me. Noticing that Teddy hadn’t made any food for himself, I called him over to the couch.

“Lay on the floor here,” I told him. For a second, he looked puzzled but he didn’t resist and got down onto his knees in front of me. “No, no, lay down on your back.” He complied and was soon laid in front of the couch between it and the coffee table and looking upwards. I kicked off my shoes and the smell from my sweaty white socks hit my nose immediately. I could tell that Teddy could smell it too as his eyes widened and a little smile crept onto his cute face. Sitting back on the couch, I lifted up my legs and brought my socked feet over Teddy’s face, hovering them in the air for a moment.

“Tell me what you need,” I said, speaking softly.

“I… I…” he hesitated.

“Tell me and you’ll get it.”

“I need your feet… please.” He sounded so cute asking for my sweaty socks.

“Good boy.” With that, I let my feet fall and covered his beautiful boy’s face with my huge, sweaty, sock-covered size 14s. As I began to eat, I heard him moan as he took in a deep breath, taking in my foot stink into his body.

I spent the next 10 minutes pretty much ignoring the fact that I had this body on the floor sucking in my sweaty stink from my soles whilst I ate the food he’d prepared for me. I figured that that was the right thing to do with him just passively worshiping the scent from my feet although, I have to say, I was as hard as rock the entire time. I’m really beginning to love the power my feet have over this boy.

When I’d finished eating, I shifted my feet and pushed the coffee table slightly further away so that I had better access to my little Teddy-bear. “Take off my socks,” I commanded and straight away he brought his hands up to do it, “No. With your teeth – be a good boy.” I felt his teeth nip at the toes of my right sock and I slowly pull back my foot so that it slid straight off. After repeating it with my left foot, I just held them in the air mere inches above his face and held them there while I pretended to look away. After about 15 seconds, I heard a little, “Please,” come from the floor but I acted as if I hadn’t. It only took 10 seconds for him the speak again: “Please let me.”

“Oh?” I said, “Let you what?”

“Your… feet. Please.”

“Ah, I see. You want to get your tongue on them, do you? I bet you’d like to lick all of the foot sweat from them, eh? Clean them up after my gym session, yeah?”

He was panting at this point and I could feel his hot breath on my soles: “Oh Charlie – yes! Please, yes! I want them so bad.” I loved hearing him like this, growing more confident in who he was and what position he needed to be in.

“No,” I said and just left the statement hanging in the air.

Panic could be heard in his whimpering: “But… I… I…”

“Oh go on then,” I laughed and pushed my soles right down against his face, crushing him between the two giant size 14s and the carpet. Whatever he had been planning to say was muffled away but I don’t think it mattered anyway because, within seconds, I could feel his little tongue working against my skin.

Whilst this position was great for squashing him down with my soles, I quickly realised my mistake: there was no way he could properly worship my feet if he wasn’t able to move. To rectify this, I told him to get up onto the couch and lay down along it. After slipping out of my joggers, I did the same but on the opposite side so that I could place my feet right on his face. “You may touch them,” I told him and he took hold of the tops and started to pull them in, one at a time, to his mouth so that he could taste them and breath in more of the sweaty scent.

For a few moments, I just laid back and let him get on with it, enjoying the feeling of his little tongue working in between my toes and listening to the sounds he made as he started to suck on them. My cock was like iron but I didn’t realise until Teddy shifted slightly and his calves rubbed along it. Reaching down, I took it out from the bottom of my boxers and started to wank the long shaft of uncut meat while enjoying the sensations emanating from my toes. It wasn’t until I looked down towards him that an idea came to me.

Teddy’s feet were much smaller than mine. Well, actually, Teddy’s everything is much smaller than mine. I mean, we have like a foot difference in height for a start but the main difference standing out to me right now was that while my feet were huge, manly size 14s, Teddy’s were cute and smooth size 6s. I slid my hands down his calves and took hold of the tops of his feet: my hands seemed to make them look even smaller and cuter. I brought them in towards my dick and, within a few seconds, I had the soles of them pressed together with my rock-hard, throbbing cock in between them.

“Oh wow!” I heard Teddy cry as he felt my dick throbbing against his soles but, like the good boy that he is, he just carried on licking my sweaty soles, taking his tongue from the heel to the toes in long slow motions. The feel of his skin against my cock was amazing and I’m pretty sure his feet were even softer than his hands – they were definitely softer than mine. Taking hold of his toes, I started moving his little feet up and down my shaft, sliding the foreskin as I did. Fuck! It felt amazing and I was beginning to moan just as much as he was.

I pushed the soles down and felt my cock slide through them until just the toes were on my shaft; Teddy started wiggling them and I swear I almost came there and then. Feeling him work my dick with his sexy little toes was so hot that I had to stop him and let his feet fall away from me.

“I need to feel your mouth… now!” I cried out, probably sounding a little more eager than I should given that I was supposed to be in the dominant role here but I didn’t care. My cock was throbbing and there was only one place that could give me the feelings that I was craving: Teddy’s hot, wet little mouth. He didn’t miss a beat, jumping up and letting my size 14s, now slick with his saliva, fall to the side as he crawled up between my legs and wrapped his lips around the thick, mushroom head of my big dick.

“Oh fuck yes!” I moaned as my hands ran straight down to his head and my fingers weaved into his hair. Usually when I take hold of Teddy like this, it’s because I’m going to fuck the hell out of his throat and make him gag on my cock but that wasn’t right for this moment. No, I wanted him to worship my dick just like he’d worshiped my feet. Don’t get me wrong: I wasn’t about to give him all of the control and I definitely used my grip to steer the boy to where I wanted him to concentrate but I wanted to feel him exploring me and… almost… almost… honouring me with how he brought pleasure to my body.

In truth, I’m not sure which bit of this I loved the most. Teddy’s mouth is like a fucking vacuum and, once he gets a seal around the head of my dick, it’s like he’s literally trying to suck my very life out of the end of my cock. Equally, the way his tongue dances up and down my shaft, tracing different paths and patterns really does get me throbbing. The longer he played with my cock, the more I wanted to feel his tongue eating out my hole again just like he’d done on his dining room table but I couldn’t bring myself to move him on from my dick: the pleasure I was getting was just too much to stop him. However, the thought did give me another idea.

“Turn around,” I had thought that my instruction was simple but Teddy just spun over so that he was laid on his back rather than moving up my body the way I’d wanted him to. I guess clearer instructions might be something that I need to work on but it was quickly corrected when I took hold of him and moved him in the position I’d desired. You see, thinking about Teddy’s tongue inside of my hole compelled my brain to think about his hole. It seemed obvious to sit him across my chest with his bum facing towards me; that way, I could have the best of both worlds.

“Get your mouth back on my dick,” he didn’t need telling twice and he began that tight vacuum-like suction that had my entire body shivering with pleasure. As he bent over, his smooth cheeks parted and revealed the tiny prize inside. I don’t know if I’ve ever thought about an arsehole as beautiful before. It’s unlikely, especially as I’ve never actually had anal sex. On the few occasions I met a girl who I thought would be up for it, they always seemed to react quite badly to the suggestion so I’d pretty much dropped it and had stopped asking girls a while ago. However, now I was being presented with a smooth, pink rosebud that, actually, looked really pretty. I knew straight away – something inside me urged me towards it – and I quite desperately wanted to touch it, to taste it.

My fingers wrapped around Teddy’s hips and pulled him backwards towards me. I felt my cock slip from his lips but, in the moment, I didn’t care. Closer and closer, it edged towards me and it seemed as if time itself slowed. His cheeks hit mine and I could feel the heat of my own breath being redirected back at me.

“Oh… oh…” Teddy whimpered softly and I just about made out his hole quivering before it disappeared from my sight and landed directly on my lips. “Oh my… oh… fuck!” He moaned louder than I’d heard him ever do before as my long tongue left my mouth and flicked over the entrance to his body. As I started to circle around it, I could feel it pulsing in anticipation and heard the boy getting louder and louder above me. Whilst this was really turning me on, there was no way that this was only going to be about his pleasure and so, with a free hand, I pushed him back down towards my cock but made sure that his hole never left my lips.

In this new position, Teddy’s petite body wasn’t actually long enough for him to get very far down my cock but, being so eager to please, he did manage to get the first few inches into his mouth and started to suck on me albeit not as hard as he had before. I could forgive him: I knew just how much pleasure I got when I had him lick and eat my hole so of course he was going to be a little distracted once he started feeling my much bigger and longer tongue pushing up against his.

And I did push. At first, there was a moment of resistance but then it melted away and my tongue entered this truly amazing sub boy. The heat had surprised me but what didn’t was just how tight he felt around me. Fuck. If he feels this tight and hot around my tongue, how will he feel…

My thoughts were starting to run away with me and I did begin to fuck Teddy with my tongue, pushing it in and out of him. I could feel his entire body shaking on top of me and the way that he was moaning was sending vibrations all the way down through my dick and deep into my balls. It wasn’t enough though. As hot as it was to have him like this and to be inside both of his holes with different parts of my body, it wasn’t enough for me and I knew exactly what I needed to do.

Without a word, I pushed him off of me and started to get up from the couch. The poor boy looked confused, suddenly losing both of the things that were giving him pleasure, but I couldn’t explain it to him. It wasn’t the time for words now. I took hold of his ankles and spun him around so that he was laid back on the couch but with his cute little bum all the way at the end. Pushing his legs back, I saw his hole, which was slick with my spit, open up. It looked so fucking inviting and my dick throbbed at the idea of sliding deep up inside him. It wanted to do it: to fuck Teddy for the first time, to make him take all of me as far inside him as humanly possibly, to claim him in the ultimate way and shoot my spunk throughout him and let it seep into his body and become part of him.

But that’s not what happened. I don’t know why. My body wanted it so badly and he wouldn’t have stopped me but something inside of me did. Maybe it was the fact that it was so spur of the moment or the slight hint of fear that I could see in Teddy’s eyes… maybe it was the thought that our first time together should be something more, something significant… maybe it was the fact that this was going to be my first time ever fucking a guy and, perhaps, for a part of my brain, that was just a step too far for now.

Whatever it was, I hesitated. It may only have been for a few moments but it was enough. I don’t know if Teddy sensed it. What he did next does suggest to me that he did but, honestly, I kind of hope that he didn’t – I want him to see me as this infallible person and me getting all up inside my own head right before I was going to fuck him does not fit in well with that. Either way, it was his action that broke the frozen moment between us: he shifted his legs and brought his feet back to my dick, pushing the soles together and, using what little leg muscles he had, he started to slide them up and down, using his spit from sucking me earlier to make it slide easier.

Fuck! I love feeling his soft soles on my dick! Just the sexy sensation was enough to snap me out of my own head and back into the moment.

“Yeah! Gimme those feet!” I called out as I took hold of his angles and held his soles tightly together as I started to push my cock through them, thrusting my hips at the same time as pulling his feet down my long, throbbing shaft. My cock was pulsing and spasming and I’m not ashamed to say that I was moaning out in extremely loud cries of pleasure. I couldn’t believe I’d never thought of doing this before today because I was loving every fucking second of it. Teddy couldn’t take his eyes off it: he was just staring at my cock as I fucked his soft size 6 soles. Watching him beneath me like that was so hot – every part of him was on view for me, including his caged up little dicklet. Powerful: that’s how I felt. Right there and then, seeing him like this, knowing that he’d do anything for me, knowing that I had him under my control… that… that I owned him, just made me feel so fucking powerful and that was what finally put me over the edge.

I pulled his feet up and down my cock faster and faster, pushing them tighter and tighter together as I felt my heavy balls start to pull up towards my body. Then it came: the biggest load that I’d shot in a very long time. I could literally feel it traveling up my shaft and then firing out of me like a cannon, raining my thick spunk down over the beautiful naked boy beneath me. It painted his body: covering his torso, his face and even his cage. Even better, it was oozing out over his soles and toes as well, making them look even sexier than before.

I took a step back and then collapsed down onto the couch, panting. Teddy held his feet up in the air, presumably because they were covered in cum. I saw him run his fingers through some of my load on his chest and then he paused, looking over at me. “Go on,” I told him, still recovering from my own orgasm and I took great delight in watching him collect up as much as the spunk as possible and feed it to himself, sucking it from his own fingers. When it came time to deal with the load on his feet, I noticed him try to pull his toes up to his face. Sensing what he wanted, I lent over and gave his ankles a little push, enjoying the sight of him licking up my cum from his own sexy size 6s.

To be continued ….

Click here to see all published chapters. Illustration by Theo Blaze.

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