Uncle sadOsam wants YOU! Or better said, uncle sadOsam wants YOUR ASS!

We want to show what sexy butts our readers have. So we have created a new competition, the “cunt of the month” contest. Every month three participants will have the chance to present their assets to our readers, who can choose who got the sexiest piece of meat. And at the end of the month, the winner is then going to be presented in a special interview with us.

So, if you think you got a presentable ass thats up to a challenge and want to share with everybody what you have then just follow the steps below and who knows, maybe you’ll soon be our special “cunt of the month”!

award-cotmTo participate, just send us a mail at team@sadosam.com with the following content:

  • Some basic information about you (Like name or nickname, age, etc.)
  • Some pictures where you present your ass to the camera
    (of course pictures of yourself for later presentation in the winner interview are appreciated too)
  • A text of why you want to and should become our “cunt of the month” (max. 100 words).

You can also contact us on Twitter (@sadosamcom).

We are looking forward to see your sexy butt on our page! Who knows, maybe soon your ass will stand between the laurel wreath?

Many Greets

The sadOsam Team

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