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Label:My Dirtiest Fantasy
Actors:Connor Rex, Dani Robles, Jerome James 

Anyone who’s ever seen him in action before knows just what a dirty little fucker young Connor Rex can be, but if you’re used to him taking a more active role in the action then you might have to re-evaluate your expectations here. After all, handsome stud, Dani Robles, is the driving force on this occasion; with Connor literally laid back and waiting to be taken full advantage of. Needless to say that’s exactly what Dani does, as he slips out of his dressing gown and then immediately makes a beeline with his tongue for the twink’s pert arse. Not at all content, he then proceeds to grind his achingly erect cock against the boy’s ass, whilst massaging Connor’s back with oil. You don’t need to be an expert in gay porn to realise that what Dani really wants is to get his hands on the twink’s thick, meaty shaft – which, unsurprisingly, turns out to be throbbing away in hard anticipation. Seconds on, and the stocky daddy has his pretty pal exactly where he wants him – laid out on his back, with his dick fully exposed, crying out for attention. And boy does Dani give total focus to that gorgeous schlong; as he grabs hold and sucks for all he’s worth, bringing Connor to a sticky finale!

Click here > Watch the TRAILER & MORE PICS for free 


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