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Hi Deamon. I’ts great to have the little brat with me, even if it takes sometimes some nerve. But you know, bad boys get their punishment and brats like you have to be able to live with it. 🙂 So are you ready for the interview and will you be a good boy?

Yes I am ready for the interview, and I might be, no promises 🙂 The punishment is part of the fun after all.

Seems you really like punishments boy?

Yes I do, especially when they tend to be a bit painful, well maybe more than just a bit. Then again I would suppose that they don’t really count as punishment if they are enjoyable i suppose.

Oh that is a good point. A real punishment should not really be something a boy likes. If he likes it he’ll never learn from them. Or how do you see it?

I guess I see it as more of a funishment when the brat enjoys it, whereas a full punishment would only really be given for the breakage of rules, rather than the bratting itself. If a master wants his sub to learn not to do something then I would think to start out lightly leaning more into the fun side, but if it carried on then yes go into more heavy punishment.

Before we really start to talk about the different kinds of pain we have to look back. You are a young kinkster and in 2018 you’ve started to live your kinks. But out of experience boys who like pain have had experiences with it before. When did you realis that pain and punishment has an attraction to you?

Out of experience I didn’t really have so much, I realised that I enjoyed the idea of S/M after reading way to many Kink romance novels on wattpad with 16 or 17 years. Once I got into the scene more properly, I realised that I enjoyed pain and punishment a lot more than I thought I would, so most of my experience coming from with playing with Doms than my own self experience

Do you remember the first time you really enjoyed pain and punishment?

My first time? Mmmmm I think that would ha even with the second Dom I ever played with. He had a fetish for biting, so as we played he would bite around my neck and shoulders and when ever he did so I found that what ever he was doing was taken to another level when ever he would bite and he would bite hard.

I usually looked like I had been beaten afterwards and got a lot of strange looks after those sessions. Still the first session was a memorable one, he had be on my stomach, legs spread and arms locked behind my back, he had been getting me ready with toys before he fucked me himself and he asked how I was with biting. I said I didn’t mind it and that he could bite if he wanted to.

The response I got was him entering me in one full stroke and biting hard on the right side of my neck, that how I discovered that I LOVE getting bitten and where my soft spot was in one go due to almost throwing him off the bed in shock and enjoyment.

Oh a pup who loves to get bitten … I thought it are normally the dogs biting us. 🙂 What has been the next way of pain you have had to suffer in a session and which you did enjoy?

That would be with my current Dom, after we started talking i was discovering how I like to brat and the response I got was a slap across the ass, which I found sent a bolt straight to my cock, it was after this that I starting to realise that I actually really enjoyed pain and wanted a lot more of it, was able to brat a few spanking moments out of him before he realised I loved it.

Hehe. Oh yes I know such boys who get a hard-on when they get spanked. Can you tell us what kind of sensations and emotions you have when you get spanked?

Emotions wise its just pure bliss, subspace comes incredibly quickly when pain is involved, and as for sensations, it will start out with light stinging before building up to a steady burn. There is never a unenjoyable moment until he stops 🤣.

Never a unenjoyable moment …. hmmmmm … If you’re spanking or whipping a sub, even if he enjoys the pain, there is normally a moment in which the arousment given by the pain disappears and what stays is just pain. Is that for you a moment the top should stop the action or can and should he go further if you trust him?

I trust him to push me, as he knows my body language very well and is able to keep the pain levels within my limits so that it stays enjoyable, he can push spanking into a punishment, but he would have a long build up before that would happen and my threshold is high. He would be more likely to use flogging as a punishment, as my it will reach my pain limits faster.

Do you enjoy in such moments, in which you don’t enjoy anymore the spanking of flogging, the situation you’re in? That you’re totally delivered and that your dom takes now what he likes? Do you like situations in which you are just pleasing your top?

Yes I do enjoy them, knowing that my Dom is happy despite me being a pest makes me very happy, and as I trust my Dom not to push me to fair to quickly I know that I will be fine despite the pleasure not being as intense as it was.

Trust is the base for good sm and even more important if you play with the limits of a boy and you try to push them. But normally it are these sessions which gives also a kind of sub pride to the boy he hasn’t in easy sessions. Do you have such memorable sesssions you have been proud of yourself?

Only a few times, once when I first tried flogging, as it was new to me and I wasn’t sure how I would deal with it,just my Dom want to try and i wasnt going to say no after all he had done for me. And the other when I was training my gag reflex with a dom and was able to take all of him

Why is it attractive for you if a Dom is playing with your borders?

I am honestly not sure, it just sends excitement though me, I am not sure if it is due to the possibility of finding something else I enjoy or the fact I will be able to please my Dom in a new way that he enjoys, I don’t think there is any one reason.

In the beginning you told us that fun is important. What is in your eyes more important to you, your own fun or your Master’s fun? And to make it clear for everybody, I’m not talking about a hook up top you meet for an evening, I’m talking about a Master who you trust and with you you have a deep connection.

With a master i have that level of connection with then I would say that for me its his fun, as pleasing him gives me everything I need in a session to enjoy it completely, allowing him those some stress of worries by expressing in on me in what ever way he closes, should it be any one kink or a mix or just a straight up fuck, I get my enjoyment know that I have pleased him.

A good Master is a care taking person and for him the wellbeing of his boys is very important. So a Master is responsible that overall all envolved are enjoying being together. Consent is the base of good sm. So SM should never be an abuse even if it includes such abusive-looking moments. I think for a real sub and slave such moments in which he is just pleasing his Master are important. Or what do you think about?

No I would agree with you. While it would depend on sub to sub as not everyone wants the same things from SM, as long as the consent is there and both the sub and the master have spoken about what they each want, then I would have to say that yes, there are times when a sub should just serve his master and only receive pleasure from serving. That might not be for everyone, but it works for me.

Can you give us examples of serving activities (which are not connected with pain) which you don’t really like but you like to do it for your Master?

Oh that’s easy, chores. I hate doing chores, but I do them so that my master doesn’t have to, I am very glad we have a dishwasher or i would have gone insane a long time ago.

Hehe, if you have finished to clean your Master’s home you can continue in my dungeon if you want. 🙂 Are there also more sexual examples?

I think I will pass on cleaning your dungeon ha, and I am not sure to be honest as sessions tend to me pretty spread out so I am still learning things that he enjoys that are not pain related. I know he enjoys controlling a subs breathing and he also enjoys electro for edging.

Ok let us talk about pain again. We have been talking about your biting, spanking and flogging experiences. What other kind of pain experiences do you have yet?

The only other form of pain I have experienced is electro, and that was by accident, as the button turned just a little to high, and while it was enjoyable I could see it getting to much very fast, so it is something I would like to experience but it would be with care taken due to the dangers of electro play.

It is not only important with electro to do it with care. 🙂 Then we have really to talk about other painful fantasies you haven’t realised yet. In which direction are your needs going?

One would be wax play. I would love to give that a try, both as a new form of pain and as the possibility of a new kink, because while the idea of wax turns me on, I might not enjoy the full process of it. Another would be being pushed to the limit of my pain tolerance and being kept there for an extended period of time, mixing in forms of pain, with edging, fucking etc but the whole time in some from of pain but not enough to push my limit across.

Seems you want to become a real pain pig. What is the attraction of being able to take more and more and more and more …. ?

Yes you could say that. I guess its challenge for me, to be able to tolerate more and more pain until I get to a point where nothing but the hardest amount of pain will make me scream, that for me would be filling out two major kinks: pain and marks.

Marks? …. I see we really have to continue our chat soon. Btw. you’ve been a real good boy today. So no reason to punish you … means that there will be no fun today?

Yes marks are a big kink of mine as well. And no not today it seems lol.

You’re a bad boy!

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