A kinky story written by Max Potter | Chapter 1

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“Stop it Taylor!” Pam slapped Taylor’s face. Not hard enough to do anything but give him a little sting, only to register her supposed displeasure.

“Stop what?” Taylor moved his hand further up her skirt. They were on the patio of a bar in their college town, but in the darker corner that let Taylor take more liberties than he could elsewhere.

“Not here!” Pam got up and moved to the railing nearest the sidewalk.

Taylor rolled his eyes and gave a frustrated groan. It didn’t matter. She’d be groaning under him later that night. He got up to follow her. He had to make nice so she would spread her legs for him later. “Come on baby, I’m just teasing.” He stood behind her, putting his hand castely on her waist and nuzzled her ear. Taylor was of Asian descent and kept his hair long enough that it cascaded down the woman’s breasts.

“Oh, Taylor.” Pam liked her ears nuzzled.

“Taylor? That really you dude?” Taylor looked up, startled. He recognized that voice. He looked over the railing to see Kam, his old rival from high school. Taylor felt his heartbeat quicken, they  had gone head-to-head for years. It had never been easy, and Taylor had pushed himself hard to beat the guy, and when he lost, his fury had barely been contained.

“Kam, what the fuck are you doing here?” Kam had gone to a university a couple states away two years ago, after they both graduated high school.

“I transferred to the Glegman Institute. Better Physics program.” Kam gave a small smile, giving a quick, light hug to the girl on his arm. Taylor knew Kam graduated at the top of his class, something Taylor hadn’t come close to. “You still at State?”

“Yeah, State.” Taylor replied.

“Well, at least you have football to help you out.” Simple words, but the way Kam said them carried all the meaning. Taylor was too stupid to make it without the special advantages given to team members. The chuckle Kam shared with the girl solidified the insult.

“Motherfucker!” Taylor jerked like he was going to jump over the rail.

Kam didn’t flinch, but egged him on. “You going to come after me, you little-dicked dumbass?”

“Damn right!” This time Taylor actually did jump the railing, but Kam was already on the move, taunting him as he ran down the sidewalk, easily avoiding the people who rushed to get out of his way. Taylor ran after him, regretting he was wearing loafers. Pam liked to get him to dress up a bit when they went out, and it made it easier to get into her pants.

Kam took a corner, and another, as Taylor raced after him. A few more blocks and Taylor realized he could no longer see Kam in the darkness. The street lights were no help. The only person he saw was an old man walking his dog. Taylor cocked his head but couldn’t hear footsteps either. Damn. Kam had gotten away.

Taylor hit his fist against a tree, giving out a yell half frustration, half pain. Taylor got himself under control and turned to head back to the bar. He was short a block off when his phone pinged.

[You lost!] Not a number Taylor had, but he was sure it was Kam.

[Where the fuck are you?] Taylor texted back, coming to a complete stop and almost making the woman behind him run into him.

[Nope, not telling :)]

[Goddam fucker! I’ll find you]

[Dumb bastard. Tell you what. How about a rematch tomorrow? The track at your school 9am]

[You’re going DOWN] There is no way Taylor would let him win again, plus he wouldn’t be in loafers and slacks. Kam couldn’t have gotten that much faster.

[What to lay a bet on it?] Kam was egging him on.

[Sure fucker!] Taylor dashed his response off before he even thought about it.


[Deal] More than Taylor really wanted to risk, but he was sure he’d end up richer of the two.

Taylor didn’t sleep well that night. Pam had complained a bit about Taylor being even less attentive to eating her out, and being rougher fucking her than usual. He didn’t care. Let the bitch bitch at him. She was lucky to get him to screw her. She could take what she got.

He woke up early, glad to have dozed off for at least part of the night. Pam got up while he showered and still seemed mad at him. He was too distracted to care,  put on his shorts, t shirt and laced up his best running shoes.

It didn’t take him long to get to the track. Taylor stretched good, not wanting to be at anything but fully primed when they started. There were a few people already around using the track for exercise. He had gotten a really good stretch in when he saw Kam ambling up. “Ready loser?” Kam sneered at him.

“I’m going to rub your face in it bastard!” Taylor was ready. Kam would eat his dust.

“Riiiight. OK. One lap? First over the finish takes it. You can start us off.” Kam seemed confident, putting himself in starting position, and even taking the second point, leaving the first to Taylor.

The enraged jock set himself to begin, getting into the runners crouch and lifting his ass. Kam lifted his as well.

“Go!” No sense counting down Taylor thought as he shot forward. Taylor moved fast, and was sure he was well ahead of Kam until he made it to the first turn, when he saw Kam out of the corner of his eye. Taylor poured on more speed, pulling ahead for a short time until Kam appeared next to him again. Fuck! Taylor thought Kam’s been practicing. Taylor gritted his teeth and pushed harder.

Lengthening his strides, Taylor reached for everything he had, narrowly, widening his lead. The streak was barely his, and Kam closed the gap on the second turn, coming up to a be fully at his side. Was Kam holding back? The idea scared Taylor a bit, but Kam didn’t seem as winded as he should be, as Taylor was.

Grim determination on his face, Taylor pushed more. But if fucking Kam wasn’t pulling ahead. The finish was meters away. Kam was undeniably in front, there was enough space that he couldn’t argue it was close. Taylor let out a growl as he followed Kam over the finish line.

Both coming to a stop and fighting for breath, Taylor briefly considered tackling Kam, but others had shown up around the track, and a fight would be a problem.

“I won, pencil-dick. Have you hit the track at all in the last two years?” Kam had a wicked grin on his face.

Taylor was too angry to respond. Angry at himself, but even angrier at Kam. He must have cheated somehow.

“That’s $100”. Kam held his hand out.

“I, I didn’t bring any cash.” Taylor spit out.

Kam dropped his hand. “I figured. I’ll let you get it to me.”

They stared at each other, muscles tense. “Double or nothing for benchpress tomorrow?” Kam had his wicked grin back.

“You’re on you fucker.” Taylor turned and began to storm off.

“Maybe your arms are in better shape then your spindly legs.” Kam yelled after him, laughing.

Sunday dawned. Taylor had been beating himself up since he lost to Kam. He hadn’t called Pam for a fuck, or anything else. He frustratedly moped around his room in the frathouse. He didn’t even join the guys in heading out, but stayed in his room, looking up at the ceiling.

The gym wasn’t crowded when Taylor got there. He did some warm ups and hit the bench to press out a few before Kam arrived.

Kam wasn’t late, but appeared right on time, stupid superior grin on his face. Clapping his hands together he said “Ready to lose again, wimp?”

“I’ll show you who’s a wimp.” Taylor pressed up on the bar holding a respectable weight. Automatically Kam when to spot him.

After racking back, Taylor got up, wiping the bench with a towel quickly. Rather than getting on the bench, Kam loaded another 50 pounds on, than got into position to press. Taylor got to spot and watched Kam place his hands and push up the bar. He lowered it to his chest, then executed a perfect press. Taylor helped guide it back, a small bit of worry at how easy it had seemed to Kam.

“Starting light, are we?” Taylor said as he briefly considered adding more weight, but decided to let Kam do that part. Taylor got into position and pushed up. The bar was heavy, Taylor strained to lift it from the rack, get it to his chest and press up. “Come on you wuss, that’s nothing.” Kam teased as he lightly aided the bar’s return home.

Rapidly, Kam added another 50 pounds, and didn’t show the strain Taylor felt with the last weight as he pressed out.

Inwardly nervous, Taylor got into position for his bench press. It was hard. It was about his max. “You weakling, you piece of shit. Straining at this? You can’t lift worth crap.” Kam said through his inferating smile.

Kam added another 50 pounds. Taylor was worried, Kam got into place, and even though he strained a bit, he certainly did a full bench press. “Fuck.” Taylor said, letting his anger out.

“That’s how a real man does it. Little boys like you, not a chance.” Kam virtually jumped off the bench showing he wasn’t put out too far.

With trepidation, he hoped didn’t show, Taylor got on the bench. “You can kiss my ass.” Taylor boasted, not really feeling the bravado he voiced.

Taylor placed and replaced his hands, getting a good grip. Kam appeared over him to spot, that smirk filling Taylor’s vision. “Try real hard you little baby. Pretend you’re a man.” 

Taylor tightened his grip on the bar and pushed it up. It was unbelievable how heavy it was. He had his arms holding it straight up, but was seriously worried about bringing it to his chest. Grim faced with determination, he began to lower the bar, Kam’s hands hovering under it.

“Arrrgh!” Taylor grunted out, feeling the weight press down, he was losing control of it. “No, I can’t!” Kam’s hands flew to the bar and began to pull it up, returning it to the rack.

Taylor sat up, glancing around to see a few of the guys had turned to look at him. He looked at Kam, the grin had gotten bigger, and crueler. “That’s double.”

Taylor kicked himself internally, not believing he had lost again. “You’ll get your money.” His breath was still rough, but he wouldn’t be seen as shirking on a bet. Losing $200 would hurt, and he wasn’t exactly sure how he would manage it. Tossing his towel over his shoulder, Taylor left the gym, knowing Kam was grinning after him.

Taylor got a text during a class, but knew he couldn’t look at it without getting yelled at the the professor. He had forgotten it until he was sitting down for his next class, so he pulled his phone out to check it. It was from Kam.

[Bet I can do more pull ups than you can, pussy]

[The fuck you can!] Taylor angrily texted back.

[So it’s a bet. 3:30 at the gym?] Taylor was about to agree when the next text came in. [Loser has to shout that he’s not a real man to the whole gym]. Taylor took a breath in, staring at the screen. That would be humiliating, guys he knew and didn’t would be at the gym, especially at that time of the day, a lot of them. Not winning would be gut-wrenching. He’s lost the last two bets, shaking his confidence. There was only one thing to do, he had to win. The money was gone, but getting Kam to debase himself in public would be more than payback.

[You’re on!] Taylor texted back. He wouldn’t lose, he’ll show Kam. He had to.

After class Taylor headed to the cafeteria to grab lunch. He was irritated and nervous. He cut in line, bumping a nerd out of the way. He ignored the nerd’s protests. He considered hooking up with Pam, but he’d have to make nice since he had pissed her off the last time they had fucked. Scrolling through this phone, texted a slut for a blow job. She wasn’t too good looking, but she didn’t need anything to put a cock in her face. Technically, he was cheating on Pam, since they were supposed to be in an exclusive relationship, but Taylor figured so long as she didn’t know, it didn’t count.

The slut had been going down for a while when she pulled her mouth off “Are you going to cum or what? My jaw is tired.”

“Than you need to suck harder.” Taylor shoved his dick back in her mouth and pushed her head down with one hand. She resisted a bit, but got back to work.

It was a little later when she pulled her head back. “I’m done. If you can’t get it up for two minutes, I’m not going to keep going.”

Taylor had lost most of his erection, but he tried to shove her back on his cock.  “Get back where you belong.”

She dodged, called him a pussy and headed out. Taylor looked at the door after she closed it. Damn, he couldn’t even get off.

Taylor was still distracted a few hours later when he made it to the gym. He had been trying to psych himself up, but he couldn’t shake a feeling of dread.

Kam was talking to a couple of guys beside the pull up rack when Taylor walked in. “There he is, we can get this going.”

Kam continued. “These guys have agreed to keep score. Remember, loser shouts to the whole gym he’s not a real man.” A few more of the men scattered around, gravitating over in curiosity.

“You had better be ready to shout it loud.” Taylor did his best to give a haughty look. “Get your ass ready.”

“This ass?” Kam twisted his hips some. “Doesn’t need to get ready. My ears on the other hand….” Kam grabbed a couple blocks of chalk, tossing one to Taylor.

Both men chalked up, and positioned themselves at bars.

One of the guys Kam had been talking to stepped forward. “OK guys, only regulation pull ups. All the way down, and chin over the bar. These guys” he indicated a couple of men, one on each side of him “will count. No arguments. Dropping or hanging more than 20 seconds means your out. Alright, on three. One, two, three. GO!”

Taylor easily jumped up to his bar, and did his first pull up. “One.” He heard Kam’s counter say before his followed with the same. He briefly considered speeding up, burned that Kam had finished the first before him, but a better though hit him. Let Kam rush and tire out first, better for him.

The pull ups and counts kept going, Taylor was feeling good. The first batch of pull ups are always the easiest. The numbers went through to the 20s before either of them started slowing enough to notice.

Taylor was feeling good, relatively at least. The counts slowed, and more men showed up to watch. They were still virtually neck and neck, Taylor felt some confidence flow through him. They were in the grind part. Hard to go on, but Taylor was determined not to drop first. As the number approached 30, there were cries of encouragement directed at both contestants.

Taylor was getting winded, he glanced over at Kam and some of his confidence evaporate when he was sure Kam wasn’t as tapped out as he felt.

The assembled crowd gave little cheers at every one either Kam or Taylor did. Everyone was really getting into it. As they both passed 30 it was evident both were struggling. Taylor was straining, and was sure Kam was as well, and Taylor hoped Kam was in worse shape.

Taylor felt his hand slip, just a bit. Panic shot through him. He used a pull to adjust. The slips came more frequently then, and his speed was definitely suffering. Fortunately, Kam was going at a near pace to him. Two pull ups later Taylor was starting to panic. He wasn’t sure how many more he had in him.

Taylor let out a grunt at the bottom of his pull-up, he realized he almost let go. He couldn’t lose. He couldn’t! He was in constant fear of slipping off the bar. He tried every trick he could think of to maintain his grip. A few more, Taylor was sure a one more was all he needed to win. But how many would that really be? Deep breaths, Kam had to drop soon. “15 seconds” the guy in front of him said. Fuck, he had 5 seconds to start his next pull up or get disqualified. He did it. He was taking longer breaks now, his counter kept him informed of the seconds and that’s all he heard.

Then he heard a number. Not his number, Kam’s. Kam was a full pull up ahead of him. Taylor started to feel the added pressure of being behind. He tried to wrestle with his mind that it was more important do to them to do them fast. But he was losing that argument with himself.

Another near slip. Taylor took a sharp intake of breath. The next pull up also resulted in a near slip off. Taylor couldn’t concentrate on the count, Kam or anything else but holding on and doing the pull ups. Every pull up resulted in a near falling from the bar. Shifting exactly where his hands were didn’t help. His muscles ached, his breath was coming in gasps. Just do it, just keep going echoed through his head. He blocked out everything else.

And slipped off the bar. Catching himself in a crouch. Taylor stared at the floor, eyes wide where no one could see them. Knowing what he had to do made him feel like his balls had been ripped off. His counter shouted out his final number. Kam’s was still going, already past what he had done. Kam did three more pull ups before he dropped.

Kam was winded, and gripped the rack has he caught his breath. Taylor kept his eyes down, using the fact he was breathing deep to avoid looking anyone in the face.

“Loser has to shout out he’s not a real man.” The guy who had given them the rules announced to the gathered crowd. Damns and fucks escaped the men around, as did laughter. “Dude, get your breath and do it.”

Taylor couldn’t believe he had to do this. He was going to humiliate himself in front of everybody. His lungs were mostly under control, and there was no way he could hide that, all these guys knew how that went.

Taylor stood straight up, finally raising his eyes to look around. Most of the faces showed anticipation of wicked joy. Kam had crossed his arms over his chest and had a completely evil grin on his face.

“Son of a bitch.” Taylor whispered looking at Kam. Kam suppressed a chuckle.

He had no choice. Everyone knew he lost, everyone knew what he had to do. He couldn’t bluff his way out of this, too many men had been watching. It would be worse if he chickened out. The whole gym was silent, looking at him. Some had their phones out and recording.

Taking a deep breath Taylor shouted “I’m not a real man!”

So much laughter. Taylor’s face went red, his gut felt like he had been hit by a kettle bell.

“What? I couldn’t hear you? Could you guys?” Kam looked around with a faux-questioning face.

“Nope, not a word.” One of the guys laughed.

“Me either.” Another joined in.

Taylor scowled, this sucked. “Fine.” Then even louder than before “I’m not a real man!” Everyone laughed harder than before, some of the guys bending over. Taylor felt totally emasculated.  He stormed out, guys parting to get out of his way. It would be all over campus tomorrow. Hell, it would be out in minutes. It would haunt him forever.

Taylor headed for his room, steaming in anger as his feet virtually stomped the ground. He was almost there when his phone began to ping. He pulled it out and looked at it so automatically that he was looking at it before he remembered the videos he was sure had been posted.


[Fuck dude what happened?!]

[What did I just see you do?]



It went on. Taylor’s hand shook as he held his phone. Everyone knew. Everyone had seen it. He wouldn’t be able to face anyone ever again. His balls crawled up into his body. Something spurred him to get going again, he had to make it to his room before someone came up to him. Taylor started running.

He managed to make it without anyone getting a chance to stop him. He was sure everyone he saw recognized him and had seen the video. Making it to his room, he tossed himself into his bed, digging his face into his pillows.

He seethed, the humiliation eating at his gut. How could this happen? How could he fail? How could he do that in front of all those people? And losing to Kam of all people. He had generally beat Kam in high school. Only losing a few contests that it didn’t take him long to beat back. Three bets, three loses. And his defeat had been broadcast to the whole world. No one would ever see him as a man again. Pam would break up with him. He’d never get laid again.

Taylor got no sleep that night. He turned off his phone so he couldn’t hear the notifications hitting it. All night, he was either face down in the pillows, or laying on his back just staring at the ceiling. Morning came, and he decided to skip his classes, he was a wreck and there was no way he was ready to face anyone.

Taylor had to piss. Listening at the door, he didn’t hear anyone going up and down the hall. He felt so weak, afraid to see anyone, scared to go out his door. It was quite, Taylor opened the door and hit the bathroom, glad to let the piss out. Washing his hands, someone came in. Taylor looked up in shock, his face turning red. The guy looked at him, a look of shock passing quickly before he let out “Dude, you have so got to get that dude back. Beat him.” The guy disappeared into a stall.

Taylor just nodded, and fairly rushed out back to his room. At one point, he turned his phone back on, to see he had a ton of messages, all just as bad. He just turned it over and held his head in his hand. A couple hours later, his gut churning, he decided to try to find the video. It wasn’t hard, it had been posted to the Facebook and Instagram feeds of most of his friends. The comments weren’t as bad as he had feared. Lots of guys ragging on him, but some actually praising him for fulfilling his bet. That gave him some hope he could survive this. It was a bet, he had done the manly thing and lived up to the wager.

Lack of sleep and his emotions made Taylor restless, too restless to try to do anything but brood, and the day passes at a snail’s pace.

[How about another bet? It’ll give you a chance to win. 10 tosses of a football through a tire, whoever makes the most through wins. Loser kisses feet of the winner] Kam texted him. Taylor stared at this phone. Could he take another bet? This was one he was sure to win. Kam’s throws had a tendency to go wild, and his own were pretty straight. Taylor would be sure to win. Or was he? He had been sure he would win all of them, and still lost. Kam could be trying to trick him again. But how? Taylor was so torn he knew he should always win, but he had lost so many times.

[Afraid to lose again wussey boy?] Kam’s follow up text caused Taylor’s pride to boil up. He had to take the bet, he had to! He was sure to win and erase his humiliations.

[You’re on! When and where?] Taylor’s thumbs flew over the screen. It was sent before he breathed out.

[6am tomorrow. Jenner’s field.] Kam had been prepared for him to accept this bet. Taylor collapsed on his bed. He couldn’t believe he had taken another bet, and now the dread was starting to eat away at him. If he lost, would this be worse than the last one? How many people would see it? He covered his eyes with his arm. What had he done?

Taylor eventually fell asleep from pure exhaustion. His phone woke him an hour before he had to make it to Jenner field. He grabbed a shower realizing he was wiped, and there was no way he was going to be in top form.

Changing into shorts and picking up his phone, Taylor briefly considered texting Kam to put it off a day, but he didn’t want to look weak or scared. The walk didn’t revive his spirits, and he felt defeated when he arrived. Taylor only saw Kam and some other dude waiting, a ring already set up. Taylor approached them. He knew he had to look like hell. Kam  just looked at him with a smirk.

“This is Josh, from the Athlete Center, he’s going to be our judge.” Kam indicated the other man. Taylor knew him more by reputation than anything else, and it was a good one. Josh was a fair man that everyone respected for his honesty. Taylor couldn’t fault the choice.

“10 passes, most at the end wins. If it’s a tie, we have sudden death. From this line.” Indicating a chalk line in the grass, Josh looked at Taylor with a bit of concern. He didn’t want an unfair game.

“Let’s do this.” Taylor said with a confidence he didn’t feel. Josh tossed him the football.

Taylor caught the ball like it was second nature, it was really.

“Check it out, it’s regulation.” Josh gave an upwards nod of his head.

Taylor looked over the football. It was perfectly normal. Nothing odd about it at all. “It’s good. Who starts?”

“Go for it, bud.” Kam gave a half-shrug, giving Taylor every advantage.

Taylor considered letting Kam go first, but decided he could scare Kam a bit if he succeeded right off the bat. Taylor got behind the line, slapped the ball into his hand, pulled back, and tossed the ball perfectly through the hoop.

“Yeah, beat that bitch!” Taylor was so relieved, the words just flew out of his mouth.

Kam jogged up to get the ball, returned to place himself behind the line and gave a smirk to Taylor. He easily passed the ball through the hoop as well. Taylor grimaced, but jogged to get the ball, it was only fair. Back behind the line, Taylor pulled ahead again, tossing the ball through the hoop with ease.

The two men kept neck and neck until Kam missed his eighth toss. Taylor was almost euphoric as he jogged to fetch and return the ball. He had it, he was sure he was going to win. But he got just a bit too cocky, his throw wasn’t as perfect, it spun just a little to much and missed. Taylor’s gut froze as he watched Kam jog after it. He had missed. If Kam made it, they would be tied again. Taylor stumbled aside as Kam took his place to make this pass. Kam made it.

Taylor jogged to get the ball, panicking they were now even. He had to make this one, Kam was doing too well, much better than he should have. Where was the wobbling he had in High School?

Taylor gritted his teeth and pulled up every ounce of control he had. The football sailed through the ring. “Yes!” Taylor shouted, lifting his arms up.

“Nine out of ten. Great work Taylor. Kam has one chance.” Josh was paying very close attention.

“Watch this.” Kam sounded so calm, so collected. Taylor was rooted in place. His eyes watching with an intensity he had never had before. Kam sailed the football through the hoop.

“Nine out of ten. Kam you both are tied. We’re at sudden death. Taylor, you’re up.”

The men had been mostly silent through the contest, and now the silence seemed palpable.

Taylor got the ball through, and breathed a sigh of relief. That relief evaporated when Kam did as well.

“10 each. Keep going. Taylor, you’re up.” Josh said, serious as he felt the tension between.

Taylor had never felt so nervous, he was sure he could do this, but what if he couldn’t? He forced the gittering down, worked to keep his hands steady. He threw the ball. And missed. His breath came out with odd grunt. He couldn’t see Kam’s face as his rival got the ball, he was sure there was a smirk on it.

“Kam, if you do this, you win.” Josh said evenly.

Kam seemed so cool, Taylor wished it was chilly, so he would have an excuse to shiver. But he kept it down.

Taylor’s stomach dropped plummeted when the ball easily went through the hoop. “Damn.” He whispered to himself, looking down. He had lost. He had lost, how could that have happened.

Josh took a breath. “Look dudes, I know what this bet was, and I don’t want to see it. Hold off until I’m gone. Cool?” He looked at them knowing they wouldn’t object, especially Taylor, who just nodded, keeping his head down.

“Sure man, thanks.” Kam jogged tossing the football to Josh to be returned.

Josh left them to it. When their judge was suitably far away, Kam looked over at Taylor, with a big shit-eating grin Kam said just loud enough to be heard “Time to get on your knees and kiss these shoes pencil dick!”

Taylor stayed frozen to the spot. He couldn’t move, he just couldn’t. He couldn’t force himself. “Come on shoe licker.” Kam said a little louder.

Taylor knew no one was there to see. No one except Kam. He hated Kam. The words made him move, his feet dragging. He came to stand in front of Kam, feeling totally defeated. Taking a deep breath he got on his knees. The shoes were just there. In front of him, like huge badges of failure. His mind blanking out, he bent down and kissed one. Taylor froze again.

“Both of them, the bet was shoes. In the plural, you dumbass.” Taylor could hear the mocking dripping in Kam’s voice.

Taylor forced his head over, kissing the second one, freezing yet again.

“You are a complete fucking loser.” Kam said in contempt, and headed away.

Taylor remained where he was, mind blank. Finally, he shook himself and got up. Completely zoned out, Taylor returned to his room, fell on his bed and stayed staring at the ceiling for he didn’t know how long. Another day of classes missed, Nothing but defeat going through his head.

Taylor could tell the day was ending, the light was fading. There was a knock at his door. Taylor had to think about what to do, then the second knock came. He got up and opened the door. It was Kam. Taylor wasn’t sure what to do. He couldn’t speak, he couldn’t move.

“One more bet, arm wrestling, just us?” Kam pulled his arm up in front of his chest, gripping his hand into a fist and letting it go. He left a pregnant pause. “Or is the tiny little baby afraid to lose again?”

Taylor was torn, he was almost sure he could win, but he confidence was shot. But he had to try. Kam would be able to hold his refusal over him forever.

“You’re on!” Taylor said with more force than he thought he had. Kam came in and shut the door.

“Oh, and the loser sucks the winner’s dick.” Kam said, taking a seat and putting his hand up.

Taylor stopped mid-step. Then forced himself to take the other chair. “I’ve never had my dick sucked by a dude, it will be great seeing you swing on my dick.” Taylor tried to put in all the superiority he could. He hoped it would be enough.

Kam just grinned at him. Taylor put up his arm, grabbed Kam’s hand and squeezed, starting to push Kam’s arm down at once. It might have been cheating, but at this point Taylor didn’t care. Kam flexed his arm, stopping it’s descent.

Taylor strained, pushing against more power than Kam should have had in his arm. They were back at the top, fighting back and forth, Taylor feeling growing panic. He dug for strength. It wasn’t enough, Kam was forcing him down. Taylor started breathing hard. Kam let out a chuckle.

“Fuck!” Taylor screamed as Kam got Taylor’s arm to the desk. He had been defeated. Again. No one was there, and Taylor knew he had lost again. “Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!”

Taylor wanted out of this. It made him a coward, but he really didn’t want to do this, it was so gay. He’d give anything to get out of out sucking Kam’s dick.

“One chance, I’ll give you one chance to get out of it, no sucking.” Kam sounded sincere, but his mouth was turned up at one corner.

“I’ll take it, what you got fucker?” Taylor didn’t care he’d take it, any chance. As soon as it came out of his mouth, he realized he could be screwed, but it was too late now. And it was a faint hope. Kam must have something up his sleeve.

“Dick size. If your dick is bigger than mine, I’ll walk out of here now, your lips will remain virginal.” Kam stood up and undid his belt.

Taylor’s heart sunk. He knew he wasn’t hung, and the chances he was bigger than Kam were slight. “Umm.” Taylor started.

“Total loser.” Kam said. “My dick is ready.” He moved back. Opening up his pants. “You’re not going to give up like a little girl, are you?”

“Shit.” Taylor pulled himself to a standing position, starting to open his pants too. He wanted to crawl in a hole and die.

Taylor couldn’t repress the shudder he made. Kam laughed, pulling down his pants.

<Fuck, he’s got a monster> Taylor thought when he saw the hard dick, it had to be nine inches already. Was his mind playing tricks on him? Was he making it bigger than it was? Taylor reluctantly shoved down his pants.

“Get hard bitch, it’s not fair to compare with me hard and you soft.” Kam said mockingly.

Taylor looked down, his cock was hard and pointing up stiffly. He mumbled something.

“What was that pussy?” Kam turned his head and put a hand behind his ear.

“I am hard.” Taylor repeated, thankful he was able to keep the catch in throat from coming out.

Kam laughed out loud. Grabbing his own cock, Kam moved forward, laying it next to Taylor’s boner. “Got any doubts boy?” The ‘boy’ twisted a knife in Taylor’s guy. But he was packing like a boy next to Kam.

“No.” Taylor’s voice did break a bit on the word, his eyes down facing his shortcoming compared to Kam.

“You’re not going welch on me now are you? You’ll be a coward if you do, a fucking loser coward shit.” Kam didn’t even try to hide the contempt in his voice.

“No, I lost, I’ll do it.” Taylor took a perverse pride in the fact his voice didn’t crack. Everything appeared hazy to him, like the world was being erased. Taylor slid to the floor, licking his lips, they felt so dry.

“I knew you wanted to taste me faggot.” Kam saw the lick.

He crawled closer, to just a few inches away. The cock filled his messed-up vision.

Taylor couldn’t suppress a sob as his open mouth descended over the cock. With it just inside his mouth he started to gag. He forced himself to continue. Moving his head up and down, not wanted to touch the hard dick, but there was too much, it filled his mouth forcing the issue.

“Come on cocksucker, you can do a better job than that, get down on my manhood!” Kam shouted at him, not caring who heard.

Taylor was crying now, he couldn’t stop it. Oddly, he was able to clearly see a teardrop fall from his face into Kam’s pubes. Why was that detail visible? Kam started to thrust his hips, making the gagging worse. Taylor couldn’t believe he was doing this, kneeling in his own room, sucking the dick of his high school rival because he had lost a bet.

All Taylor could see were pubes and the base of the dick he was sucking. The dick he was sucking. He couldn’t believe he was sucking a guy off. He had to finish this, finish the bet, and it would be over. He would never accept a bet from Kam again, never. He’s put up with all the ribbing but no more bets. Maybe he should swear them off.

Kam was talking, calling him names, groaning, and so into getting sucked. Taylor was so lost in his misery he had blocked it out, almost blocked out that he was blowing a guy. Then it happened. The worst thing in the world. Kam’s cock exploded into Taylor’s mouth. Straight down Taylor’s throat. Taylor tried to pull off, but Kam’s strong arm prevented that until the last spurt.

Taylor’s mouth was full of cum. Kam’s cum. A shot of it on his face, mingling with the tears. Taylor didn’t care anymore. He collapsed on the floor, face turned down.

Taylor heard Kam get up and fix up his pants. Footsteps headed to the door. The door opened.

“Oh, and loser. Don’t think this is over.” Kam’s voice cut through Taylor’s head. Of course it was over. Taylor would never take another bet.

“No more bets.” Taylor said, not raising his head.

“I’m not talking about that.” Kam replied.

“Wha?” Taylor looked up, Kam waived his phone and walked out, pulling the door behind him. He had videoed it. Taylor had been videoed sucking dick. And crying like a girl. Kam would be able to hold that over his head forever. What would Kam make him do to keep that secret?

To be continued …

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