A kinky story written by Max Potter | Chapter 2

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Taylor’s phone pinged. He had been laying on the floor, head buried in his arms for a while now. [Be sure to get to class tomorrow. Enough of your dumb ass skipping!] Kam’s text seemed like an order. Taylor just stared at it. How the fuck was he going to go to class? Everyone had seen the videos, he’s be a laughing-stock. He didn’t want to face that. But Kam had a much worse video to hold over him. Kam hadn’t said what he’d do with the cocksucking video, but it was obvious that Kam expected Taylor to do as ordered.

Taylor pulled himself up to sit on the floor propped up against his desk. He started at the text, hitting his screen to keep it showing. What was he going to do? He’d have to go to class, and face the music, he’d have to think of some way to laugh it off. The notification that his battery was low shocked him out of his trance. He moved to connect the power cord. He rubbed his hands over his torso. He needed a shower, bad. Taylor grabbed his towel and listened at the door, not really believing he was scared to go out in the hall. What had become of him?

Taylor stood with his head leaning on the door, trying to make sense of his world. Losing to Kam, on everything, sucking Kam off. Afraid to look at his phone or even walk in the hall of his frat. Thinking back, there was no way he should have lost any of those contests. Well, except for the dick size, there was no way he could win that against most anyone. Flexing his muscles, he didn’t understand how they had let him down. He tried to think of how Kam could have cheated, Kam must have cheated, but Taylor couldn’t think of a single thing Kam had done that looked like cheating. Taylor had been there, watching each time. Other guys had seen a couple of the contests, and he was sure at least one of them would have piped up if there was something. But there had to be? Had Kam slipped him something? None of his numbers were really off, so it’s not like he had done a lot less than he could have. Kam had just done more.

It sounded quite, Taylor silently opened the door and looked out. All clear. He headed to the showers and washed off as quick as he could. Heading back, his long hair still drenched, he heard voices coming up the stairs. Taylor sped to his room, still not wanting to face anyone. Safe in his room, Taylor hugged himself. He had to get his act together. If he kept scuttling about like a pussy, everyone would start treating him like one.

Claim it was all part of a bigger plan to get at Kam? That would be great, but Taylor couldn’t think of enough of a plot that wouldn’t make him look like an idiot. Claim they had switched off losing since high school? No, way too easy to check. Take it like a man? Just admit he lost and paid up? Maybe, but that requires admitting losing. He could say he’d get Kam next time. Taylor knew he was strong, the weaker guys wouldn’t push too much if he looked threatening. The bigger guys. Well, they’d all lost a bet at some point? Maybe Taylor just had an off week? Say he planned to put Kam in his place later? That was the best Taylor could think of, so he decided to go with that.

Naked, he got on the bed and tried to go to sleep. It worked, some, Taylor kept getting up, always thinking some new ping had hit his phone. In the morning, he roused early. Debating in his mind if he needed a shower. Nah, he’d just had one. And if it would be better to head out now, before most of the frat was up, or later. Now, for sure. He didn’t want to see his bros. Quickly getting dressed, Taylor made it out of the house, ignoring the one guy who called his name like he hadn’t heard.

Taylor walked around, got breakfast at a stall. As he paid Taylor remember he was going to have to come up with $200 for the double-or-nothing. He’d have to watch his money from now on. After all this, when it came time to pay Kam, he wasn’t going to have to ask Kam to wait a bit.

Taylor wondered around the less populated areas until almost time for class, heading to his building just before things started. He moved quickly, to discourage anyone from talking to him. He name got called, and he was sure he overheard comments about the video posts. In the lecture hall, he took a seat he hoped would make people leave him as alone as possible. It mostly worked, but Taylor couldn’t resist looking at some of the faces, and they all recognized him. He was sure he saw people watching the video, pulling it up for their friends, talking to each other. Thank God the professor cam in and started the class. Taylor could mostly forget his embarrassment for a while.

Taylor rushed out of class, knocking some nerd’s books out of his hands without turning to yell a ‘sorry’ or anything. He took circuitous routes from one class to the other, doing everything he could to avoid people. Stuck next to a homely looking chick in one class, he was forced to answer “Yeah, I had a bad week. I’ll get him next time, just you wait.” That he got it out made him feel a bit better, and he repeated the same basic phrase a few times to different people. If they kept going on, Taylor would change the subject or plead he had to get somewhere.

In one clase a wimpy kid looked at him with a superior smerk “Saw your video.”

Taylor had gotten some of his feet under him and was able to shoot back quickly “Like you could have done better wussy-boy.” Taylor gave him a jock look and turned away, glad he glanced the guy startling a bit.

Finally his classes were over. Taylor rushed out of the building and found a deserted area to gather his thoughts. He decided to grab a sandwich to eat later and stick it out in his room. After getting a plastic-wrapped sandwich at some stop and shop, he was relieved to close the door of his room on the world. He put his dinner on the desk and sank to the floor, the stress of the day finally getting to him.

Taylor just sat and ran everything through his mind. He ended up staring at his plastic wrapped sandwich for some reason. It was going to be shit, just something grabbed at a gas station. But so much better than going out and facing people. He felt so fucking low. Willing to eat a stupid gas station sandwich.

Some time after 4 Taylor’s phone pinged. Before he even looked at it, the ice in his gut told him it was Kam. It was. [I’m parked out front. Get down here and into my car now!] Taylor looked at this sandwich not believing what he was supposed to do. He had bought a damn sandwich so he wouldn’t have to go out. Now he had to. Reluctantly, he stood up and headed to Kam’s car.

It was just out front. Taylor got in and Kam started to pull out “What the fuck do you want?” Taylor tried to sound as tough as he could, but just being near Kam was stealing his confidence.

“Watch your mouth. Just shut up and wait.” Kam didn’t even look at him.

Taylor sulked, barely paying attention to where they were going. They left the city, traveling along some country road for a bit before Kam pulled the car back on something that was barely a what? Road? Driveway? Taylor didn’t know. Didn’t care.

Kam stopped the car, and as he was getting out ordered Taylor to do the same. Kam pointed for Taylor to go in front of the car while Kam leaned against the hood.

“Phone, unlocked.” Kam held his hand out.

Taylor swallowed. Thinking he really had no choice, he reached for his phone, unlocked it and put it in Kam’s hand. Kam instantly began doing something as he ordered “Strip naked. Now.”

“Now–” Taylor started.

Kam looked icily at Taylor. “Don’t think the only copy I have is on my phone. Don’t think I’ve not backed it up. Don’t think you have a choice.”

Taylor started to pull his shirt off. Kam gave a small victory smile and went back to his phone. When Taylor was standing nude, Kam didn’t even look up when he ordered “On your knees, hands behind your head.”

Taylor did, his mind kept switching what it wanted to do, look at Kam in defiance, or at the ground in shame. One of the times Taylor was actually looking at the ground, he noticed Kam slip the phone into his pocket.

“You’re a prick Taylor. You’ve always been a prick. You’ll always be a prick. You win and rather than shake the hand offer you by your opponent, you shouted like a braying ass. Now, I’ve got you. You’re mine. I can do anything I want to you. And I will.” Kam paused, stepping forward and batting Taylor’s hard cock with his shoe. “And you like it.”

Taylor choked on a sob at the words and the touch of the foot on his boner. He was rock hard. Had been since forced to strip. How could this be? He hated all of this, but his dick was pointing straight up in the air.

Kam bent nearer as Taylor kept his eyes on the ground. Kam’s hand on Taylor’s chin forced him to look his tormenter in the eyes. “I own you. I own you completely. You are now my bitch. You will do what I tell you to, when I tell you to, at once. I’ve loaded a tracker on your phone. I will always know where you are. I’ve set up new tones, you’ll always know it’s me. When I summon you, you will drop everything to obey me. I don’t care if you’re fucking some girl. Pull out and get on what I tell you to. Ha. Like any girl would fuck you now.”

That hurt, and Taylor felt like he had been slapped. But it would be hard to get anyone in bed right now, since he was a total laughing stock.

“In case this is not going into your stupid jock pea-brain. You are my absolute and total slave. I am your Master. And that is how you will address me from now on, as Master. Let me hear you tell me I’m your Master.” Kam’s face looked so evil.

Taylor didn’t start at once, the shock was too great. Kam began to close his fingers on Taylor’s jaw, like you would a toy to make it speak. Defeated, Taylor croaked out “You are my Master.”

“Louder.” Kam said, letting his hand fall away.

“You are my Master.”


“You are my Master!”



Kam started laughing. “You stupid bitch. Get used to saying that. You will never refer to me as Kam again. Even if I’m not there, you will call me Master. Do you understand.”


“Yes, what?”

“Yes, Master.”

“Now, beg your Master to give him a blow job.” Kam’s pronouncement sounded heavy.

Taylor could barely hold himself together. It was too much. But he knew he had no choice. As bad as the video that was already out was, Kam had much worse prepared. Taylor was hiding in his room over the video of him losing a bet, if a tape of him sucking coc and crying made it out, he’d be over, there would be no way he could come back from that. “Master, please may I suck your cock.” Taylor’s voice choked on the words.

“That’s pathetic. Now like you mean it. Really beg.” Kam used his foot to bounce Taylor’s hard dick up and down a bit, reminding his slave how turned on he was.

“Please, Master, please let me suck your cock. I need to suck it. I’m begging you, Master. Please let me suck your cock,” Taylor rushed out, having to stop to catch a breath.

“Get it out.” Kam said. Taylor cringed as he lifted his arms to get to Kam’s junk. Kam slapped him. “When you get an order, you say ‘Yes, Master.’”

“Yes, Master.” Taylor reached up again and started to undo Kam’s shorts. Taylor opened the shorts to reveal Kam’s huge erection, which waved in front of him.

“Give it a kiss, just on the tip first.” Kam order.

“Yes, Master.” Taylor blanched, but did it, kissing the cock head and getting a small amount of pre-cum on his lips. Involuntarily, Taylor licked his lips, hearing Kam give a chuckle which cringed Taylor inside.

“Now this is what a man’s cock looks like. Not that little thing you have between your legs. Tell my cock how much bigger it is then yours and you wish you had  real cock and not a little boy-dick.”

“Yes, Master. Master has a real cock, I wish I had a real cock, not a little boy-dick.”

“Shout out that you have a little boy dick. Do it loud the first time, or you’ll be sorry.” Kam grinned.

Taylor groaned. He sure hoped no one was around to hear, now that Kam had him insulting himself. “Master, I HAVE A LITTLE BOY DICK!” Taylor hoped he was loud enough not to need to repeat it.

“Good. Again.” Kam was still grinning.

Dammit, Taylor thought, he was going to have to do it again even though he was loud the first time. “Master, I HAVE A LITTLE BOY DICK!”

“Get to sucking, you pussy.”

“Yes, Master.” Taylor could see Kam’s cock get bigger as he moved his mouth to cover it. Taylor couldn’t believe he was having to do this again. But Kam had that video, and he just couldn’t let it get out.

Taylor’s mouth was full of Kam’s dick, and he had to work to breath, bobbing up and down on the long shaft, pulling in air when he could. Taylor moved back and forth on the cock, keeping his tongue in motion the whole time. “If you’d gotten more of these, you would be so shit at it.” Kam’s shoe rubbed up and down on Taylor’s dick, just adding to the humiliation. How much further down could Taylor go? Boned up, sucking his rival, and being told he wasn’t doing a good job because he didn’t get sucked enough.

“All this hair.” Kam said, running his hands through Taylor’s very impressive head of dark black hair. Kam could open his fingers hand have locks of it pass through them. Taylor felt like an object, just there for Kam’s amusement. Well, right now he was. At least until he could get out of this mess. “You could be a girl with all this hair. That might be fun. A bit of lipstick, maybe a nice bow.” Taylor shuttered at the thought. Kam would do it to, fag him up just for a laugh. Kam was still running his hands through Taylor’s hair. Taylor was getting seriously scared. He’d be afraid before, but now it was getting worse. What did Kam have in mind?

Kam was now moving his hips, poking his dick deeper into Taylor’s face. Taylor gagged, and Kam just laughed. Keeping hold of Taylor’s head he hit the back of the throat and sent ripples of shock and humiliation through Taylor. “Not used to a real man’s cock at all are you? Can’t take it down. Well, you’ll be taking it all the way down. You’ll be addicted to this cock. You’ve spent your entire life with a little boy-dick, so now you’re going to be educated on how to take a man’s dick.” Kam’s hand got a tighter grip on Taylor’s hair and head, and Taylor knew what was coming, but he was helpless to do anything about it.

Kam started grinding his prick into Taylor’s throat, forcing it down his gullet. Taylor’s hands came up to push against Kam’s legs, but it wasn’t enough to stop the assault. Gobs of fleam flowed out of Taylor’s nose and throat, teams coming to his eyes. Massive sounds of choking echoed, and now Taylor almost wished someone could hear so they could come and stop it. Kam pushed on, Taylor not able to give any suitable resistance. “You will learn you pansy-assed faggot, you’ll learn to get to the base of my cock!” Kam pushed through some barrier Taylor seemed to have in his throat, and shoved a few more inches in, causing Taylor’s body to convulse, Taylor unable to control how his limbs flailed about. Fortunately it was enough to send Kam over the edge, and his cum shot down Taylor’s throat. Kam finished his orgasim and shoved Taylor back, causing the slave to crumple on the ground.

“Grab your clothes, but don’t put them on. Get in the car.” Kam shot at the fallen jock.

“Yes, Master.” Taylor gathered his clothes, and sat in the passenger seat, putting the cloth over his aching boner.

“It’s too small for people to see, move that shit.” Kam indicated the clothes.

“Yes, Master.” Taylor shamefully moved them to the side. Kam laughed.

It was still fairly light out, and Taylor felt very exposed, even if they were alone on the road so far. Taylor was to humiliated to say anything, he just started out the front window. Suddenly he realized another car was approaching them. Taylor’s hands jerked, wanting to cover his nakedness.

“No.” Kam short out.

“Arrgh. Master.” Taylor besides himself. The car passed, if Taylor had been in his right mind, he would have realized there was no way he was exposed, but he was far from his right mind.

When houses began to appear regularly, Kam let Taylor slip on his shorts. Taylor could handle being shirtless, but just now it reminded him too much of his defeat.

Getting to Taylor’s frat house, Kam stopped the car. “We’re going for a run tomorrow. I’ll text you the address. Be there at 5 AM sharp. We need to get you some training.”

“Yes, Master.” Taylor darted out of the car, barely registering that he would be required to get up insanely early, but he didn’t care right now, he just wanted to get away from Kam.

Morning came way too soon, and Taylor dragged himself to the spot Kam had texted him. As soon as he arrived, Kam told him to follow and took off. Initially, running through the streets was all right, but Kam was setting a pace just a little faster than Taylor could sustain. Kam would turn and order Taylor to more speed. “Slave run training.” He called it. Taylor blushed.

Coming to a park, Kam led them into the restrooms and pulled down his shorts. “Get on it slave.”

Taylor gulped, someone might come in, even at this early hour. “Yes, Master.” He said, kneeling. Kam’s junk was funky with sweat, and Taylor wrinkled his nose, but took the hardening dick in his mouth. He didn’t realize he was being filmed until he pulled back, mouth full of cum to see Kam’s phone out.

“Damn it, why do you have to take so much video? Isn’t it enough I suck you off?” Taylor sounded irritated.

Kam looked down at his still kneeling slave. “First, watch your mouth. Neither cussing or that tone will be tolerated. Second, I can do whatever I want, and I want to record so I will. I’m all rested now, we’re heading back.”

“Yes, Master.” Taylor got up and followed Kam. When they got back to their starting point, Kam told Taylor he could go back, but wasn’t to miss classes for the rest of the week.

The training runs did continue, blow-job and all. Taylor was actually hoping that would be it. As unpleasant as it was sucking Kam off, if that’s all he was forced to do, it might be kept quite. Buzz about the videos had died down, so Taylor wasn’t feeling quite so isolated. Pam wasn’t returning his calls or texts, and he hadn’t seen her around campus, so Taylor was left to jerking off, not feeling like he was ready to try to pick up a girl somewhere.

What was bothering Taylor about jerking off was how easily  his thoughts centered on Kam. No matter how hot the girls on the screen were, Kam and Kam’s dick seemed to intrude. Once Taylor even gave up, not wanting to blow his load thinking of his rival. How could he be thinking that way? He wasn’t into dudes, and he hated what Kam was doing to him.

Friday rolled around, and after the run Taylor was hoping to be free of Kam for the weekend, as Kam hadn’t mentioned Saturday. Taylor didn’t ask in hopes of not looking eager to suck Kam’s dick again. No good, it seems, about an hour after his last class a text came through [Get to my place, 20 minutes] and an address. Taylor rolled his eyes and said “Fuck.” Getting a few looks from the guys in the common room.

20 minutes later, Taylor was knocking on an apartment door, thinking it was a bad time, as there was obviously fucking going on behind it. “Hold on – just wait!” came a voice, Kam’s for sure, from the apartment. Taylor groaned, but leaned up against the jam.

Able to hear fairly well, Taylor realized Kam was fucking some chick, and it sounded like she’d  never had it so good, yelling for him to fuck her harder, faster. Just what he needed, Taylor thought, having to wait while Kam scores and all Taylor had was his hand all week. After a few screams there were obviously a couple of big orgasims, things quieted down.

Taylor heard shuffling, and recognized it as people finding and getting their clothes back on. Shortly thereafter, the door opened. Pam!

“What the fuck!” Taylor exclaimed.

“Oh, shit! Taylor!” Pam stepped back.

“It’s OK baby.” Kam said. “He’d find out soon enough.” Kam kissed Pam on the lips and ran his hand from her breasts to her ass.

Pam grinned. “Best I ever had. Looking forward to the next time.” Turning to the shocked Taylor she just said “He’s got a lot of what you’re missing.” Visibly looking down at Taylor’s crotch, she headed out.

Taylor lost it, grabbing Kam and pushing him against the wall. “What the fuck dude! That was my girlfriend!”

Kam reached up, grabbing Taylor’s arms and forced his way out of the hold Taylor had on him. “Not anymore pencil-dick. She’s mine now. Seems she wanted a bit more meat then you can provide. Skill too.”

“You son of a bitch!” Taylor took a swing that Kam dodged, pulling Taylor’s arm behind him and incapacitating his slave. Kam kept Taylor in place a few minutes, letting Taylor come back to harsh reality.

“Too many screw-ups slave-boy. It’s going to be harder now.” Pushing Taylor into the apartment roughly Kam then ordered “Strip!”

Taylor stripped, glaring at Kam while Kam grabbed some ice-packs from the kitchen. Standing in front of his conquest, Kam held them out. “Hold these on your dick.  You need it to go down.”

Sure enough, Taylor was rigid. “Yes, Master.” Taylor took them and applied them to his dick. Feeling the cold shocked his system a bit, and made him very uncomfortable. Having to hold them in his hands didn’t help, as they chilled them as well.

After a few uncomfortable minutes where Kam seemed cool and Taylor was suffering from the contact cold Kam ordered. “Let’s see.”

“Yes, Master.” Taylor moved the pack away from his shrunken dick.

“Hands behind your head. Leave them there.” Kam came forward and sat on the coffee table next to Taylor.

“Yes, Master.” Still holding the ice packs, Taylor did as instructed. “What are you doing?” Kam had something in his hands and was reaching for Taylor’s junk.

“Stay still.” Was all Kam said.

Kam manhandled a ring around Taylor’s cock and balls, a ring with studs on. Next he brought up a cage like object and fitted Taylor’s penis into it, easy due to the cold-induced flaccid state. Taylor quickly figured out what was happening, and opened his mouth to object, but realized it would be worse if he did. Taylor did make some gulping noises.

Kam clicked a small lock on the cage. “There, I wasn’t going to do that so soon, but you were an asshole. You should have taken your lumps like a good boy and realized Pam needed a real man plowing her cunt, but no, you had to get all violent.” Kam stood up, and scraping the key of the lock under Taylor’s chin, looked his slave in the eye and said. “Tell your Master he can fuck anyone he wants.”

“Master can fuck anyone he wants.” Taylor repeated robotically.

“Why, that’s right. I can. Now turn around and bend over.” Kam said with a grin.

“What!” Taylor exclaimed.

“Don’t worry, I’m not fucking you. Not now.” Kam replied. “Now do it.”

“Yes, Master.” Taylor was worried about the “Not now” comment, but bent over and pointed his ass at Kam. Taylor heard some gel squirt and then a pressure on his asshole. “Arrgh!” Taylor shouted, something was in his ass, and he stood up, feeling his ass and it’s hole. “What the fuck is that?”

Kam smacked Taylor’s ass “Watch your mouth!” Kam moved Taylor’s hands away and kneaded the globes. “It’s a butt plug. I think it’s good for you to have something in there. It amuses me as well.”

“How long do I have to keep this in?” Taylor looked at Kam, who scowled. “Master.”

“As long as I want. Pull your shorts on we’re going.” Kam headed towards the door.

Taylor was glad to get his shorts on, so he wouldn’t be completely naked. “Where are we going, Master?”

“Out, that’s all you need to know.”

Taylor knew he wouldn’t get any more out of Kam and followed his Master to the car. Kam waved for Taylor to get in the passenger seat, and one both were belted in, took off.

Taylor just looked out the window, avoiding looking at Kam. Taylor’s cock had started to harden as soon as the cold wore off. Combined with the stimulation of the butt plug, Taylor’s dick was pressing against the steel of the cage. It was uncomfortable not being able to expand to its full length. Taylor shifted, trying to get some relief.

Taylor’s dick was uncomfortable in the cage, and he could really feel the pressure, the butt plug was stimulating him in places he never thought about getting stimulated. In addition to all of this was the realization that he was always boning up around Kam. How could he get hard finding out Kam was screwing his (ex) girlfriend? And then getting physically overpowered? Why did that make him erect? Now he couldn’t even get properly stiff. Taylor’s mind was a mess trying to figure it all out.

“Get out of the shorts.” Kam said in an off-handed manner.

“Yes, Master.” Taylor didn’t even try to fight, he just slid the shorts off, still staring out the side window. “What tha—!!” Taylor started to grib his ass as vibrations came from the plug.

Kam laughed. “Yeah, surprised slave boy, that’s what I like. Don’t you dare let it out.”

“Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck.” Taylor kept kneading his ass, squirming in his seat.

Kam delivered a light backhand to Taylor’s face. “No cussing slave boy. You need to watch your language. Tell Master you won’t cuss any more.”

“Master, I won’t cuss anymore.” Taylor couldn’t stop wiggling around. This was so much worse, his dick was not trying even harder to press out of the cage, and the vibrations in his ass were making him feel like he needed to cum right now. Naked in a car with his worst enemy/Master, Taylor couldn’t keep a single thought in his head.

The car hit the ruble strips on the side of the road, “Damn, you’re distracting me, I can’t believe you’re so sensitive to that.” Kam laughed.

“It’s so deep.” Taylor groaned.

“Deep? That’s not deep. Want me to turn it off, slave boy?”

“Oh yes Master, please turn it off. Please, please, please.”

“Beg me. Promise me anything.”

“I’m begging you Master, please, I’ll do anything.” Taylor so wanted to reach in and pull the plug out, but his fear for retribution had grown too great to disobey.

“Fine.” Kam pushed a button the the vibrations stopped. Taylor took a deep breath and leaned forward. “So start sucking my dick. You said you’d do anything.”

Taylor shot Kam an angry look but started to open Kam’s shorts.

“Ahh, this is going to be great.” Kam sighed as Taylor moved his lips onto his Master’s cock. Kam lay his hand on Taylor’s head, “All this hair, so much hair.” Kam rolled his hand through Taylor’s locks, not guiding the blow job, but feeling through it. To Taylor, it was another indignity, something more to suffer.

Taylor couldn’t help notice his dick was still straining against the cage. He was humiliated that he was giving Kam road head, with a cock cage on, and with a plug up his butt. Kam kept playing with his hair. Taylor had always been proud of his hair, it was long and full, but Kam’s hand running through it made him wish he had cut it short. Almost as if Kam was reading his mind, Kam said “You’d better keep this hair long, do more than a little trim, and you’re really in for it.”

Taylor stifled a sob, a little thought of escape had been taken from him just as it formed in his mind. One little things to piss off Kam and it got shattered.

Taylor lost track of how long he was sucking Kam off, just hating every minute, but the car came to a stop and Kam pulled Taylor’s head off his dick by his hair. “We’re here. Get out, grab the bag from the back and follow me.” Kam said, getting out.

Taylor unbuckled, and got the bag. He looked around, realizing they were out in the woods somewhere, and wasn’t able to see anything but woods around. Taylor followed Kam up some steps to the porch of a rustic cabin. “Lose the shorts.” Kam ordered.

“Yes, Master.” Taylor replied, easily shimming out of the shorts, standing naked in front of Kam, who opened the door and motioned for Taylor to follow him in.

Inside, Kam took a seat on a leather lounge chair, and indicating a spot just in front of him, “Kneel down, hands behind your head there, and hand me the bag.”

“Yes, Master.” Taylor felt naked, exposed as he got into position.

“You need training. Now you’re going to get it.” Kam looked at Taylor coldly.

To be continued …

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