A kinky story written by Max Potter | Chapter Draft

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Kam could feel Taylor trembling. It was weird, as the sensations came up from his feet on Taylor’s back. Kam gave a half smile. He knew what was causing Taylor’s nervousness, and his blind obedience. Taylor was worried about the punishment he would receive. Kam had been considering it, not having made his mind up yet. Taylor’s fear pushed Kam to make it really tough. If it went off too easy, Taylor would think Kam wasn’t capable of delivering a serious punishment. Kam had to really make Taylor feel it. If not, he laughed to himself, Taylor would be so disappointed.

Kam let his mind wonder over the problem. It would have to be something that really felt like a punishment to Taylor, something to really put the fear of Kam into him. Then for fun, Kam would let him get a little free, so some of the fight would come back. Just enough to make it fun, and so Taylor’s degradation went longer. That would be the real punishment, even if Taylor never knew it. Kam had the idea of letting Taylor think he was escaping some only to reel him back in. That would be delicious, watching hope grow in Taylor only to be crushed again.

Taylor would regret disobeying. It was merely a question of enough, but not too much. That is always the problem with punishment. Making it bite, but not overblown so it didn’t fit the crime. But it was so much fun tormenting him. Taylor still did have to know the difference between punishment and being played with. Kam shifted his feet, Taylor breathed in. It was so great making him afraid, afraid of something Kam hadn’t completely decided on yet. That time would be one more thing to worry Taylor.

“Go. I’ll deal with you later.” Kam took his feet off and kicked Taylor lightly in the ass. Taylor scrambled out, scooping up his clothes and bolting out the door naked, realizing in the hall he needed to cover up. Taylor quickly dressed, and pressed his head up against the wall. Kam was planning something. He knew it. Kam was playing with him. Making him suffer. Such a bastard. Taylor had no idea what was coming, but it scared him.

Taylor didn’t hear from Kam the next day, or the day following. Taylor let himself breathe a bit easier. Then it came [Get down to my car now]. Taylor looked at this phone, dread growing quickly. This was it. Kam was going to punish him. Taylor squeezed his phone. He had to go down and take it. Whatever Kam had set up. Taylor dragged himself to his door, it was hard but he couldn’t disobey, that would only make things worse.

Going outside Taylor saw Kam’s car in the twilight and shuffled to it, sliding into the passenger seat. Without a word, Kam pulled out. Taylor stayed silent, looking at his feet. They drive for a while. Finally stopping, Kam ordered “Get out.”

“Yes Master.” Taylor looked around. It was a typical neighborhood, Taylor didn’t know where he was. But he followed Kam into the house.

“Strip.” Kam turned around to face Taylor as the door closed.

“Yes, Master.” Taylor quickly removed his clothes, frowning as he saw he was hard again. He had felt the boner but seeing it out in the open made him more embarrassed. He was going to be punished with a hard dick. How was he hard? How was he always hard when Kam used him? He couldn’t be turned on, no matter what his dick was doing. Taylor was so confused by that, he was sure Kam was doing something to him, but he couldn’t figure out what it was. It couldn’t be just him.

“Follow me.” Kam turned and headed down a hallway.

“Yes, Master.” Taylor followed, his dick waving back and forth, getting even harder.

Kam went into a bedroom, straps coming down from the headboard. “Bend over here.” Kam indicated the foot of the bed.

“Yes, Master.” Taylor bent over. Kam pulled one of Taylor’s wrists forward and attached it to the strap, then went around and attached the other. Finishing that, Kam pulled on one of Taylor’s ankles and attached a strap to it as well. Taylor realized he did not have a lot of play. When Kam strapped up the second ankle, Taylor was spread eagled over the bed. Kam then put a gag in Taylor’s mouth. The gag covered his mouth fully, and had a small penis cast on the part that was in Taylor’s mouth.

“I don’t want to hear you. No one wants to hear you. You’re going to get fucked, and by more than me. More than one guy as well. You’re going to take it and have no say in it at all. Not that you get a say in anything if I decide.”

Taylor pulled against the straps, but they were too strong to snap. Kam covered Taylor’s head with a hood. Taylor’s long hair extended beyond the end of the mask. He struggled, but it was hopeless. Taylor heard Kam leave, closing the door behind him. Taylor could see nothing as the hood had no outlet for his eyes. Taylor gave a deep breath and lay on the bed. Someone would be coming to fuck him. Tied like this, there would be no way he could stop it.

Taylor couldn’t tell how long he lay there before the door opened. Taylor tensed. It was going to start. “Damn, just like he said.” A male voice Taylor didn’t recognize. Was Kam giving or renting his ass out to complete strangers now? Taylor then heard clothes coming off. He struggled, but had no hope of escape.

“Yauh!” Taylor shouted, not making it through the gag. Whoever was in the room and whipped a belt across his ass. Taylor struggled more, only to feel another strike across his ass. Lacking anything else he could do, Taylor moved his ass sideways back and forth hoping to avoid the belt again. It did no good. Whoever was wielding the belt had good aim and hit Taylor half a dozen more times before he stopped.

Taylor’s ass was on fire, like someone burned him. Nothing he did made it better, he squeezed his cheeks together, but that hurt as much as not clenching. Taylor did not get long to try to relieve the pain as a pair of hands grabbed his ass and pulled them apart. Taylor knew what was coming next, he was going to be fucked. Sure enough, he felt a dick next to his ass. Taylor moved his head and body, only to have the hands gripping his ass digging in, shooting more pain through his body. The cock pushed to his hole, and in. Another cock in his ass. There was a man fucking him. Taylor felt not only the hard dick, but the shame of being fucked by someone he didn’t know. It could be anyone, anyone at all.

Taylor felt the fullness in his ass. More than that, he felt how used to it he was, to be a hole for some man to fuck. Beat and fuck. Tied to a bed. The fucker was pounding into him like he wanted to get off and go. Taylor felt his fucker lean over him and shove further in. Taylor felt the man’s arms up by his own shoulders, and his torso over his back. Cock up his ass, forcing him forward with every powerful thrust.

There is nothing like having a cock fucking you, it moves your guts around and proves that you are a receptical. For Taylor it was the ultimate degradation. A man was fucking him, making him a bitch. As much as it physically hurt to have a cock up his ass it was worse to know he was being used by a man as a fuckhole. Who was this guy fucking him? Taylor had been forced to take Kam’s dick and Greg’s. How many others would stick their dick in him? Taylor took the dick but couldn’t take the thought. He had no choice on the dick anyway. Taylor dug his face into the mattress, it was the only thing he could do.

A couple of short, quick thrusts and Taylor felt the cum shoot into his guts. The man over him orgasmed. Taylor had no option but to take the cum. The man pulled out, slapped him on the ass and existed.

Taylor was left in his misery. He could feel cum oozing out of his ass, sliding down, cooling as it did. There was an odd feeling to that, the edge of the cum as it moved down, taking what little dignity he had with it. Alone, Taylor struggled with the fact he not only had been fucked, but fucked by someone he didn’t know.

Taylor heard the door open again, his body tensed. There was movement, and then a cock was at his hole. Another fucking, but no beating so far. This cock was thicker than the last one forcing his hole to open more. This guy started slow, going in and out with almost leisure, feeling the warm channel of male ass cover and pleasure.

The man over Taylor sped up. The thick dick ramming into his ass, pelvis pushing against Taylor’s butt cheeks, still hot from the belting before. The man’s hands came down and squeezed Taylor’s butt. The pressure added to the pain, and Taylor groaned into his gag.

The man suddenly sped up, fucking Taylor like a jackrabbit, grabbing Taylor by the shoulders and going rapid fire into his ass. Taylor pulled against his bounds, with no more effect than before. Then the man slowed, going back to the lazy in and out of before, his hands trailing down Taylor’s back. Taylor gasped for air. The man ran the back of his fingers up Taylor’s back and reached his shoulders, grabbing and squeezing them. Half a second before he started the jackrabbit fucking again, Taylor realized it was coming and tried to open his ass. It didn’t help much. The guy fucking Taylor alternated the fast and slow thrusts while he ravaged Taylor’s ass, the lazy fucking getting less and less until the speedy fucking didn’t stop until the man came in Taylor’s chute. Having cum, he roughly pulled out and left.

Taylor closed his eyes behind his mask. He had been a receptacle for two men. He’d been their bitch, used like a cumhole. He gave a half-hearted tug on the straps holding him in place. He was physically trapped as he was trapped in reality, controlled by Kam.

The door opened again. Taylor let his body slump. It was going to happen again. Another dick in him, another pounding, another turn as a bitch. The man sat on the bed, pulling Taylor’s hood off. Taylor panicked at the possibility of further exposure hit him. It was Kam, looking at him with cold eyes. “You will never know who I sent in to fuck you. And you will never know if I told them who you are.” Taylor’s eyes widened at those words. “That’s right. You disobey me and you will have to suffer the consequences. It doesn’t matter what I order you to do, you do it. You are my bitch. Your feelings and wants are irrelevant. I’m going to leave you here for a while to contemplate. When I decide to let you out, get on your knees, kiss my feet and thank me for punishing you. ” Kam got up, left the room, leaving the light on.

Taylor’s tongue played over the penis-shaped gag in his mouth. So much of his life involved dick that was not his now. Taylor felt his own prick hard and rubbing against the blankets over the bed. He’d been fucked by two strangers and Kam had intimidated him. How was he hard? Pulling on arms straps Taylor moved his hips, rubbing his dick. It was hard. He was never this hard with a girl, not if she was going down on him, not if he was fucking her. What was making his dick bone up for what Kam did to him? That may be the most difficult part for Taylor to deal with, all the shit Kam put him through, it aroused him. Before Kam, Taylor had never looked at another guy, never wanted to touch or be touched by one. Now, most of his sexual contact was with men. And he was getting erections during it all.

Taylor’s dick didn’t go down the entire time he was left there. Kam came in and silently unhooked Taylor from the bed. He tossed Taylor’s clothes at him and ordered him to dress. Taylor quickly did. Kam drove Taylor home without a word. Taylor didn’t recognize the route, and couldn’t keep it in his head. Taylor was allowed out and slunk to his room.

Taylor didn’t hear from Kam the next day. The following he got texted instructions to head to Kam’s place the following day. Taylor was stuck between relief and dread. Two full days, almost three,  without Kam was a rare thing, and Taylor wasn’t sure what he would do with the freedom from the humiliation every interaction with Kam brought. He felt some of the tension drain out of his body, falling on his bed, his arms wide. No dick in him for a while. Taylor gave a half laugh. Freedom, even if just for a bit. He should go out and do something. Taylor hit the showers and headed out to a bar, hoping to hook up with a girl.

The first taste of the cold beer felt so good Taylor felt his dick twitch. He took another slug, putting the glass down and throwing his head back to look up at the ceiling. A free breath, in a bar. Taylor sat and drank his first beer not really focusing on anything. With his second beer, Taylor looked around to see who he should hit on. It struck him that Kam had taken Pam from him and fucked her, so he didn’t have a sure thing. But he would find someone to bang. Taylor looked over the crowd, gauging who was a good target.

Picking up a woman for a one night stand always took time and skill. Taylor was bound and determined not to head home alone. He didn’t fully recognize that he was seriously evaluating less attractive women in hopes of not failing. Taylor got up and started to prowl. He went from one to another, using all his charm and skill. He got shot down a couple times, even men as fit and attractive as Taylor didn’t win the first time. He smiled, gave seductive looks, and used all his skills. Taylor was trying hard, perhaps too hard, and there was a lack of confidence deep that was disrupting his game. The night wore on, and lack of success made him willing to hit on girls he wouldn’t usually consider.

Taylor ran his fingers through the hair of the girl he was chatting up. She was only a 6 or 7, Taylor hadn’t made headway with any one hotter, and he was determined to score tonight. It was getting late, so he was running out of options, so if she was the best he was going to get, he would take it. He moved closer to her, and she responded by pressing up against his leg. She was falling for his lines, even if they were not as smooth as when he was on his game.

Taylor got her to leave with him, and they kissed a bit outside, Taylor running his hands over her boobs, she felt his crotch. They decided on Taylor’s place and headed there. In the room, they disrobed and she got down to suck him. Taylor felt echoes of cock in his own mouth, grimacing at the realization. Throughout the entire time she was in his bed, Taylor couldn’t shake the thought that he should be the one getting the dick. Once finished, Taylor got her gone and lay alone in bed. Taylor was confused by how he felt during the sex he’d had. So much of his arousal came from thinking of Kam and what Kam did to him. Kam’s face was in his mind when he came in the girl. It was all so wrong. How could Kam be worming into everything? Even fucking a chick, Taylor couldn’t believe it. It took a long time for Taylor to fall into a fitful sleep.

Kam had ordered Taylor to his apartment in the afternoon, and Taylor looked up at the building a few minutes before he was to report in. What horrors were in store for him now? Dreading everything, Taylor drug himself to Kam’s door and knocked. And knocked again. Was this some new trick? Making him wait to be used? A third knock finally brought sounds and the door opened, Kam looking around the side, holding a blanket around him.

“Shit, forgot all about you. Not now, I’m busy having fun.” Kam closed the door, leaving Taylor standing in the hall. Taylor looked at the door in disbelief. More time free from Kam and his humiliations. Taylor left to put as much distance as he could between himself and his tormenter. Out in the sun, he wondered if he should hit a bar and try to pick a girl up. But going this early would be too desperate, anyone at this time wouldn’t be looking for sex. He’d have to go later.

Taylor hated having to cool his heels until there would be enough girls at the bars to give some good targets. And not to look desperate, he sure didn’t want to look desperate. Taylor took a shower, tried on one outfit after another. Realized he was acting like a woman waiting on a hot date.

At long last it was late enough to head out, so he did. In the bar he went into, it was a little sparse, he had arrived early. Thinking he might as well make the best of it, he got a drink and cruised around looking for a likely target. Finding a few, he struck out each time. After nearly two hours Taylor gave up and moved on to the next bar. At least it was full on time for hookups, grabbing a beer, Taylor prowled hitting on girl after girl and getting shot down each time. A couple more bars, and time went on. Taylor knew he was not able to give his best performance. His confidence was shot. Taylor could tell he was delivering his lines flat, always wrong somehow. The girls could tell something was off, like he wasn’t serious, or just inept.

As the bars started to do last call, Taylor still hadn’t gotten anyone to agree to fuck him. Even dropping his standards didn’t let him score. When everything closed down, Taylor looked around to see if anyone was hanging out in the parking lots or around, maybe, just maybe he could get someone who was still hoping. But no one waited around. Depressed, Taylor headed back to his room. Turning the light on, Taylor violently ripped his clothes off.

Naked, Taylor threw himself onto his bed. He pulled his knees up. His hands reached to his legs and ran down to come to his cock and balls, cradling them. His dick got hard. Not as long and thick as Kam’s, actually on the smaller side of most men. Before Kam beat him down, Taylor had always been ashamed of his equipment, using that shame to work on his body to trap more women in his bed. Tonight that had not done him any good. Taylor pulled on his cock, running his hands over his balls. Felt this thick black pubes. He wanked himself, getting a boner up. Deciding he needed help, Taylor flipped on his laptop and pulled up a porn site. Finding a scene with a couple hot women, he stroked harder. Images of Kam and Kam’s dick intruded into his mind. Taylor froze, then gripped his cock hard. Taylor forced his mind to the women on the screen. He stroked again. Concentrating hard on the screen, Taylor jerked his dick, feeling better as he concentrated on the women. Then Kam got into his mind again. Taylor kept stroking and looked at the screen. He was fighting his own head as he jacked his own dick. At least his masturbation should be his own. How could Kam be in his thoughts as he was beating himself off?

Feeling he was getting close, Taylor stroked harder, and almost felt Kam’s dick in his ass. That feeling pushed him over to cumming. He couldn’t stop it, and he almost called out, not in orgasmic pleasure, but in frustration that Kam was why. Looking at the ejaculate on his crotch and hand. Kam. Kam had gotten so far into his mind Taylor couldn’t push him out even when wanking. Cleaning himself up, Taylor remembered how he was thinking of dick when he was fucking the girl last night. He slid to the floor, holding his head in his hands. Kam had shoved cock into his body and mind. On the cold floor, Taylor wondered if he’d ever get his life back.

To be continued …

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