A diary written by MasterMarc and Slave Stephan (09.05). Here you can find Part 1.


Master: Imprisoned Thursday

Yesterday was Wednesday. I visited friends for an hour and a half, while the hog found his residence in the cage. For the first time, the hog was for a short time alone, chained behind iron bars and isolated from the environment. For me this time was a test as to how long the hog could stand the imprisoned loneliness. When I came home from visiting my neighbours, I saw that the piece of mud was enduring the loneliness very well. That was what he told me also before, that he was looking forward to be locked away for the time he was not needed. Nevertheless I wanted to make sure that he really could stand it, because on Thursdays I had to work the whole day. The night he spent chained beside the bed on the floor. Shortly before 8:00 a. m. the hog had to be ready to lick me and give me a blowjob and to serve me a coffee afterwards. I actually never had breakfast, but a big cup of milk-coffee I really need urgently every morning. The hog, since moving in with me, only got my piss to drink and thus every morning got the rest of my dinner, and another bowl with water. I kept the time for eating short, so that the trough was still half full as I closed him into the cage. The hog got a sleeping-bag and a big PET-bottle with him into his “guest-room”. The peace of mud was fixed on his collar with a chain, after that I closed the cage. The bottle was ment for to piss into, but had to be empty again when I arrive in the evening. It was 9:00 a. m. and I left my apartment …

Although I was passing by at my apartment at lunch-time, I resisted the temptation to go in and look how the little piece of mud was doing. Not before 6:00 p. m. I entered my apartment again and was astonished as to how good the slave got over this lonely imprisonment. The information he gave me before he came over seemed to be not only idle talk. I let the hog welcome me intensely. After that, the slave had to eat up the rest of his breakfast. So that the contents of the trough was not to dry, I refined it with my piss. It was really sweet to see, how his snout pressed into that trough, and then rised up again, soiled with this combination of tomato-sauce and piss. There you saw, that you can call this slave hog with reason. The hog was coverd up pretty large with abuses, while he was fed. And he was ordered to bark three times when the trough is sparkling. One could see that this kind of humilitation including the barking offended him very much. The first break-out since his installation followed. He raised his voice in a way which was everything else then suited. After that I didn’t react with punishment at once, but tried to talk with him, because we were still in the process of building trust. In a peaceful conversation, in which I was also asking him if he would accept his behaviour in my position, the situation was cleared up. So that he can be caught, a calmer phase with physical nearness followed. During that I directed him again, that the phases of nearness and reagard will become less and less as time goes by, and the phases of physical and mental demand will become intenser and intenser. Yes, he knew that, and yes, he wanted that.

After such statements I couldn’t resist, to bring him to his borders. With flex’ I fettered him in a way that he couldn’t restrain anymore, and used him physically. When I sensed that he really was reaching his limits, he started doubting in his progress, and actually wanted to stop, I took the rubber-gag, held it in front of his snout and said: “You take this gag in your mouth now, or we stop this test now.” I was 80 % sure, that he would swallow the gag, but to be true, the possibility that he would gag really existed. But it’s better to find out such things early. He resistantly took the gag but by his own will into his mouth, whereupon I further used him, worked out his ass with fingers and dildos, before I started to fuck him hard. After a while I released him again, and a calmer phase, including conversation and watching TV, followed. Though I didn’t want to overchage him, I asked him, if he as a result of his failings that day, wanted to have 30 lashes then, or 40 the next day. He opted for the latter. That night, he was allowed to spend with me in my bed, after all these tests to his limits borders and the whole day on the hard floor of the cage.


Slave: The day in the cage

At 8:00 a. m. the alarm-clock was ringing. The sir released me and fetched me into his bed, where I was allowed to cuddle with him and to lick his feet. After that I was crawling to the kitchen on my knees and prepared his coffee. As he finshed it, I got my breakfast from the trough. I got pasta with tomato-sauce, which my master didn’t finish yesterday evening. After that, I was chained into the cage again. I got a sleeping-bag into the cage, in addition an empty PET-bottle, for the case that I have to piss. The bottle has to be empty again and the cage clean and dry, when my master returns home in the evening.  Then he left and switched off the light. I was left behind in darkness. The first few hours I tried to sleep, and it worked rather good until I had to piss for the first time. I took the bottle and pissed into it. But due to the chastity-belt, some of my piss didn’t get into the bottle, but on the floor of the cage. First I licked the floor, befor I started to empty the content of the bottle. I slept again until about 2:00 p. m. as I woke up again, because the hard floor became uncomfortable. I tossed around in the cage and soon I had to piss again. This time even more ran on the floor and I startet to lick up the puddle again, waited until the floor was dry again. Then I layed down again and tried to sleep for a few time more. But it didn’t work at all, because I didn’t know on which side I should lay down. My whole body was aching.

I estimated, that my master will be back home around midnight, but he was already there around 6:00 p. m. He put me out of the cage and I was allowed to eat the pasta I didn’t finish this morning. My master refined my dinner with his piss after I started with the first bites. Now it tasted even much better. As I had finished my dinner, I had to lick my trough splendid, and after that I’d to wash it for final cleaning.

After that I was crawling to my master into the bedroom and I kneed beside his bed. After a while I got the permission to slip into the bed to him and to cuddle with him, to lick his feet and to give him blow-jobs. After that I had to lay down on my frontside again. He began to fuck me very hard but I startet to restrain, because it was very unpleasent to me. So he tied me up, slided again inside me with his cock and put a round gag before my snout. He told me, and his voice sounded vigorous, that I can continue to restrain myself and the test will be over then, or I can take the gag into my mouth and behave like a real slave. I took the gag into my mouth and he fixed it. After that he took a dildo to relax and wide me. After the dildo a plug followed which he could blow up with a pump inside me, which made my asshole really wide. As he had enough he went to the living-room. I had to follow him in doggy-possition as usual. He was watching tv and meanwhile I was licking his feet, his ass, his balls and his cock. Suddenly he started to play with my nippels and to strike my balls with a riding-whip. First I reacted a bit offesive, but composed myself rather quickly. After he a while we had a bit conversation concerning my day and my adventures today. For reward, I was allowed to sleep in his bed this night.


Master: The first regular day

Though I had an unusual meeting on that Friday morning, the alarm-clock was ringing again at 8:00 a. m.. The morning-ceremony with spoiling the master by licking and giving blow-jobs, the preparation of my coffee was already working well. Before I went to the meeting, I chained the piece of mud in the kitchen and entrusted him with the job to to clear away and clean the kitchen. When I came back the hog was not quite ready and I let him go on. I myself began to work with TV-pictures of the funeral of the pope in the background. When the slave was ready, we talked and cuddled for a while. We talked about or sensations, expectations, aso., and also analysed the development of the slave.

After that, the slave was allowed to begin with his diary. In his diary he was to write down his experiences since the 5th of April, sketched his thoughts and feelings and also a review about his cum-times and the self imposed general rules. Concerning the cum-times, there was not much to write yet. Since his arrival at my place me, a chastity-belt prevented him from ejaculation meaning his last time was before he joined up with me.

I interrupted the diary-writing of the slave, with another spoil- and fucksession. I really had passion and fuck the piece of mud violently, deep and hard. Once I had my satisfaction the hog was allowed to go on with writing in his diary.

Before 5:00 p. m. I took a shower and made myself ready for the two hours I had to lecture in the evening. Before leaving the house, I chained the hog standing to the wall, with collar, leather-cuffs on wrists and ankle joints. A black textile-sack was tilt over his head and a ball-gag was squeezed into the waistband. The clamps on the  nipples completed the scene. Defenceless, chained and blinded the hog was allowed to wait for my return three hours later without knowing for how long I would be away.

As I returned home from work at 7:30 p. m., I knew, that the slave actually expected that I will unchain him immediately. As I passed by him, I nipped him soft, just to check out, if his reaction was still ok. After that I sat down in the living room, and familiarised myself with the most important happenings of the day by watching the news. Only after that I released the slave from his unpleasent situation. Though we were still in the process of getting to know each other, a small feedback-phase followed in my bed, in which also some tenderness was shared.

After 11:00 p. m. I left the house again because I had a date for a beer with some friends in “Männerzone”. During that time the slave was again in his “room”. Cage-carriage is and will always be the suitable carriage for this species, in my opinion. When I returned home, I watched a bit of TV. The slave was fetched from the cage and was allowed to lay in front of the sofa, near me. The night he spent chained beside my bed on the floor.

If I cast a retrospective glance at the Friday, I must say, that I was very surprised as to how fast the slave-existence, the life with Stephan has become routine. How we both accepted this new way of life for the right one for us. So I will for sure not give up going out with friends, mutual visits also. The life of the slave changed completely as he had more or less no more life of his own. For sure I, as master also paid regard to my slave’s needs, but I didn’t show that to him, at least not clearly. But in my opinion it was important that the slave knew that I was taking care of his well-being very intense, even if I often attended to his “unwell-being.”


Slave: The day of 40 slashes

As the alarm-clock was ringing, it was again 8:00 a. m. As usual I licked my masters feet and prepared his coffee then. The master had to join a meeting and I was cleaning the kitchen in the meantime. Thereby my collar was applied to a long chain which was fixed to the wall. As my master was back home around 10:00 a. m. I was still cleaning. As I got ready in the kitchen, I got my breakfast. Again it was the rest of his dinner from last evening, a escalope with pasta al pesto. But he already chewed it for me, while he was having his dinner yesterday. After having my meal, I had to clean my teeth and then to wait for him in the bedroom, down on my knees. There I was allwed to spoil him then. After that I got the order to write this diary. I should describe all previous days. Now it is 4:30 p. m. and I’m writing since 12:30 p. m. already. My master has to leave soon. And as it seems I’ll be chained to the wall, while he is out.

Yes, I’ve been chained to the wall again. My legs spreaded, the collar fixed by two chains from above, and the arms in normal position, chained on both sides. I got a gag into my mouth and the silk-sack was put on my head. At last he put me on titt-clamps and left. I was standing on the wall, chained and surrendered, and the titt-clamps have been hurting like hell. But I felt that pain as a very lustful feeling, which I really need. After about 15 minutes the master came back. He had been shopping in this time. Before he left again, he put off the titt-clamps, because he didn’t want to leave me alone for serveral hours with the clamps on my nippels yet. Then he left again and I was standig there still defenceless chained at the wall and completely surrendered. It’s uncomfortable lustful to get this feelings. After more then two hours, MasterMarc came back home. Again he didn’t release me at once, but only after I was chained for one hour more. The feeling yet became even more lustful now.

Then he released me from the wall, directed me to the living-room and put off the gag and the sack. Now I was allowed to lick his feet and his cock. He went to the bedroom, I was crawling behind him. On the bed he let spoil himself from head to toes. I licked and massaged him. For my reward he fucked me so hard afterwards, that I really had to suffer. But it is so lustful, to be surrendered to someone, who takes what he wants from you. He really fucked me very hard and lustfull.

As he was ready, he showed me what will expect me on Saterday. 50 slashes! He told me, that he will also bring the cane into action. Then I had to lie down on my frontside again, because he wanted to show me, how the cane feels by giving me one or two slashes. The pain satisfied me and I felt again this need of pain, this dependency from the well-being of my master. These feeling are what I’m looking for and what I need.

Now my master was leaving again. He placed me into the cage and locked it. I fell into sleep and slept a while. As MasterMarc was back he put me out of the cage and told me that I should crawl to the living-room, because he has another reward for me. It was chocolate mixed with potato-chips in my trough. I love both of them, but in that moment I was not hungry. However, I licked the masters feet and cock to thank him for this reward. He told me I was allowed to fetch the met and make myself comfortable beside the sofa and I may watch tv with him. We had a bit of conversation while we were watching tv. Suddenly he told me to knee upright. He stood up in front of  me, pressed his cock into my mouth and started to piss. I started to swallow. This beverage tastes so good to me and I love to drink directly from the fountain. After that we were watching tv again for a while before we went to bed. I lay down on the right beside the bed on the floor again and was fixed with a chain on my collar. The floor is my empire. It pleases me, the floor!

To be continued …




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