Saturday, April 17, 2021

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Dom Dad & Boy Fetish ?

Play where parties take roles of parent and child. Goals vary from sexual enhancing through fantasy role play, to want to feel a guiding-father figure / being able to guide a young-son/boy figure in its life. Has crossing elements with Domination/submission kink. Furthermore, boy is a common nickname for submissive-tendency bottoms.

Tested Products

Whip “The Snake”

Typical Bdsm whip with moderate length for indoor play. Data Size: One Size Material: Leather Colour: Red & Black Length: 47 inches / 4 feet / 120 cm Statements This is...

Jumper Clamps

Data Size: One Size Material: Plastic, Steel Colour: Black, Orange Features: Adjustable Stopping Pole screw, Chain Heavy clamping nipple toy with special made features and shape for maximum stimulation. Statements Best...


Cam Boys

Kink Art Sneak Peek

Kink Academy

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