This is an interview with DomTopDad from the UK, an experienced sporty man who is living the domdad-boy-lifestyle. It is a authority fetish in which the involved people have a bigger age difference and it has nothing to do with incest or paedophilia as all boys have to have a minimum age of 18 years.

MasterMarc: Hi DTDad. You are living the Dom Top Dad lifestyle for many years. It is great to talk to you about your fetish life and of course also about the differences between your dom top dad lifestlye and my master lifestyle. But first i want to introduce you to our readers. Can you tell us a little, how your lifestyle looks like?

DTDad: Thank you MasterMarc, it’s great to have the opportunity to share my thoughts and experiences with your readers. I’m a 46 year old, ex rugby playing naturally dominant top and I live in the UK. Happily single, by day a busy professional, but by night a completely different person.As far as living a pretty full on fetish lifestyle.

The fetish I am most deeply drawn to and live out is the Dad – Son lifestyle. I have been fortunate indeed to find 3 sons whom I see regularly. Including one who now lives with me and calls me his ‘Dad’. As for the other sons, one works locally and the other is at Uni. But we do manage to get together frequently for plenty of ‘family’ fun.


MasterMarc: I think a lot of our readers are surprised now. You say that you live with one of your boys together, you still have other two boys visiting you but at the same time you say, that you’re single. Means that, that you would be open also for a equal relationship as long as you could have your sons with your? How do you explain that you call yourself a single ?

DTDad: I don’t think that comment would be seen as surprising to other ‘Dad’s’ in the same situation. Within my fetish, sons are not ‘owned’ shall we say, in the same way that a Master owns his Slave. Whilst I say I am happily single, that is to say that I am not engaged in a full relationship with my son. He has his own friends, works, goes out and is free to live a life any other teenager would. There are boundaries and certain parameters set, but these are more like those set by a single parent dad trying to take care of a young son making his way in the World. As a ‘real’ dad would not date his own son, I class myself as single within our framework.

And clearly, my son is not my equal. I am a grown man, he is a teenager. Those roles are clearly accepted by him, he does understand his place. It is not necessarily at my feet, but as the Dad, I call the shots. To answer your last point, If I were to find an equal, how would the family status change?

I am a very open and honest person. Should a man of my own age show signs of attraction to me, I would explain my position fully. I grant you they may not understand it, but I love my sons fully. I have a real bond with them that many of your readers unfamiliar with Dad and Son intimacies may not. My three sons would remain an integral part of my life. Like a real dad, they would not be abandoned if another partner came along.


MasterMarc: If your sons are free and not owned that means also, that they can have a relationship and/or sex with others without asking you? And can you explain us the role and the place a boy of you have? 

DTDad: Of course. Firstly lets understand that most of your readers are gay, into fetish and will have at one point in their lives been a gay teenager. So it’s not hard for them to understand that my boys are full of hormones and are always horny. They are 18, 20 and 21 years old. My son at Uni enjoys a full sex life (and by all accounts has enjoyed most of the campus, something he shares with me) and I encourage him to enjoy himself (safely).

My boys do enjoy sexual relations with others and its not my place to stop them. Only to encourage safe practices, to respect themselves and to have fun. As all four of us enjoy sex together when they are all here over holiday time or weekends, it’s important for honesty. Some of your readers may have seen my videos engaging with my sons. The fun we have and share openly.

However, it is not the case that they have sex with others without my knowledge. Our bond is strong and they tell me everything. Jealousy is not a trait encouraged within my family unit. Honesty is. As for the son that lives with me. Having certain perks allows for rules and expectations. When home, he is mine completely. He calls me Dad at all times and will dress without question as I ask. Depending on my mood and how I feel. He cannot bring anyone into my home whilst I am here or away. He is Daddies boy. And wants to please me.


MasterMarc: Can you tell us a little about the duties of your boys and how they have to please you?

DTDad: Yes. I have a huge sexual appetite. I am generally horny 24/7. I learnt as young man and rugby player, that as much as I love rugby kit, most of it has to come off for sex. But the sox can stay on. So I ensure that my sons are ALWAYS wearing pulled up rugby and long sox as I use them.

My boys duties are not mundane or daily chores. They do not, for example, have to clean the house, the car or even their rooms. But if Daddy is horny, they have to please me. Something they do naturally and without question.

If that means sucking my cock, fucking their brothers as I watch (or join in ) they understand that these are the things that make Dad happy and will do so. When we are all together, my sons are happy to engage in group family fun and enjoy our time together.


MasterMarc: So they have just sexual duties? And is punishment also part of the relationship? If it is could you tell me more about it?

DTDad: Yes. They are expected to service any and all of my sexual desires, needs and wants whenever I demand. Whether that is in the morning before I go to work, when I shower in the evening or if I wake up horny at 3am, I will get my sons up and they will do without question what I demand of them.

When all my 3 sons stay over, I often get them to fuck each other in front of me as I watch, I will then choose which one I want to fuck. Sometimes all 3, depending on my energy levels *winks*

The natural bond between us means that our ‘relationship’ is NOT just centred on sex. I genuinely care about them, their well being, future and paths in life. I do teach them and instil the characteristics of respect, dignity and self worth.

Naturally, when you are dealing with a teenager and two young twenty something year old boys, discipline and punishment are always prevalent and are used from time to time to remind the boys of their place. If they displease me or I feel they have let me or their brothers down, hard and harsh reminders are given as to ensure compliance. This is usually in the form of spanking, for mild infringements, to caning and horsewhipping for real misbehaviour. If they really displease me, then they will be chained by their wrists to a hook in an outhouse I have, wrists above their heads and caned until they cry.

However, unlike in a Master relationship, once punished my sons are told how much I love them, will be hugged and held until their tears stop. I usually bathe them after a hard beating and then let them snuggle up to me on my sofa, safe in my arms until they fall asleep.


MasterMarc: In the master slave relationships I am living, the tender part is also important. I don’t see there any differences in this point, but I think we will talk soon about differences between dom dad / boy and master / slave relationships. Is the punishment a turn-on for you and your boys? Is it something you enjoy or is it really just a punishment? And has humiliation also part in your relationship?

DTDad: Yes, while I never punish my sons unless it is necessary, it is something I enjoy greatly. Listening to them whimper, seeing them flinch and beg daddy to stop, or in some cases accepting their punishment and thanking me, I do find it a real turn on. The lighter punishments I know my boys actually enjoy, however if I take them to the outhouse, I can assure you they do not enjoy those sessions at all. That is where the serious punishments start.

However, to answer your point about humiliation, that is not part of the punishment at all. It’s about learning lessons and boundaries, not about humiliating or degrading my sons. In fact, I have never knowingly humiliated my sons in private, in front of their brothers or in public. That is not a part of our dynamic or ‘family’ structure.

I want my sons to be well rounded young men, aware of responsibilities to me and their brothers and others. Degrading them or humiliating them will not add to the life skills I am trying to instil in them.


MasterMarc: Let’s talk again about the sexual part. Do your boys have also to give satisfaction to friends who are visiting you or is it in this point a closed relationship? If they have to serve others, can they choose if they want or do they have to follow your orders?

DTDad: Yes and No. Outside of the family home the boys can and do have sex with others. Peter who is at Uni in particular has probably more sex than my other two sons combined. When we all stay over together then its my rules only.

Others have joined us, from lads the boys know to a few friends of mine that the boys call ‘Uncles’. We never bring complete strangers into our unit. I have never made any of my sons sleep with someone they did not like. We don’t however really have or feel the need to bring others in to join us. And those that have joined us do not stay overnight.


MasterMarc: But you love to show your boys on your blog and webpage. How important is it for you, to show others, how useful your boys are?

: It’s certainly fun making the vids that we choose to share with our tumblr and website blog page. We had been filming our fun for private use for some time. Once we had a look online we realised that there was no content like ours anywhere. Real age differences, boys getting fucked by a real daddy or brothers fucking each other as Dad watched, joined in and gave instructions.

Personally I think my boys look fantastic on and off screen, so showing them off was always going to be fun. I like others to see us at play, our dynamic and just how well my boys love their dads dick and each others. They LOVE the attention and get really stuck in when we film. It just makes me even prouder of my boys.


MasterMarc: As we can see on the pictures and movies your boys seem really to be good looking. I am sure a lot of our readers are asking now how you find your sons and how you build up such a relationship?

DTDad: For others who wish to start and nurture a proper long term Dad Son relationship, this is probably the key question. I met all 3 sons in completely different ways. I never contacted my sons first, they all found me. Peter via Recon when he had just turned 18. Joshy contacted me via Grindr and Michael through a Daddy website. Initially of course our relationship was centred on sex. They were drawn to the concept of a dam daddy sub son and in general daddy sex. However, none of my boys harbour real life Daddy issues. They are not from broken homes or have troubled child hoods. They choose and enjoy this style of sex.

Building the lasting relationship of course takes time. All 3 of these boys had a certain flair and spark I found irresistible. They are driven, ambitious, successful and have dreams and aspirations for the future. Traits I also find attractive. I have always been there for them, helped with bumps in the road they have faced, broken legs, work issues, study, I have been around and shown an active interest. Giving advice when I can, and being proud of them when they achieve their goals.

I chat with all my boys on pretty much a daily basis. They have become part of the fabric of my life. And me in theirs. In effect, I treat them like real sons. They know they are always safe in my company and my bed.


MasterMarc: Thank you, DTDad. It was very interesting to talk to you and I am sure we will continue our conversation very soon.

For more inforation about DomTopDad and his Boys visit his Tumblr-Blog or Webpage.




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