DomTopDad gives us an insight in his last FAMILY REUNION.

DTD-FamilyReunion-160909-001Hello MasterMarc and a warm hello to your readers and those that follow our family updates on your site.

Firstly, we want to congratulate you on the new great look of your site. Our articles look great in the new format and I know how hard you’ve worked to update and refresh your online magazine.

As always its been a very busy time for me and the boys. As they have all flown the nest, getting them here can prove difficult with their work commitments and time spent with their friends. But they do visit when they can.

So you can imagine the logistical nightmare of trying to get ALL the boys here together at once. But, we managed it last month. Joshy, Pete and Mark were all able to come for a few days. It was an amazing time. While Mark has settled into the family perfectly, he had yet to meet his brothers. Joshy and Pete have met many times and as you know, Joshy loves his big brother. So it was no surprise that Mark was both nervous and quite excited.

It was also interesting for me to watch how they got along and interacted. For Mark to meet both his brothers on the same day was naturally quite hard. Let alone the expectations of the sexual part of our family dynamic. Thankfully both Joshy and Pete were excited to meet their brother and were very relaxed and friendly towards their new sibling.

It was a joy for me to see and watch.


So we hung out together for a while. Chatted and caught up. Talked about cars, rugby and how much all the boys love (and look hot in) sports gear. Also, luckily for me, all 3 boys are extremely good looking, fit and easy on the eye. They know how to tease their daddy as I had to nip out briefly, when I returned all the boys were wearing pulled up sox and jocks.

They put on a show for me which was incredible, watching the three of them suck and then fuck each other. Our main concern was more practical, Mark is almost virgin tight. And although I am hung, your readers will know that Pete is horse hung and packs a massive 9.5″ thick donkey dick. Mark is barely able to take me. so we were a bit worried what would happen when Pete wanted to take his turn with his bro. It took a long while and a lot of patience, we managed to film the actual moment when Pete broke his brother, you can see Mark astride Pete, trying to slide down his cock, Pete’s cock actually bends right to the side and then amazingly bursts through. You can hear Mark gasp and hear his ass actually ‘POP’ as Pete gets balls deep. It was an amazing session. So much so, that Joshy then fucked Mark too. It’s the first time he’s fucked anyone in the family and daddy taught him well. His little ass banging up and down like a rabbit as he fucked Mark. But of course, this family operates with me as the natural Alpha, and it’s dads dick they all actually want. Suffice to say, I did get stuck in. Marks first family reunion ended with him taking 3 loads. Mine first obviously as his Dad, then Pete’s as the eldest and finally Joshys.

DTD-FamilyReunion-160909-004 DTD-FamilyReunion-160909-005

It’s strange to see how Petes gone full circle, from being my first sub son 4 years ago, to a natural top now. I am very proud of him.

I do want your readers to also understand that our family bond is NOT just centered on sex. We do enjoy a healthy sex life together, but I do think of myself as their actual dad. We all talk every day, they all have dreams and ambitions and I try to guide them and take care of them. They are bright young men, all work hard and are trying to make their way in the World. I am genuinely proud of them. And whilst your readers may find this hard to fathom, I do love them too. I am grateful as their Dad to watch them grow and how they share their thoughts and plans with me. So it was very important for me that Mark would get along with his brothers and that they would accept him as part of the family. Which they did.


So as far as I am concerned, my family is now complete.

Some of your readers may be thinking, what of Max? The little scamp? He is fine and couldn’t be with us as he’s travelling. We all skyped him though and he’s delighted at having a new brother to play with.

I hope you have seen what a fun weekend we’ve had and of course we will write you soon again.




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