Med Firm / 75% Soft

Texture: Scaley

Extras: Vac-u-Lock

Sizes: S-M-XL- XXXL

S: 9.75″ Length
7.50″ Circ.

XL: 13.75″ Length
11.00″ Circ.

The Dragon dildo has a very unique design. It’s shape make play with it very intense, as the ridges pull on your muscles when going in and out. The quality is 1st grade, it could even be used with silicone lube, and be thrown in the microwave for heating up acc. to producer. The feel is very soft as well, it has a nice give, but still can keep it’s shape.


This one is more for the fist expert and I would say this one feels more similiar to a punch-fisting experience but is workable and once you started you want to go further in with it .

Dragon dildo is something I would definitely use to practice my reflexes and to give in to the biggest of things

In the size we got it, it takes a while to get it. But not just because of the size, also because of the shape. You feel every single one of them. And when you pull it out, you get a complete sensory overload. It’s amazing, but not something for every day. But I definitely like it for special occasions, and when I want to really fill my mind with pleasure.

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