Power: Cable & Battery

Cable: regulated output of 15VDC (indefinite)

Battery Life:4 to 6 hours 4-6 hours charging

center positive (+)polarity with 500mA rating required

Channels: 2 (A & B)

Adjust: Intensity & Cadence

Routines/Patterns: 18 built-in routines (additional patterns uploadable over Erostek software)
Audio Input: allow audio based stimulation from mono and stereo. Music and through Smartphone, Ipad etc possible with dual 3.5mm stereo jack.
Mic: Included microphone turns ambient sounds, music, or your voice into stimulation.
Multiple Power Settings: 3 power ranges

Warning: Do not use the ET312B along with or near high-voltage “violet wand” devices. They may damage it.

Probably THE most known E-Stim device on the market. Mention it and every guy in the scene will know what you’re talking about.


Easily the most powerful electro device I’ve tried out. Where with most others I just felt pleasurable tingles somewhere, this made my whince and bow in pain. Much more adjustability as well. And the programs feel really like they’re flowing from hard to soft and are playful instead of just upping/downing a intensity level with the cheaper ones. And that you can add your own is awesome as well 😉

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