A photo manipulation story

In an alternate universe, the World Health Organization makes Rejuv therapy mandatory. In theory, transgenic therapy should be a dream come true: the promise of practical immortality. No matter what your age, the powerful drugs restore your youth and grants you immunity to diseases from COVID-19 to cancer.

Transgenic therapy comes in multiple varieties with wildly different outcomes. Potesterex and Ampligyn make men into titans and women into muscle-bound amazons. But Degressol and Puellisyn reduce males and females into tiny, waifish, “bois” and “gurls.” Finally, there’s Andredux, which has a gender-bending component. The only catch: you don’t get to decide; the therapy you receive is dictated by which is compatible with your own DNA.

When a superstar pro-athlete learns he’s a match for Degressol therapy, he knows he has everything to lose: height, weight, muscles, and more. Reduced to a girlish shadow of his former self, he’s made to be a kind of spokesmodel for the World Cup…

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