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To organise group action is fun but also work

It sounds insatiable, but it is fun. Yes, even one boy can be a challenge, so how is it with several boys? I’ve written this article after talks with TheShackler, a Master colleague I really respect and to be honest, sometimes I’m even a little jealous about his equipment. As you can see on the pics, he is really well equiped and that also for more than one boy. Today we will present you two different ways of group action. Of couse there are many more possiblities but it should be just a little input for your next group action. This are just some basic advices and I have had several sessions and parties I ignored some of the inputs I’ll write down now, but there was always a good reason why I have done it.

Sex Parties

To realize good group action is definitely not easy. There are different ways to do it. One of the way both of us have experiences with are kinky parties in the dungeon. That can be running the gauntlet because all tend to ask who is at the party before they agree. If you start to answer to these questions, you’ll never be able to get a good group. People have to trust you, that you’re able to bring a good group together.

It is important to set rules. Of course RESPECT is the first one, every one has to respect the desires of the other, doesn’t matter if top or bottom and as everything has to be mutual everybody has to respect that a NO is a NO. I would also recommend you to have a “non sexual room”. At least during the first few hours. At my place it is the lounge. A room just to socialise, have drinks and snacks and to talk. This is important as everybody has a different adaption phase. If people get the feeling of being under pressure they will never be relaxed. And it is also the room people can escape if they feel uncomfortable in a situation in the playrooms.

Icebreakers are very important. At the beginning most of your guests seems to be shyer than in sessions you have had with them before. So it is important to know which of your guests you can motivate to start the action. Don’t belive that you can really fulfill this duty, because in the beginning your talents as host are needed. So motivate these icebreakers to start with the action. It makes it easier to have some of your own slaves there of which you know that they aren’t shy. Then you can also order instead of proposing some action. 🙂

Group Sessions

Another way to have group action are group sessions with you as Master and several slaves. Even better if there are also one or two alpha slaves or a Co-Master who will assist you. I know there are readers who love this idea, and they think that this is heaven on earth for the master. And to answer that: Yes, it is, but at the same time it is a real lot of work. You have to carry the full responsibility for the evening and, even more important, for all the boys. Even if you like to make the slave feel uncomfortable in some situations, you are the guy who has to realize that everyone feels comfortable overall.

Yesm you are to boss of the sessionm but at the same time you are also their first servant. In such a Master slave scenario you are the guy who gives the orders, but there are also many other unverbalised commands. Even if slaves will get the feeling of being treated as slaves, you will need a lot of respect to handle them. All the objects who are visiting you are at the end individuals, and everyone is different. You need different approaches to integrate them in the group. Some feel comfortable from the beginning on, mostly because they are open guys and they trust you, others are, even if they are totally open and spontaneous in one-to-one sessions, totally shy if it comes to a group. Mostly it helps to start first one-to-one with every boy. probably you invite them at different times, so that you have the time for this approach.

Don’t start with the groups action newbie. It is always good to have a well trained boy with you at first so that newbies have a role model. It is easier to feel comfortable if you see another one who is feeling comfortable. I try to combine mostly a newbie with a trained boy. It is a kind of mentor system which can make your work as master much easier.

You have to be empathic and realise the chemistry between the boys. Even if it looks like you are pairing the boys respect their feelings. It will just make your session harder if you don’t pair the right guys together.

If you know the boys well and you know their triggers, it will makes the session much easier to you too. If you know their preferences, use them for that. This way you can also break the ice and let them play together. Yes, let them play together. Even if the boys should get the feeling of serving the Master(s) you will never be able to satisfy all desires which are culminating on such a session by yourself. But they should do that because you have ordered it, not because they want! You are the boss and you have to agree, but you would be stupid not to do it. Ok sometimes it is also important to show that YOU’re the boss and to interrupt some fun. But don’t do that too often.

Be fair and even if new boys are often more interesting share your time with every of your boys. Of course it happens that one of my trained boys will be just be a party urinal for some hours, probably as punishment, but you really have to be fair to your slave. The goal of such sessions is that you as master will be satisfied but everyone has to be happy and has to consider this session as quality time.



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