Sunday, April 18, 2021

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Exposing / Exhib ?

Exposure, exhibitionism or also demonstration is the the want of sexually connected exposure of oneself before others. This can be due to the want of sexual taboo breaking, wanting someone to witness their adventures, the want of positive body shape confidence reinforcement, or also humiliation of one’s deeds before others.

Tested Products

Rex Dildo

Data Sizes: S - M - L - XL Material: Platinum-cure Silicone Firmness: Firm, Medium, Soft (Shaft/Knot Combo available) Colours: Many, Custom with shaft/knot combo available Additional Extras:...

Bone Me Socks

Overknee / knee-high variable socks with BONE ME Message and sidestripes. Data Sizes:EU 39 to 49US 7 to 15UK 6 to 14 Material: 95% Cotton, 5%...


Cam Boys

Kink Art Sneak Peek

Kink Academy

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