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Actors:Chris Jansen & Sean Taylor

Admit it, you would love to punish and humiliate adorable little Chris, right? You’re gonna be jealous of devious dom Sean in this new encounter. The cute little twink is already naked and tied into the chair, ready for Sean to use. The chav boy starts out with some cock play, but soon he’s letting his wild side out and using the flogger to make the boy cry out. Sean takes the opportunity to fill that hole with his big dick, face fucking the boy, but if you think that’s all Chris is going to endure think again. Sean needs a piss, so why not just drench the twink and really humiliate him? With Sean’s piss dripping from Chris’ cock he face fucks the boy some more, using a gag and then a blindfold to really heighten the fun until he needs to spew his cum out in the boy’s face! Poor Chris is left dripping with piss, cum and spit by the end of it, and he didn’t even get to shoot off his own load!

Click here > Watch the TRAILER & MORE PICS for free 



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