A photo manipulation story

Normally the uneasiness after the step parents first visit ends after a short while, but when suddenly the brother of his loved one appears and brings some strange talks with him, Tommy starts to become quite uneasy.

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For nearly a decade, I’ve created original stories through photomanipulation with comic captioning. I’ve helped to popularize male chastity, providing inspiration and Rules for boys to follow. I have a much broader range of fetish interests that include overturning power dynamics: these themes include top-to-bottom, muscle-theft, age regression, gender transformation, and other role reversal and transformation themes. Enjoy!


  1. It`s certainly a funny story and to some degree this slave can even relate to that (except for those women in the story.. 😉
    However, being 61 years of age and with an enlarged prostate things are obviously not as simple as these stories suggest. This slave needs to cum every other day in order to not suffer painful consequences. So it would need to have the prostate removed tot be able to cope with constant chastity and not cumming…
    In addition, studies prove, that its benefitial and better to cum three times a week, without going into details. For this slave those approaches have failed, and now its with the permission of its Master allowed to cum frequently.

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