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SeriousMaleBondage got new heavy bondage equipment and Master took me there to try it. It’s a very well crafted head box, with lab-quality aluminum frame and inch-thick resin glass. It was so heavy that has to be hanged from ceiling with a bolted structure supporting it.

After carefully adjusting the height of the box, my head was locked into the box after i was put into straight jacket and canvas hood. The hole at the bottom of the box allowed me to turn but i was locked in that position. The front glass of the box has a hole and Sir Ray blew cigar smoke through it and sealed my head in it. It was my first cigar play and not as bad as i expected – i kind of liked the feeling of being forced to breath it.

Then i was released and stripped naked, and put back into the box again. my head was firmly locked into the box while my body is fully exposed for tease and torture made me excited. i eagerly searched for any touch i could get. (Click on the pics to see the whole pics)

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