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A report written by Fearslave. (Here you can find the first part.)

Later that day and the next day we had more video shooting sessions, which was a lot of fun.

First we used the jail wall as the background, and tied up 4 guys with different gear. The first one was our host, who was put in my Master’s leather mailbag and hanged from the wall, then there was me, who was strapped tightly in a sleep sack by Master. The other two was put in leather straitjacket and rubber suit respectively. After all were done, it looked quite awesome with the variety and the jail scene. Before i was released after the shooting was done, Master rubbed my nipples as a reward and i cum in my chastity device under the leather.


Later we did a video with a “zombie apocalypse” scene. Master put on medical uniform and acted as the doctor, which made it super fun for me. i was first strapped in the sleep sack, then put on a stretcher that was hanged in the middle of a jail cell by multiple chains. It was quite comfortable and i enjoyed being heavily constrained like that.


At night we had a scene with one prisoner getting disciplined. A porn star who participated in our video shooting trip was the major role in it, and i played the role as his cell mate. i was locked in the cell for the most of the time, and Master took some nice pic of me in it.

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