A report written by Fearslave.

Master and I recently participated in a video shoot inside an old jail from 1874 with seriousmalebondage.com. After a day of travel, we arrived at a small town in the middle of vast corn fields.


The jail has over a hundred years of history and looks very sturdy inside and out. The three jail cells are probably the highest security type, even more secure than what you see at Alcatraz. It reminded me of the heavy metal riveted plating on old ships. Everything still works well, the solid steel doors make a loud sound when being shut down, just like what you see in a jail movie. Master and i spent the first night sleeping in one of the cells, an interesting experience. The are rumors of it being haunted, if you believe such thing.

fearslave-jailsession-161021-004 fearslave-jailsession-161021-002

In the morning i showered in the prisoner’s shower and got ready for the first video shoot. We went to the basement of the jail where the walls are made out of old stones, which gives it the right dungeon look. The first scene was about 3 prisoners with their heads casted (in fiberglass) and then getting tormented by a mysterious captor they could not see. It was a creative idea and turned out well, but the preparation was a long process.


The cast required three layers of material and the last one is the magic part, which gets really hard after being sprayed with water. i often wondered what a doctor would think if he knew what we did for fun with the medical supplies. It was actually not too tight after it was done and the cast fitted my head perfectly. It was a special bondage feeling other than a leather hood.

fearslave-jailsession-161021-008 fearslave-jailsession-161021-007

A hook was casted in on top of my head. It was attached to chains hanging from the ceiling and became a secure restraint. Three of us were exploring blindly in the room and feeling each other while my Master acted as the aggressor enjoying pushing us from every direction. We struggled and try to avoid, bouncing in to each other.


After Master was done, the three of us were bolted together to the floor by the hooks on our heads, so we could not go anywhere. We were also locked by our wrists to each other and some of us being tickled created a wave through us all.  After the session, the heads cast was cut in half by use of an electric saw which could be seen as a scary torture by itself.



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