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Master recently took me to Europe for a road trip, and we stayed in a special BDSM residence for a night.

The residence, operated by two Ladies, is in a discreet place among an industrial area of factories and warehouses. After our arrival, one of the Ladies greeted us and opened a big steel gate to lead us drive in. We settled in a pink room which was a bit funny, but the later tour of the residence amazed us.


The residence has one floor above the ground and one half-basement, and at the end of the building there is a big room across two floors. On the upper floor, there are several playrooms, each with a theme – medical, classroom, pub and medieval. The details are elegant, like there’s chalks for the classroom blackboard. The big room was probably a warehouse, but now gets carriage and gear for pony play.


The underground half-basement is most awesome place. There are several doors along the way and entering each one takes you to another big wonder. First there was a small dark standing cell with red light on top, then there’s a curtained area with confession stall like in a church, after which there’s a big pit on the other side with a door on top and a mattress in it, where a couple or more people can be locked in total darkness.


In the next room, there are four prison cells in a row, each with steel bars and bunk bed, and then there’s another room with deep pit covered by iron bars. Finally there’s a room at the other end of the floor, with an interrogation room and a prison cell. The scale of the place and the effort put in it are just amazing and world-class.


Master took me to the interrogation room, ordered me to strip and strapped me on the leather interrogation chair, then He used me, caned me and chained me. At night, i was locked to the bed in the prison cell and slept there in darkness. It was cold and i could hear sound of another visitor getting used by a Lady. It was a very special experience during that night.

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