An interview with Foot Lover Matt.

homeBild2-stephan006MasterMarc: Hello Matt. You’re a 19yo sub and you are exploring your kinky side. I know you have a big fetish for feet and bondage. Before we start to talk about your fetishes I would really like to know, when you have started to feel, that you have your fetishes and how you have done your first steps in the kinky world?

Matt: Hi, I’ve not been involved in the world of kink for very long, and I don’t consider myself to be gay, I am attracted to both men and women however am only attracted to male feet, this has been something I have known for a long time and have only recently begun to explore the world of kink, I have been talking to guys and a few girls about the various different areas of kink and have talked to some really nice people, however it was only about a year ago that I actually met someone for the first time, it was a great experience for me and I feel that it has allowed me to continue to explore, I think that first meet is so important it can either put someone completely off kink or make them more inclined to continue their explorations.

MasterMarc: Can you tell us, what kind of experience it was and how you have found the right person for such an experience?

Matt: I was a very relaxed session, we met in a hotel in Bristol and although he was much older he was very understanding that it was my first actual meet and talked me thought all the equipment he had and what he was going to do with them, after that he very loosely tied me up so I could get used to the feeling and let me try different gags and blindfolds so i could find one I was comfortable with, he sat beside me and showed me pictures of other people he had met and asked if I would like to try things like that, after a while when I was more comfortable and found a position I was comfortable to try more in I stripped down to my pants and he tied me much tighter, and from them on the session ran as a normal stereotypical session without any sexual activity,

I spent a lot of time talking to people and getting to know them, the guy I met I had been speaking too for a long time before I actually met him so we already had a relationship as such, it make things much easier

MasterMarc: The first step is always the most difficult and it is important to find a good guy you feel comfortable and you have trust in. So it has been a bondage session. You have a special fetish for sox and feet. Can you tell us, what the points are, which do attract you? What are your fantasies and desires you have about feet and sox?

Matt: It’s a very common fetish in all honestly however there are lots of different avenues to go down, some people like bare and clean feet where as others like socked and dirty feet, I prefer socked and smelly feet, it can be a very casual or strict relationship between the ‘slave’ and the ‘master’ with a foot fetish, if someone wants someone else to sit back and allow their feet to be massaged and worshiped then this is perceived as a casual experience, however if someone wanted a dominant more forceful experience then this would be considered a much more strict experience leaning towards S&M which is the branch I am currently looking to explore.

homeBildH-jem001MasterMarc: Me as master I love to have boys at my feet doing their job. Of course i love this little tickling feeling and at the same time it is also a sign. The boy show his master that the masters feet are his place. It is for a lot of people also a degradation and kind of humiliation. Do you have also such feelings? And why do you like the feet smelly?

Matt: It gives me the feeling of being below the master I am serving like its my place, I find that with smelly feet it’s more like the master doesn’t care about the effect it has on their slave, they haven’t made the conscious effort to clean the feet to make their slaves lives easier, it again for me would be another sign that I am below my master in my rightful place, for many other people once you reach a stage where your are able to lick your masters feet when told to its a sign that they are fully in control and you have no control over what they say or ask you to do, for me it’s the ultimate sign of domination.

MasterMarc: Is it a humiliating situation or does it just feel right?

Matt: For me I don’t find it humiliating as I enjoy it so much now, however when I tried it for the first time in a master slave situation I did find it very awkward and humiliating I was constantly on edge and hoping that I was up to his standards, lucky for me as the session went on I grew into it a lot more and have met him a few times since so I must have been good enough, however again i found the first time I met someone like this to be very nerve racking and I felt like backing out on a few occasions however I did meet him and I’m more than glad that I did as it has allowed the situation to feel right for me rather than humiliating.

MasterMarc: Humiliation is in general a real subjective feeling. And out of my experience things that in the beginning seems to be humiliating turns to normal. That shows that the slave has found his position. Why do you like socks?

Matt: With socks it’s almost like they are hiding the feet from view, again it’s like the master knows that the slave has a foot fetish and chooses to wear socks to hide them from the slave for me again it’s the master winning little psychological battles that incline you to submit to him, making a conscious effort to exert dominance over both their slave and their fetish, as I find that socks can often make me want to see the feet underneath making me much more willing to complete my masters wishes to get the socks off quicker and veiw the feet below.

MasterMarc: Hehe, I see you would do anything for this feet striptease, so that the boy gets his favorite “toy” 🙂 Do you prefer a type of feet or doesn’t it matter?

Matt: I tend to find small feet very appealing, I like the fact that somone who is fairly small is able to be in control and exert dominance in such a situation, it’s again another psychological factor, I’m not a fan of overgrown toenails as I dislike having the top of my mouth scratched when i suck on them, apart from that in fairly into most feet that are around, and of course the hotter the guy the hotter I tend to find the feet, I’m yet to find a guy that I’m not attracted to who has nice feet.

homeBild2-stephan005MasterMarc: What kind of action do you like with sox and with feet?

Matt: With action anything feet related is great, weather it be sucking toes licking soles or just having them forced into my face I get turned on equally be each 🙂 it a huge plus for me when I find a master who is able to take the time to allow me to enjoy and take pride in my work when it comes to feet, I enjoy being used as a foot stool in both a lying down and feet on my face aswell as in an all four and feet up in my back position, it again shows superiority of the master.

MasterMarc: It is great that you are more into longer sessions because often the unspectacular things could be really important and giving the feelings we are looking for, as master and as slave. Even non-action, times in which e.g. a slave is waiting for his master, is important to really live the slave-master-lifestyle. If you look forward, what are things you want to explore as slave?

Matt: At this present moment I have only served a master as a one of session without any long term commitments, however i am currently searching for a part time commitment of about 3ish months I would say to have a master, I’m not looking for anything to serious and I’m not into sexual activities such as anal play, and am not looking to be a cum dump for someone I want to serve and work hard to impress a master enough to take me on as their slave being rewarded with feet rather than sex.

MasterMarc: It is important to be open. Everything can change if it is the right time and the right place, but nothing has to be changed. I wish you all the best for your future slave activities. Take care but much more important: ENJOY!


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