I’ve got a confession to make: I’m into Narratophilia. And if you’ve read through some of our bdsm stories, you are too 😉

Because Narratophilia is the sexual stimulation from erotic written or narrated stories or wording. Before the upcoming of photography, it was likely one of the most widespread fetishes, and it still enjoys a big popularity. It simply isn’t taken very much as a kink consciously, though for some with more severity it apparently can become a little bit of a problem, as

Alright, today we actually want to look into Definitions that are connected to fluids. The most obvious one for many of you that comes to mind as a fetish there is likely Watersports, also (though less) known as


ouron” = urine (greek) ; “lagneia” = lust (greek)

Sexual excitement associated with the sight or thought of urine or urination.

The practices of this fetish are as wide as what you can do when pissing with your thing. From peeing in/on somebody else, to peeing ones pants, using soiled socks as a gag, or also in combo with diaper kink, soiling one’s diaper.

The motivation is dependant on the individual there, as with any kink. However, there are some known motivators. For some, it’s the act of domination.

As Piss is seen as a “clean” dirty fluid, using it as a medium by enforcing it upon somebody else as means of humiliation is a very common practice in the fetish world. There are also often references made to the animal world, as in marking your territory.

There also is the “taboo breaking” aspect coming from seeing it as a dirty body fluid. For some, the breaking of such a taboo, similar as for example public nudity for others, wakes arousal. That can go as far as, often found in combination with domination/humiliation aspect, licking a toilet or urinal.

Not rarely the smell also becomes a source of arousal. One belief is that this arousal actually partially stems from something called Androsterone.

Androsterone is a pheromone found in urine. Specifically it is a steroid metabolite derived from sex hormones. It is found in both the urine of males and females btw., despite having it’s name coming from the greek word for masculinity. However, it is made in the liver in the metabolic process of testosterone, which is very tied to that, and the enhancing of such features. If you want more information about that compound, I suggest looking it up on the National Library of Medicine.

There are stories about being aroused by the smell of urine dating quite far back. Brenda Love’s Encyclopedia of Unusual Sex Practices mentiones one in the 19th century of a women hanging out in front of male public toilets and openly masturbating.

Urine also is thought to have special powers in some beliefs. One such is hindu. There, it isn’t human pee though, but that of a cow. They belief that it is cleansing the body of impurities and ilnesses. They’re using it in traditional medicine, and at times take a few sips for good health. You can even buy it bottled. For recent stories, there has been news of a cow urine drinking party to ward off the coronavirus.

It’s not only them though, german/germanic and other tribes and nations also used to have such beliefs. They used it in all sorts of medicine. Some even used it in love potions. Horse urine is still used in some ache-relieving medicines today too in America and European countries, and in a creating a special estrogen. It’s not like everything is such a stupid idea. I mean, it is well known that urine is sterile right? That’s what many people learn in the boy scouts and survival books etc. as an emergency method to desinfect wounds?

That one’s a false belief. There are bacteria in piss, as a study presentation linked in a sciencenews article shows. The whole urban legend apparently comes from a man named Dr. Kass, who developed a populary used screening method called the “midstream urine test”. This method uses the growth of bateria in a petridish, and measures the growth of cell clusters up to a certain number per number. When it was less, you were tested “negative”.

That’s a wonderful word right? We automatically think of none found, right? Well, the team mentioned in the sciencenews article used a different, more sensitive cultivation method and detection technique. And found some. And although they’re likely to just be there in the same way that your colon is populated by bacteria to keep you healthy, it suggests that maybe it’s not the best idea to pee on your friends open wounds in an emergency desinfection. Just push out the blood with pressure around the wound. Or use some clean water if you got it.

Oh yes, water. There are quite a few paraphilia connected to that too. There’s even one specifically for it.


Sexual arousal from water or watery environments.

This means that you enjoy an established connection made in your mind and/or the feeling of liquid on your body, or associate such such environments in an erotic manner.

The most common form of that is having a wank, or some good time with your partner, in the bathtub. Or a swimming pool or lake. The bathtub practice is apparently done so much it has an own name: Coitobalnism. And underwater sex also has one. Coitus a unda.

Water and fluid paraphilia’s date way back into our history. Julius Caesar apparently indulged in it. He used to bathe and swim in his pool and had yound manservants follow him and orally serve him there. That’s something most documentaries likely never told you. Makes one wonder what Kleopatra did in her milk baths.

And if we go to today, gay Pool parties are very much a popular thing. It is quite understandable, as the cleaning of water, the feeling of heat and helping material such as brushes can have very strong sensations. If you combine them with an partner, that can become a very erotic.

If you’re one of the guys who can’t go under the shower or have a bath without a wank, and you get hard at the thought of doing so, you might got a special kink too. It’s called


abluō ” = to cleanse/wash oneself (latin) ; “philia” = love (greek/latin)

The arousal from bathing or having showers.

And if you are the kind that likes to use your shower head’s water spray as a masturbation helper, then you’re practicing bidetonism.

Oh yes, there is something I forgot to mention in watersports. Kind of a combination of both the water kink and watersports kink. It’s something many gays do. Well at least one part of it, namely the bottoms. Though for how many it really is a kink, that I’m unable to say. For many it’s really just an annoying hassle.

You likely already guessed it. I’m talking about Enema play, or as the medical/psychological professionals call it:

Klismaphilia | Klisniaphilia

klisma” = enema (greek) ; “philia” = love (greek)

Enjoyment of, and sexual arousal from, enemas.

This one is, for many of you may to a surprise, also quite popular.

The reasons go from most from the bodily sensations, such as the feeling of fullness from the enema liquid, the pressure, and the feeling of release when emptying yourself.

There are also enjoying the dirty aspect, from the “taboo side”. Often that is used in combination with some sort of humiliation , though there are some that just enjoy that aspect alone too.

There are many ways in which enemas can be administered. From showerheads, to simply pump kits to full on klistierkits. Often other tools and toys are used with it in combination too.

Enema play is mainly done with simple water or saline solution, although there are also variations with additives or other fluids. For punishments, some use for example ginger extract, a method partially derived from a practice called figging, where skinned ginger roots were put into the anus. The ginger root creates a heavy burning sensation, creating large amounts of uncomfortableness on the victim, for some even to the amount of unbearingness. The diluted extract is supposed to achieve a similar effect.

ATTENTION: The mentioned definitions and stories are by no means tutorials or alike. sadosam and affiliates do not take any liabilities or responsibilities from consequences of your engaged in play. Your sex life is your responsibility. A non-professional general recommendation of the magazin for healthy play however is: Before engaging in any sorts of play with enemasplease clinically confirm that all participants do not have any sort of allergic reactions to such whatsovever to any liquids or material used, and restrict yourself to amounts that are body-safe and the body colon is able to take.

Many use other, less painful dilutions though, simply for an added sensation during play. One health recommendation made by others is to avoid oils if you indulge in such, as it apparently leaves residiues which create nests for bacteria and can dissolve condoms upon contact.

The origins of this fetish comes likely from medical practice. And this one is old. Even the ancient egyptians used enemas already for relieving constipation. The french used it in the 19th century as much as up to 4 times a day. They called it purging, and thought it would benefit complexion, boost health and cure impotence. Coffee enemas as a health booster in the early 20th century are still used in some parts of the world. Though there hasn’t actually been done any real scientific research on it’s benefits.

If you’re interested in the history of enemas there’s a small paper on it made. It goes from the ancient times in rome to the modern ones today.

Alright, enough for today. Next time we go into more body fluids. Like cum and smells 😉 See you then.

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