An Interview with Filippo, Mr. Rubber Italy 2015.


MasterMarc: Hi Filippo. You’ve been elected in January as Mr. Rubber Italy. How have been the last 11 months and what has changed in your life?

Filippo: Hi Marc, the last months have been super busy. I visited many Countries and met a lot of sexy fetish men. I also spent a lot of time thinking about how the fetish scene is changing, at least in Europe. I asked myself what people are really looking for at the moment, because we are living in a strange time. We are connected all the time but it seems like we are not living real life anymore, then there are some huge social events (e.g. Folsom Europe) where people can gather and get together, and the magic is back! I also tried to work for the local community, taking a bit of my Italian culture abroad. And, as I was expecting, people into fetish are very open and generally with no prejudice. And they love my Country, which is something that makes me really proud of. I think that Italian fetish scene can be surprising: we have fantasy and creativity, we can be incredibly generous and we want to grow and be part of the European scene everyday more! I am sure people from foreign Countries appreciate that! The biggest changing in my life? I can wear a rubber shirt quicker than a cotton one!


B-filippo-151522-002MasterMarc: Hehe. Before we talk about the changes of the fetish scene you should tell us about the situation of the Italian fetish community. How is the fetish life in Italy?

Filippo: Fetish life in Italy is getting bigger and bigger. The main difference with other fetish Countries is that we don’t have a proper fetish sexclub. But the fetish organizations working hard to plan regular parties and this is a good thing. I am currently the secretary of Leather Friends Italia and I can see how difficult is to get people together, but I am also very happy when it happens, because it means that we are on the right path. I was positively surprised by all the sexy rubbermen gathering the night of my election! Not to mention the tons of leathermen in Padua when Marco, Mr Leather Italy, was elected. I think the next step is to make people regulars: not always a “big” event like an election is needed to live our fetish freely.


MasterMarc: That sounds like a lot of work which is successful. When have you realized that you have kinky needs and what have been your first steps in your kinky life?

Filippo: Like many people, kinky fantasies came up to me since my childhood. Of course when I was a child I was totally unconscious of them, and I used to live them with the normal innocence all children have. My pulses started very early, when I was around 9/10 years old. Then during the following years I had to face the difficult process of a gay guy in a small Italian town, plus the normal process of a teenager, so I didn’t really had the chance to experience my kinky side as much as I would have liked. At 19 I moved to Milan and I started exploring again. I still remember some endless crazy nights (I was young and strong, so I could stay up all night!) satisfying my deepest inner desires. Everything was new and exciting; at the same time it was like a safe port I already had explored countless times in my life and that I had to reach to become the man that now I am. It can sound weird, but the most important thing I’ve learnt during those years is to stand alone and look after myself in terms of sexual needing, which is something fundamental for a fetish gay man!


MasterMarc: You are talking about the satisfaction of your deepest inner desires. Can you tell us what kind of desires you have? How do your needs look like and what are the kinks you’re into?

Filippo: My biggest fetish, in general, is piss in combination with rubber. I love the way it feels when boys pee on each other and when you are on the floor waiting for the pigs’ piss. It’s the satisfaction of an ancestral desire, I guess. It belongs to the masculine instinct to mark the territory, and to me it’s also the simplest form (in a very positive way!) of having sm sex: men using their piss to possess other men. It feels so good. Rubber is also good to magnify these sensations. It’s my clothing for the kinky work! The satisfaction itself can vary. It depends mostly on what I am living at a certain moment. To me, sex in general is the best way to release stress and worries, so I noticed that it’s like a compensation mechanism that I use to balance things in my life.0


MasterMarc: Why is piss such a possessive act for you?

Filippo: As I told you, I think it refers to an ancestral way to mark territory. Many animals still do that, you know. In this case you possess someone marking his body with your piss. There’s no need to cause pain to possess someone. This is something reflecting my personality: I am a mental person rather than a physical one, my job is also very creative so it’s normal for me to put fantasy in everything I do, even when I’m already doing it. Pissing and being covered in piss is a possessive act when you don’t need to be physically restrained or taken under control. You possess or you are possessed but you are still on your own control. It’s democracy babe 🙂


MasterMarc: As Master I am not really the fighter for democracy in sex. 🙂 What kind of piss action do you like and what are the feelings you associate with this action?

Filippo: I like mutual piss action. Two men pissing on each other’s bodies, drinking piss in a constant crescendo of strong feelings among men. Lying on the floor begging for piss. It’s about releasing your darkest part, feeling part of a process where men can share personal body fluids to get together. It’s also sex, so you cannot really describe it with human words.


MasterMarc: As Mr Rubber Italy you have to have also a special relation to rubber. What is rubber for you, what are the special feelings you have with rubber and why are you attracted to it?

Filippo: Of course I love rubber! I usually say that rubber is a second skin, it often shows people’s flaws and flaws can be very sexy! Apart from this, I love the sensation it gives while wearing it. And in combination with dirty sexual practices it is PERFECT! I started with leather, like many of us, and switched to rubber while on the go. It’s like a process, you know. The more you get into the fetish scene, the more you discover new things and the more you want to experience! I was unsure at the very beggining, but then I bought my first rubber item. Since then, I never came back. Wearing rubber feels so good and makes you free to do whatever you want. It is also more comfortable than leather 🙂 The sensation on the body is fantastic. Smooth like velvet, strong like plastic. Everything flows on it and you can get very very dirty and enjoy that sensation.


MasterMarc: It seems that you like this sweaty feeling. 🙂 If somebody who is new into the fetish scene wants to buy a rubber suit, what kind of recommendation can you give him?

Filippo: I love this sweaty feeling 🙂 Well, if someone wants to buy a rubber suit, I would suggest to buy a second-hand one. I did it myself and it’s a great option to start discovering rubber, especially if someone is still deciding whether he likes it or not. What’s also very important is to feel comfortable while wearing your gear, so I would suggest anyone to know himself: for example, I don’t tolerate hot temperature (and in that sense I should have a fetish for cotton instead of rubber!), so it’s more common to see me wearing sleeveless suits. Tight gear is very sexy and I love it, but sometimes it’s better to wear larger rubber clothes, especially if you are planning a long night pigging out and you don’t want to be disappointed because you cannot even walk 🙂

…of course if you have a master HE decides what’s the best gear for you!


MasterMarc: Hehe, it seems that you have experiences with tight gear. That is really a way to punish and torture yourself. 🙂 Do you have a master who decides for you?

Filippo: Well, I have never been too much into sm relationships. Dirty stuff is definitely my thing: I can’t imagine myself not begging for piss in some toilet! I don’t have a master neither I am nobody’s master. But roleplay can be funny sometimes. By the way, as I was telling you in the previous answer, tight gear isn’t exactly what I like most. Call me lazy, but I have to feel comfortable while having sex! On the other hand, I am also aware that so many things are changing in my life that I wouldn’t be surprised if I’d start playing in a tight rubber catsuit begging to be tied up by a leather master who forces me to edge!


MasterMarc: I didn’t thought that you love tight gear but the way you have said it, i’ve realized that you have experiences with. I know several kinky Italians and most of them are into dirty. Where are your limits in it?

Filippo: Do you really know several Italians into dirty? Introduce them to me then 🙂

My limit is blood. It’s quite obvious, but still it is important to say it, because kinky sex is a game, first and above all. Let’s say that I can be open, but it still remains a game. Another limit is for sure permanent marks, for the same reason why I don’t like blood play. Actually, my two biggest turns on are watersports and scat. I love the sensation in combination with rubber, as I already told you, and it feels so good being a pig looking for pleasure this way! I also like the fact that you can share it with another (or more) pig(s) in a balanced mutual fun.


MasterMarc: Can you tell us, what kind of scat games you like? Is it possible to explain what kind of sensations you get by playing with scat?

Filippo: Scatplay is definitely the ultimate taboo getting broken. It’s a very intimate moment you share with another pig and at the same time it’s the most explosive experience if you are at a scatparty full of pigs. Sensations are related to the overcoming of the limits, the need you have to see how strong your mind is and the pleasure of touching it. Smearing and kissing are my favourite games, and they make me feel such a dirty pig, proud of his perverted mind! Plus, scat is GREAT if you got a big beard 😉


MasterMarc: Hehehe. That was enough shit for the moment let us talk about the coming months. What are your plans for this year as Mr. Rubber Italy and what do you see as your function as national titleholder?

Filippo: I’ve been elected at the end of January and I visited many Countries so far: England, Belgium, The Netherlands, Poland, France, Germany… I am also about to visit Vienna for the AGM of the ECMC and the consequent election of Mr Leather Europe. In February I went to Rome for the annual Fetish Pride, run by my friends from Leather Club Roma. I don’t like the words “mister” or “titleholder”, I see myself more like and ambassador of the fetish scene of my Country. What’s clear to me is that titleholders shouldn’t travel like fashion models do. Of course we are also representing the exterior part, but most of all we should work to create a network of proud fetish gay men gathering for sharing fun, ideals, issues, and for developing the fetish scene where we live. That’s what I am currently trying to do. I am very happy at the moment, because in December (11/12/13), in my city, Milan, we will be hosting a Winter Meeting by Leather Friends Italia (the club in which I also cooperate as the Secretary) and on Friday a rubber only party will take place. It’s a first time for Milan and it was one of the targets I wanted to reach during this year. This is not all, I am working on a couple of projects – the first one more for our rights and the second one more web oriented. I can’t say anything more as I am at the very beginning and I do it on my spare time, but I can tell you I can’t wait to reveal both of them. By the way, let me help your readers in getting al the infos they need if they want to join us in Milan in December; it is very easy as all you have to do is to visit


MasterMarc: Thank you Filippo. It was great to talk with you. 




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