Letters from DomTopDad and Fetish ‘son’ Mark to MasterMarc.

A letter written by DomTopDad


Hello MasterMarc.

Well it has been a while since our last family update and thank you and your readers for your patience. As always, a lot has been going on and also as you might imagine with any family, lots of things that your readers would find boring. The day to day stuff of running a family full of teenage boys and all that entails. Firstly though and most importantly, all my boys are well, having and enjoying a good start to summer and getting up to no end of mischief. Pete has finished Uni for the year and flits between time spent here (as in Me doing all his washing) and going out with his mates. Max is back from his few months in Greece, is working again and is driving me nuts, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Joshy is spending more and more time in London but will be home next week for a much needed time with Daddy.

But, the biggest news and the updates I really want to share with you is the amazing things that have been happening with my new son Mark. Since he became part of the family our dynamic has changed quite a lot and all for the better. As you alluded to in your last response to me, it is actually very hard to find a new son that fits into an already established family. To find a son who really appreciates and understands a Dad-Son relationship is hard. Let alone gets along with his siblings.

Not so with Mark.

We recently celebrated ‘Fathers Day’ here in the UK. Despite me having 3 other boys (and Pete for 4 years) I have never had a son here on the actual day. But this year, Mark was here for the entire weekend. So for once, instead of my time being spent spoiling the boys, this year was unique as Mark kind of spoilt me. Not only did he buy me my first ‘Fathers Day’ card, but also a few presents including a BEST DAD coffee mug. DTD-160806-002As I have a morning brew every day, it’s sweet to have this little memento which I use every day. So I might not be able to wake up with him every morning, but at least I can smile as I sip my morning coffee from his present.

We spent the weekend doing proper family stuff. A walk on the beach, ice cream, a meal out together, watched a movie and chatted with the other boys via skype and face time. But most importantly, we had time to properly bond with each other. Mark is practically a novice and virgin when it comes to full on anal hard sex. This did prove to be quite a challenge for me and for him. As your readers will know, the sexual part of my family is based on very hard, full on intense sex. Whilst I care for and protect my boys, the over riding bond is the intense sex we share together. I am a very demanding dominant dad and expect my boys to submit to whatever my whims may be. So whilst Mark is very willing, the practicalities of what I enjoy proved initially to be hard to fulfil. By that I mean not only my sexual demands, but also my enjoyment of correction, punishment and bondage. Add to this the requirement to also film for our site made it a very intense weekend for him.

Not only did he please me intensely, but he rose to the challenge and has proved to be one of the most open minded and willing boys I have. He has an incredible physique and stamina and a ‘can do’ attitude that for a new son, somewhat surprised me. He is super fit, very easy on the eye and certainly put me through my paces too. I am incredibly fond of him and after this update will no longer be referred to as the ‘new’ boy. As he is now a fully integrated and special part of our family.

His next big step is actually physically meeting his brothers, which we will do next month as all my boys finally have the same days off. I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am about that. And the boys can’t wait to meet him.

DTD-160806-101 DTD-160806-102 DTD-160806-103

Finally, and perhaps the best news is this. It was my Birthday recently. Due to work and other commitments I was not at home and none of my boys were able to be with me. Naturally, all were in contact with me and wished me well. It is strange in a way that, each year I get older, I become more attractive to the boys, It kind of bucks the trend in most gay relationships. Anyway, when I eventually returned home, I got a call from Mark. After the initial catch up and chit chat, he told me to go to my spare room. Which with phone in hand I did. He then said, ‘Look under the spare wardrobe’. Well. I was amazed. Tucked underneath and out of sight was a wrapped present and card.

During his last visit, knowing he wouldn’t be with me for my actual birthday, Mark had bought me a present, wrapped it, signed a card and left it here secretly at mine. So that when I got home I had a present and card to open from my boy. It actually took my breath away. That he would go to so much trouble. The planning and thought behind it. I am a lucky Dad indeed. And Mark is a very very special son.

And so quickly to you my friend. I hope you have an amazing time In London. I’m sure the Capital will welcome you fondly and you manage to enjoy yourself during your time here. I’m sorry I am unable to meet up with you, but know my friends in the City will ensure you have a great time. I look forward to hearing from you and what you got up too.

Safe trip and happy landings.







A letter written by Son Mark

DTD-160806-201Hi Master Marc,

It’s Mark here hehe (same name) I just wanted to tell you a bit about how I found my daddy. It all started when I came across the videos he and my bros make. And after reading the articles on here, I was instantly hooked. I’d always been into dad/son and being dominated. As well as sports kit. I contacted him and he agreed to meet me!!

It was AMAZING. We bonded instantly. I was super shy at first and nervous about meeting but it just felt right. We had loads in common, we both loves cars and planes etc 😀 I have only stayed with him a couple times but it feels like he’s been my daddy all my life and I do really think of him as that. As does he. I love being at his, more than at my mums. I guess I’m just a real daddy’s boy ?

We play together and he uses me and punishes me when I’m a bad boy. As you’ll have seen from our videos. I’m extremely tight and it makes getting fucked really hard but hopefully I’ll grow out of that with dads help. I love pleasing him and secretly enjoy some of the pain. But we also have special time just me and him. And are very close already. I love him so much 🙂 and he loves me.

For example, we had the best Father’s Day ever! I got my daddy a gift, including a ‘worlds best dad’ mug. Dad is never without a coffee and a fag. (pardon the pun) and a card in his fav colour, red. I had a hard time trying to sneak it home and wrap it without him noticing. I eventually hid it under the wardrobe in the spare bedroom, I figured he wouldn’t look there. Anyway when he found it he was over the moon and it made me feel great to see him so happy. As a thank you he’s let me keep my fav pair of his old rugby sox, (the pale blue/white striped ones)

I wanted to spoil him on behalf of my brothers, who couldn’t be there. He’s such a good daddy and we’re very lucky to have him. He’s strict, but he’s also very good to us that I wanted to treat him for a change.

Which reminds me, I’m meeting my brothers next month, we’re all getting together. Joshy, Pete (my twin) and I. And I can’t wait! I’m reeeaaally nervous though and can appear very shy at first. Hopefully they’ll like me anyway. I know Im gonna love them..

Son Mark xx

P.S can’t believe I’m actually writing to you, after reading all of daddy’s other articles before we met! And the letters my brothers sent you. Now I’m one of them!

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