Over 1 week ago, we travelled back from Berlin – tired, exhausted and with a cold, which made me to stay in bed for some days, but with a lot of positive experiences. It was so much fun! Folsom Europe is really one of the get-togethers where it’s impossible to visit all parties, events, attractions and socials. But it is one of the experiences for kinksters which shows you how diverse the fetish and sm world is. It is a week which needs a lot of your energy but you get so much positive vibes and experiences back that you just are happy afterwards.

The program is really varied. On the schedule you can find a fetish classic concert, rubber parties, leather socials, doggy walks, smoker lounges, sm parties, cruising parties, meetings of hiv positive people, art events, dance parties, a lot of shops with special attractions and of course the street fair on Saturday.

Fetish guys from all over are meeting at Fugger street in Schöneberg, the old gay hot spot of Berlin. You walk around and you can see people in all kind of fetish outfits, you can talk with people from all over, you can make appointments with hot guys to have fun with, drink a beer with strangers who are becoming friends and share experiences with them. Of course it is fun but it also shows you that you are part of a big community. It doesn’t matter if you are a doggy, leather man, rubber pig, worker or just the naked slave or his master, you are one of the faces of the big fetish family. You have probably come alone to Berlin but you’ll leave Folsom Europe with a lot of new extraordinary friends. Let’s talk a little with my pup Se7en so that he can explain you his experiences as Folsom virgin.

MasterMarc: Hi Pup Se7en. You seem still to be a little exhausted. How was Folsom 2017?

Pup Se7en: Exhausted. Folsom takes quite a bit of energy 🙂 but it’s well spent. It was an amazing experience. I’ve never experienced anything like it. I got to see so many different things. All up front the Berlin stores, as we didn’t really had much gear (or better said, not enough for our taste 😉 ) and wanted to buy some stuff before the street fair. And they have so many! It took a lot of time to check them out, even though most of them are in the same street area. But they were all worth visiting, if only to make a bit of a tour around the gay area of Berlin. And maybe run into some fetish friends on the streets 🙂

MasterMarc: Yes shopping can be stressful. And I know you even have had to put some of your new gear into my suitcase. 🙂 I think we have to present some shopping advises to our readers soon but I know it was not only shopping which needed a lot of energy. So many other puppies around you need really a lot of attention. How was it to meet old and new friends there?

Pup Se7en: That was probably the best part of it. I had so many friends that I only knew over the web. But I met a great number of them at Folsom. A lot of them funnily I actually didn’t know who they were until we introduced ourselves, and both of us would just go: “Oh, wait, that’s you!?”. It was always a hilarious moment, and we would hug and laugh together and keep on talking and getting to know each other all over again, and then someone new showed up and the whole thing starts anew. And when the old friends joined it got even better. We had so many great moments, it deepened the friendship with a lot of people and that’s something that made that event very memorable.

MasterMarc: This year there have been a lot of pet players at Folsom. Where have you meet them?

Pup Se7en: XD You should know the better question would be: Where haven’t we met them? They were everywhere, I constantly ran into some pup I knew. On the streets, in the shops, at the clubs… The most memorable pup events for me probably was probably the pup meet at the Scheune. That was overwhelming. The Bar was so crowded, it was almost impossible to get in, and a lot of them just gathered outside and started to have socialize there. It was a great event and the pups had a lot of fun and did some dorky stuff 🙂

Then there was also the pup walk, which was almost a little pup invasion from the size of it. There were around 200 pups from what I heard. Some of them had a race (which turned out in a human puppy pile quite quickly 🙂 ) and we all gathered and stopped at different shops. Sometimes a real dog came by and some of the pups got on all fours and wanted to play with him, which was hilarious.

And of course there was the street fair too. Though there actually I didn’t see that much because the sheer size of the fair was just so big and crowded, you just often walk by them without even noticing them.

And last but not least the SM club: There I ran into quite a few and had probably my most intense Folsom meet with some of them too 😉

MasterMarc: Such big events have also big parties like the different fetish parties as Lab, the Revolver Party, the Pig Party and many more, but there are also some special places like Quälgeist. What can you tell us about this location?

Pup Se7en: Quälgeist is something quite extraordinary. It’s an BDSM club. You go in, pay a one-day membership and get access to all the great things and toys in there. And there are lots of them. They have everything from rows of cages to bondage beds or wheels and suspension hooks and pillory’s. You can also rent canes, whips and rope etc if you have something in mind for a sub but not all your gear with you. The staff’s also very friendly, you notice that they honestly want you to have a good time there.

As for the guys around there… well I can only speak from my own experiences, but up till now I only had good ones. I always found doms and subs with a good mind there, and had great converstations and lots of kinky fun with them. And last weekend as well 😉 I got quite a few longlasting memories from there.

MasterMarc: I know what you’re talking about …. you have played with several very experienced tops there but some of the treatments have been done by specialists, who I really respect for their work. Can you tell us a little about it?

Pup Se7en: Sure, gladly. That all happened on sunday when we talked with some friends and wanted to meet up with them there, right? And when we met them, one of them was about to get entangled up by the puppeteer ( @thepuppeteer76 on twitter ). He got tied up in rope and suspended into the air and afterwards even hung upside down. It looked amazing, so aesthetic and hot. It was kind of hypnotic, I couldn’t take my eyes of it. And you really could see the professionalism the puppeteer puts into every step. Then one of my pup friends asked me if I may wanna be next. You can guess my answer. I frantically nicked and said: “Yes!!!”. And a bit later I was straining against his more and more inescapable ropes 🙂 It felt great. He put me in sleeping bag-like bondage and hung me up into the air. Then he did a bit of experimenting with different positions, hung me upside down. It was very intense, and let me feel very vulnerable and in subby heaven. Then he let me down, but kept me tied up for a while and let the pups have some tickling fun with me before getting me out of my misery. ( Sidenote: Never tell puppies that you’re ticklish. They will exploit that until you break!!!) .

And the second one I have to thank you for I think 😉 That was later that evening when we talked to @alphasadist, which was there with his people too, and he agreed to try out his whip on me. I quickly made my way to the cross, let myself get tied to it while learning his safety instructions, and let the sweet stinging pain come upon me. You can feel that he knew what he was doing. He hit me with just the very end of the whip every time, and exactly the place he wanted. It felt so good, and I sank deeper and deeper into a trancelike state with every hit. And when he woke me up from it and put his strong arms around me, I felt so refreshed and awake from the adrenalin and the marks I moaned like a slut for many minutes after! It was great, and both experiences gave me some great souvenirs with a very nice pattern too, as you showed me with a mirror later in our apartment 😉

MasterMarc: Yes boy, your back is a great souvenir. There are different places during Folsom you could meet all fetish guys visiting Folsom Europe: For coffee it is the Romeo and Romeo, during all the afternoons and nights the Prinzknecht and of course Saturday the street fair is the place to be. What can you tell us about your experiences there?

Pup Se7en: Well you described them quite good already. Romeo & Romeo is a very nice gay coffee place where you always could you can find some friends to talk to and relax if you find some space. The Prinzknecht is probably something like THE fetish guy hotspot during Folsom. I’ve never once seen it not packed to the absolute brim with leather, alpha industries jackets and rubber till Monday. There was always something going on and you’re guaranteed to be stopped by at least 3 people you know on your way in. And the street fair: It’s like … well it’s Folsom, right? We got to see people getting whipped on the street, getting tied up, dragged around on leashes. There are booths with fetish gear displayed. Collars, Leather, Rubber, Skin, Everybody’s in some kind of fetish gear. It’s simply undescribable. I was glad we took a break sometimes and went into a restaurant there. Even that was fun, I was never in eating out in fetish gear before.

MasterMarc: Before we will ask several other people about their experiences just tell me, what do you have learned for the next year?

Pup Se7en: To go again! (I mean, if we can Sir ^^’)  And go a bit earlier. It was so much fun during these days, but they go by so fast and there is so much to experience. We should have more time to properly meet and greet some people and not be stressed as much. And I’ll pack lighter 🙂 Leather packs quite a bit of weight we learned this year, right? :)))

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