1986 | 176 cm | 66 kg
Madrid (ES)

When have you felt, that you’re interested in the ABDL fetish and what have been your first steps into the ABDL and diapers world?

When I was 9 years old I still wet the bed at night. I remember the moment of waking up in the morning with a wet diaper and sometimes the bed was soaked. It could seem a contradictory feeling but made me feel like a bad child and, at the same time, it made me feel very good. A few years later I started watching videos and photos ABDL. I was very exciting for me and I was dying to do the same but i couldn’t do it. It was only 4 years ago, when I decided to take the step. I went to live alone, I started using diapers sporadically. I remember the first pack of diapers I bought. I almost did not know how to put them on. Then, I started using them every day. Until today.

What is for you the attraction being in the baby headspace?  

I feel calm, it relaxes me and it is a way of surrender to somebody. I would say that in my day to day I am more DL (DIAPER LOVER) and in my private life I am more AB (ADULT BABY). When I go out, I love using diapers all the time. In my house, I love using my blue pacifier, wearing adult baby onesies, drinking smoothies or juices in my bottle and spending hours and hours watching photos and videos on Twitter of people with the same feelings and interests as me.

What is for you the turn on when you’re wearing diapers? Can you tell us more about the emotions and sensations you have by wearing it?

Using diapers gives me great satisfaction in all aspects. It makes me feel comfortable, safe and at the same time it gives me a lot of pleasure. Walking to the street, be with your friends, go shopping … and suddenly the world stops. I want to urinate in my diaper and there is nothing else in the world at that worries you. It is a feeling that would not change for anything in my life. The most difficult thing is to open the closet and choose which diaper to use in each moment.

Can you tell us a little about the action of the adult baby game? What happened there and what are the points which are giving you satisfaction?

The play time is something in which all ABDL have our own personality and we are different. Some people play with stuffed animals or rattles; others with dolls, see cartoons or movies; and others have fun using video games. In my case, It gives me the most satisfaction is watching a cartoon movie with my daddy, playing PS4, receiving lots of caresses, feeling protected and, above all, the moment of diaper change. In this aspect, I love being cleaned with wipes, feeling the hands of my daddy with a lot of cream and the moment that my body is managed by him to put my diaper is incredible.

Can you tell us a little about the sexual aspects of your fetish? Is domination and SM also part of it?

In the sex time, I’m a very open minded person. I am top and bottom and, depending on the role, I am dominant or I like to be dominated. My ABDL condition is always present in sex. I like to use my pacifier, harness, vibrator and other toys, but my diaper accompanies me all the time and this is an indispensable condition. Some people like It, some people don’t. Others don’t dare to try it.

Was it difficult to out yourself as ABDL? Have you had problems with it, how do you find your daddies and other abdl lovers and do you have any advices for other abdl newbies?

For me it has been very difficult to come out of the closet in the ABDL world and, unfortunately, it has taken me too much time to take the step. Some people do not understand that you like to use a diaper instead of a slip. But also, I have been surprised by many people. When they give you the opportunity to show them your personality, they understand you, accept you and, finally like them. At the beginning, I felt embarrassed to show everybody that I like to wear diapers and I was very concerned about hiding what I wear under my jeans. I think this doesn’t hurts anyone. Everyone loves to play, and we are free to choose how we like to enjoy life. My advice to the new abdl is that they experiment with themselves, that they are courageous, that show themselves to the world as they are. Social networks have helped a lot to make visible and give different opinions of ABDL and we must continue using them because still we have a long road ahead.


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