An interview with MasterKennyG, a young furry and active participant in the furry community for many years.

MasterMarc: Hi Kenny. Some days ago we have published an interview with the FURRY artist Skrawl. Today I am happy to talk with you, a young guy living the FURRY lifestyle. As it is the first article about the furry lifestyle you should explain to our readers what it means and what the differences between the furry and the petplay fetish are.

MasteKennyG-Furry-1608-004MasterKennyG: So furry means fur. Being involved in the furry lifestyle can mean a variety of things to many people, because the world of furries is extremely large and diverse.  The core value for the fandom is the appreciation for “anthropomorphism”, or giving human characteristics to animals.  Many furries enjoy only the art that the fandom produces, which can be rated anywhere from “G” to extremely sexual.   The fandom as a whole is extremely creative, producing not only drawings but also crafts, trinkets, and sculptures–among other things.

Other furries enjoy the social unity that comes from being in the fandom.  Although there are plenty of furries who are judgmental and critical of others (just as in any walk of life)–the fandom overall has a reputation for being friendly and welcoming.  Furry conventions are filled with social gaming (video games, poker tournaments, discussion panels, puppet shows, dance competitions, etc) and absolutely everyone and anyone is welcomed.  For many furries, conventions are a place they can feel safe and have fun away from what they consider to be a hypercritical society.

Fursuiting (or costuming as an animal) has long been one of the best recognizable aspects of the furry fandom, and is one of the things that I personally enjoy the most!  The number of fursuiters has been exploding over the recent years, with Anthrocon (the largest convention) having 2,100 fursuiters in their 2016 parade, compared to 1,460 in their 2015 parade (a 43% increase!).  I see it as an escape, and as an option to be something completely different than myself.  When I’m wearing the suit, I love to be immersed in my character–I have a different, and more social personality.  I believe many people who fursuit feel the same way, it can be a way for individuals who are less attractive, or shy (and often very attractive 😉 to let go and “be cute”.

MasteKennyG-Furry-1608-007-In addition to the psychological draw of costuming, I also love the way other people’s fursuits look and feel.  The visual appeal of each suit is individual, they can be cute, inviting, funny, scary–there is a huge array of designs which are all appealing in their own unique ways.  Fursuits also have a huge tactile appeal for furries.  The fur is soft, and when you combine this with the visual appeal of the suit, being hugged or hugging someone wearing a fursuit can be fun and very enjoyable.

The petplay fetish is typically where one person enjoys being the “pet” and another is the “owner”, which is typically a varient of one person being “submissive” and the other “dominant” except with the submissive person having animal traits or tendancies.  The owner and pet interact in a variety of ways, which can range from mundane to sexual.  Although many furries participate in the petplay fetish because the animal aspect of the fetish aligns with their interests, it would definitely be just the small subset of the fandom who actually have an interest in that particular sexual fetish.

MasterMarc: Are you really somebody completely different if you wear a fursuit? And who is the real Kenny, the Kenny in daily life or furry MasterKennyG?

MasteKennyG-Furry-1608-008-MasterKennyG: To an extent I am somebody different when I wear my fursuit.  Certain aspects of my personality are amplified, which are usually not very prominent.   I’m more social, I have more confidence, and I enjoy being the center of attention.  However I’m still myself in many ways.  I would say that most fursuiters are similar to me, although there are some out there who do become completely different (typically more outgoing) individuals the second they put on that fur head.

The real Kenny is both the furry MasterkennyG and the normal Kenny.  All my furry friends know both, and are friends with both.  When your friends and your family are familiar with both sides of you, life is easy.  I’m sure there are many furries out there who aren’t like me, who split their life up between their furry side and their normal side… and for them, I’m sure there is one half which is more dominant than the other.  But I prefer to be open and honest, which means I get to just be myself.

I first joined the fandom in 2006, at the age of 14 after being attracted to pictures I found online.  I was more engaged with those pictures with gay scenes…but otherwise, I was your typical geeky high-school student!  I was pretty shy, but I was on the swim team and baseball team.  I eventually learned about furry conventions online with a few furries that I met from video games (which I still love!).  When I went to a furry convention in Dallas, I became in love with how amazing the fursuits looked, and also how much attention they were receiving. I wanted that kind of attention, and I also knew this fandom was going to be a lot of fun.


MasterMarc: Are you more attracted by guys in fursuits than for example naked guys? And can you tell us why?

MasterKennyG: I will definitely say yes, I am more attracted to guys in Fursuits.  Although naked guys I definitely appreciate, the mix between the two can be so, so much fun!  The visual appeal of the fursuit plus the feeling of fur on your fingers…or other parts of your body, can be amazing when you are cuddling.  I also really enjoy showing off in pictures with other fursuiters who I find attractive 🙂  Having more than one fursuiter together can be so much fun!  It leaves so much to imagination.  For me, it isn’t that I worry about who is under the suit–it is that I enjoy playing with the suit itself (and the person inside only by proxy).  There have been people who I don’t find attractive, who once they got a cute fursuit, I instantly was interested to play with them sexually.  In a way, a person’s fursuit is the embodiment of some aspect of who they are on the inside, and it’s hot to see that, and enjoy that with them.  I would also add that I feel more confident in both social and sexual situations when I’m in a fursuit, almost like I have a psychologically protective bubble.


MasterMarc: Let us talk a little about the sexual side of the furry lifestyle. How do you have sex with such suits? And isn’t it extreamly hot and sweaty inside?

MasterKennyG: How… well, usually with a strategically placed hole in the front and/or back. They usually have a zipper to cover them. Quite like rubber suits have actually. Some fursuiters also have different suits. One for normal fun and use, and one for more sexual activities. And yeah, you definitely get pretty hot in them. After an hour of physical activity you’re pretty much all tired out and sweaty. At least thats how long I can last. Most usually fuck and flip flop because of that 🙂

MasterMarc: Sounds as you can save money for a sauna by doing fursuit sex. 🙂 How important is furry sex for you and how important is it in general in the furry fandom?

MasterKennyG: Sex definitely playes a roll in the furry fandom. The sex appeal is huge there! At conventions it shows itself in various ways. Some portray it with harnesses or they wear underwear over their fursuits. For me personally furry sex is hot, but it is not too important. I certainly like and love to get naughty in a fursuit, as long as it is safe sex and safe behavior. Usually I dont do anything too hardcore.

And yeah it is quite like a personal sauna in there. However, being hot and sweaty is definitely not a requirement for furry fursuit sex, and definitely not an appeal either. It’s just an unavoidable downside to fursuits. Some train themselves in saunas to be able to hold out longer. It’s become almost a skill for many 🙂

I would say that in general it’s a very important role in the fandom, but it’s a private thing that many like to keep behind closed doors and in their hotel rooms.


MasterMarc: It’s very interesting. Probably we have to visit such a convention to see how people act there. Last but not least I have to ask you, why do you call yourself a Master? Do you practice SM or has that another reason?

MasterKennyG: Master is more of a flook, it doesn’t really mean anything specific and definitely has no relation to any puppy play or SM play. It just means that I’m an master on/of the world wide web. I wanted a name where people saw someone who was a pro and thought the name  “Master Kenny G” rang well of the tongue 🙂  I’m a master of the online universe, I’m a master at beating you. It can mean quite everything and nothing. I found that was cool.

The “G” stands for gangsta btw ;P



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