MasterMarc: Hi Stormy. Some weeks ago MasterKennyG has presented the FURRY fetish here on sadOsam and people started again to discuss if it is ok that furries show also the sexual part of their fetish. You are a 24 years old french cat and also living your furry fetish. I have also to ask you, if in your eyes to be a furry has also his sexual aspects?

stormy-frenchcat-161119-022Stormy: Hi MasterMarc. I think any fandom (furry, brony, etc..) has a sexual aspect to it. It doesn’t start as a sexual thing but at some point you come across it’s ‘dark side’. It is something that is part of the fandom. Now to say being a furry entitles you to fully live that sex side of it is wrong in my opinion, some people reject it strongly, others like me completely embrace it.

The thing is, a lot of people got into the fandom by finding furry porn on the Internet, that was my case and a lot of my friend’s, and you just kinda live your furry life with a whole furry porn aspect that is completely normal to most of us.

MasterMarc: Before we talk about the sexual attraction of furries and their secret, and as you say dark, sexual life I have really to ask you, why do always start big discussions inside of the furry fandom if one of the furries shows his sexuality in public?

Stormy: The furry fandom suffers from a kinda poor image to the outside world. We are usually categorized as sick perverts, zoophiles, cringy weirdos.. The large amounts of furry porn art doesn’t really help, and so doesn’t the whole ‘murrsuit’ thing. Murrsuiting is having sex with someone else, in your furry costume.

This public sexuality drama comes up because we have on one side Furries who are very concerned about the image we give of the fandom, or people who are really conservative about sex and how public it should be. And on the other side, people who are very open minded about sex and/or don’t let the rest of the world’s opinion stop them from having fun how they want it. It’s a subject that divide people quite strongly as it is for some a really big concern to give the fandom a good image.


MasterMarc: Could it be that to be a furry is for some a hobby and for others a fetish? So that the sexual world and the non sexual world are clashing together? Which is the bigger group?

Stormy: I wouldn’t say clashing, at least not constantly. They coexist. I think even for the sexually active people in the fandom, it’s a hobby, theyre not into this just for the sex, it’s just an add-on that takes more or less space. The clashing occurs between these people and those who cannot tolerate that kind of behavior at all.

In that non-sexual part of the fandom, not everyone is so extreme that they actually go into clashing. Most just either accept it or don’t, but they leave us be. Others though, they just can’t let it happen and that’s where the drama starts. In its entirety I think the fandom is mostly made of people who either don’t care for its sexual part or are discreet about it. People like me who are really open about it, we’re not as many, but I guess we’re just more visible.

MasterMarc: It is strange that often people who are fighting for acceptance of their own hobby or lifestyle often don’t accept the variety of their own lifestyle. You can see that in many “worlds” as for example the gay world too. But now we have really to become a little kinkier. 🙂 What makes sex in furry outfits so attractive for you?

Stormy: Oh I never mind going kinkier 😉 Murrsuiting is very appealing for some furries. Basically we started having an attraction to these cute animal people, and most furries are genuinely sexually aroused by them, hence the whole porn art business that goes on in this fandom.
When you get your fursuit, it’s like the final step of making your character come to life. You can actually in real life interact, feel and touch that cute fluffy guy that was until now just an art or imagination character.

So here you are, got a costume that looks like your fursona (your anthro animal character). And now after all that time fapping to online pictures, you can do it for real!

I have a friend with who, through the years, we accumulated a lot of porn art starring his fursona and mine. It was cool, but it was just art. The time we finally were able to make murrsuit videos together, it was way more appealing. It was still both our fursonas doing hot things together, but with the whole irl sex add-on. Real dick in real butt, real moans, and cute fluffy animal guys. What else can a furry ask for! 😀


MasterMarc: MasterKennyG told us last time, that if he is wearing the fursuit he becomes another person. Does also your sexuality change if you’re wearing your suit? 

Stormy: I agree with Kenny on that, I personally become more extroverted, bouncy and generally hyperactive in suit. When wearing it in a sex context, it stays kinda true. I will usually get into character, become and act as that cute slutty tiger who scratches at the sheets and begs to get humped with meows. I think it adds to the general fun that murrsuiting brings. Sex wise it just makes that fantasy of humping an anthro animal thing more ‘real’ and so more exciting.

There’s a line between the moment I’ll have my fursuit head off and be my grumpy and sassy self, and when I put it on and become my other needy cat self. I have noticed tho that after all this time murrsuiting so much, it kinda wears off on my ‘human’ self, like.. I’ve caught myself acting like a cat during sex with non furries sometimes!

MasterMarc: It sounds as your fursuit makes you wilder. 🙂 Are also some kinky and sm practice part of your furry sexuality?

StormyIt does indeed make me a much wilder and, in my case, submissive person.

There’s a lot of very kinky folks in this fandom, from widely known ones to more obscure ones. I’m personally into a lot of things, like bondage, watersports, chastity, humiliation, choking, pup play… I feel this all has developped within my years in the fandom.

When I started being a furry, over 6 years ago, I was a veeeery vanilla guy, and I would never want to hear about those weird fetishes. Growing in this fandom around very open-minded kinky folks helped unveil that dark side of me and through the years of meeting furries and going to conventions, I got into more and more things.

I feel being a furry between other furries helped, I was initally a shy person, and I would never have gone to non-furry fetish events.

I practice a lot of them in fursuit also since the suit helps me get even less shy and as I said, reveals my slutty side. I made in this fandom a lot of friends that, besides being really cool dudes I love hanging out with, are always happy to go really kinky on you.


MasterMarc: Can you tell us a little about your kinkiest experiences?

Stormy: The kinkiest things I’ve done was usually at conventions. I’ve been used and abused a lot at those and it’s a lot of fun !

I’ve had times where i would just go to parties and had guys takin turns on me, tie me up, tease me past my sensitive limits, rough me up.. Cons are a lot of fun 😉

There’s some limits to what i can do with my fursuit though, like watersports.. Some have a suit just for it, i don’t, so no peeing on mine ! My last con for example, one of the parties i got tied up, teased with a magic wand while caged and fucked rough, choked with a collar and leash until I’d black out repeatedly. That was in fursuit too.

That was just one small party at one con ! Other times i’d be in pup gear, and/or getting used in all ways possible and treated like a worthless whore, used as an urinal then fucked again..

I don’t really do much old school guy on guy sex anymore, being in this fandom around kinky people got me used to needing things to spice it up.

MasterMarc: Sounds really hot, even more if I try to imagine, how much such a fursuit is heating you up. You say that you do that often at conventions. I imagine that at such conventions there are also a lot of “non sexual” furries. So do the organizers of the conventions offer spaces to have kinky action?

Stormy: Noooot really. Conventions are definitely just based on the furry fandom. And the furry fandom is basically nothing about sex and kinks. It’s just about that anthro animals interest we all share, in many aspects of it, art, music, dance, etc.. The whole sex part of it is what us “devious” people tend to use it for sometimes.

If you go to a furry convention and just hang out there, you’ll realize how far from its “full of perverts” reputation it is. There was if i remember correctly a puppy friendly panel at Rainfurrest last year (furry convention in SeaTac that died, rip) but that’s as far as it goes on an ‘official’ level.

For the people like me who like to use cons as an occasion to be kinky between furries, the naughty things happen in the hotel rooms, via room parties mostly.


MasterMarc: Probably some of you should start to organise Furry Fetish & Sex Parties. 🙂 How would a furry dungeon look like, if you would organise it?

Stormy: Oh we already do that kinda things! Not at a con size level, of course, but we can manage to gather a good few people for that 😉

If i were to organize something like that.. well.. I’d want a sling, slings are great. I’d need everything you can have to tie people up. There needs to be a large bathroom where I’d wanna get used as a urinal. There has to be mean dommy alpha pups and generally just a lot of tops. There can be a few other subs but not too many! Oh and cameras and all. Recording things is great! Add some magic wands, whips, e-stim gear.. And basically just have everyone take turns on the few subs and fuck, or rim, or blow.. or fist each other.

That’d be great, that’s the kinda place i’d wanna show up to and get roughly abused by a bunch of people. If that can all be with fursuits that’s even better!

There have been parties like that at conventions, and it’s usually good memories.

MasterMarc: Hehe. That sounds great, even if I’m not really into furry fetish but it would be interesting to see hard action in fursuits. 🙂 Thank you Stormy, it was great to talk to you and hope we will meet again soon.

You can communicate with Stormy on Twitter.

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