One of the musts for kinksters during the summer is London Fetish Week. We have sent Cassy, a rubber pup, abdl & gimp who really loves to party, to visit a lot of the events during fetish week. Starting by the Recon Members Party on Sunday this party marathon finished with the Deconstruction Party one week later. This was definitly also Pup Cassy’s deconstruction. Let’s see what he and people he has interviewed have to tell us.

Here the links to the reports of the different parties Pup Cassy visited:



After what was frequently described as a very passionate and alluring night at the sports gear party which I sadly was unable to attend, for … reasons, Friday was now upon us and it was the night for all things tight and shiny.

This is arguably one of the most popular parties of the week. The Rubber night.

Lust would certainly be the word to use for the definitive character of such an occasion with a remarkable turnout of some very irresistible characters in their exquisite gear that left very little, if anything, to the imagination. I might add at this point that, as rubber being my predominant fetish, it was very hard to get any work done!

The atmosphere was buzzing, the music was loud, bringing the inner drone out of almost everyone, and the drinks flowed as guests danced (and fucked) their way into the early hours of the morning under the unsuspecting Vauxhall arches at London’s Fire. This was a night to remember with a variety of spaces where one could fuse socialising with masquerading, get up to all kinds of mischief in the darker corners or even take a necessary breather outside in the amply heated smokers area before delving straight back into the thick of it.

Most notably was the free rubber polishing service provided by one man and his glorious beard who kept everyone looking as shiny and captivating as ever through the night. I may have gawked a few times that evening, but hey! I’m not sorry.

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Twistedjock (London UK)

I had never been to a Rubber party before, only mixed Fetish nights so I’d been looking forward to this one having backed the wrong horse last year (2017 and headed to Twisted instead). The fact I also had just done a shoot for Regulation and was going to wear the brand new custom fit catsuit made it even more eagerly anticipated. I knew a lot of guys who would be there, some of who I had been meaning to meet for a while. The Rubber party was legendary in my mind, it was overshadowed by some personal drama of my own, however I am glad I persevered.

So, I’m a massive Gear hound, I love getting geared up and hitting the streets. It’s a week where I’m able to go from Leather and rubber man to sporty jock and everything in between. The fact that several events whilst still overtly sexual are more casual. The bondage Masterclass being an excellent example of this. The Wolfpack really put on a good show. This was my 1st event in 2017 and I was welcomed/tied up by a handsome stranger within seconds of walking into the RVT.

Fetish Week brings people from all over the country and world to London. Whether it’s social or sexual, fashion or Fetish that drives them to come to London there is something immensely special about it. I’ve had some AMAZING sex as a direct result of it and seen probably one too many unexpected sunrises over Vauxhall bus garage but it’s also about the connections you make and the people you get to meet having seen them online for so long. It’s going to sound corny as I suppose the main thrust (don’t even go there) is sex, but I have found a tremendous sense of community at these events…mostly outside of the darkroom, that’s a different story.

I was a little perturbed about going, I’d built it up in my mind for so long and it was baking hot I’d started to have second thoughts. I was also now going to be going alone and I wasn’t sure it was for me. However, I met a gorgeous rubber boy on his 1st FWL who was in need of a wingman, a rubber vest and a bit of silicon, so I met him for a drink and decided screw it. I wanted to a) see it and b) meet the guys I’d been chatted to. If I backed out I would regret it forever. I had two prospective hook-ups to meet and a promise to one of the Recon boys to fulfil.

I had the hunky CJ Jacobs buffing my thighs, I got to lick one of the Recon boys…you know who you are! I spent half the night in the shadows keeping another of the Recon crew (spotting a trend here?) supplies with the occasional G&T. And on top of that, I got to get up close and personal with my two boys who I’d been chatting too for months. And I got involved in a rubbery trio on the sofas with two gorgeous young guys I had not expected to meet.

All in all, I call that a success.

Pup Gizmo (London UK)

Was great to meet old and new friends and see so many hot guys in some amazing rubber outfits

Fetish week is the coming together of kinky guys from all over the world and is one big kink filled party.

Its special as its in London and means I don’t have to travel far to see lots of horny kinky guys. Plans for the evening were to suck some cock in the darkroom or actually just somewhere quiet. Seen a lot of people I like including some hotties I have been following on twitter for ages but never met.

The next Party Pup Cassy has visited was FULL FETISH.


BTW: Most of our interviewpartner have been published with their Recon profile name.  (Party pictures by Recon)

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