Germany has a great leather tradition and so you have several county leather associations which are selecting their Mr. Fetish. Once a year all German Fetish Clubs come together for a weekend to elect the king of the kings, the German Mr. Fetish.

This year Rheinfetisch and Fetish Gay Communiry NRW are organizing the event. The first weekend in October the German gay capital, that’s how people freom Cologne see their city, will be full of fetish geared guys. The Organizers are working on a varied program so that all visitors will have three days of fun and party at different clubs and bars in this beautiful city.

GermanMrFetish-Uwe150911sadOsam: Hi Uwe. You’re one of the organizers of the German Mr. Leather 2015 weekend event. What can visitors of your event expect during this three days?

Uwe: Yes, that´s true. Our fetishclub FGCnrw e.V. (Fetish Gay Community Northrhine-Westfalia) and the friends of Rheinfetisch e.V. have the honor to align the election of Mr. Fetisch Germany 2015 for the LFC (Leather Fetish Commnity) from 02.-04. oct 2015.

Both teams have created a comprehensive program for all delegates, titleholders and guests from Germany and the neighboring countries in recent months. It was important for both teams to involve many places of the gayscene-community in Cologne.

The highlight of the weekend will be the election and dinner on saturdaynight at the „Severinstorburg“ (old famous towngate). The Severinstorburg, older even than the Cologne Cathedral, is not only a highlight at the opening of the famous Cologne Carnival, but also provides an extraordinary ambience. Furthermore there will be a „candidate presentation“ on friday-night with a different city-tour with Swonny Fields, a famous Cologne trademark and other partys and events. All informations, the programm and tickets:


sadOsam: How many candidates are participating at the carnival of vanities, where are them from and how do they look like?

Uwe: I absolutely don´t fit to the titling „Carnival of the Vanities“.

In my view, afford the titleholders a very important task, representing the fetish- and leathercommunity on numerous large and small national and international events, abut projects and carry them out and are very active for example in HIV-preventionsector, along with the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. Each titleholder makes this volunteer and applies in addiction to his actual job much time, money and engagement. I myself have seen many aspects as a „1st Lady“, as my husband Ingo Jansen was himself Mr. Fetish Northrhine-Westfalia 2013.

All current titleholders in Germany and Austria whose clubs are members of the „LFC-Leather Fetish-Community“ are allowed to candidate, for emample Mr. Fetish NRW, Mr. Leather Hamburg, Mr. Leather Hessen, Mr. Leather Baden-Württemberg, Mr. Leather Bavaria, the Kohlkönig, Mr. Leather Austria.

Who ultimately starting in October, remains to be seen and will be a surprise. But I assume that it will be not only 1 candidate.


GermanMrFetish-Flyer-150911sadOsam: You’re right, they do a great job and are important for the visibility of the fetish community. I think the big ‘United Fetish Party” will be one of the highlights of the weekend. Is that just a party for leather lovers or are also other fetish guys like sportswear guys and pet player welcome?

Uwe: There will be 2 fetish-parties this weekend. At both parties are all imaginable and unimaginable fetish-variants welcome, whether leather, rubber, latex, sportswear, naked- and underwearfriends, petplayer, army, uniform or other styles. Just the mix, also of young and younger guests, are welcome, as well as on the regular „fetish & more-Party“ of the FGCnrw e.V. (Club Fetish Gay Community NRW).

On friday-evening both clubs, the titleholders and the LFC will welcome all friends of the other member-clubs and all guests in fetish-outfit, who want to celebrate a good „black and allfetish-Night“ at the „Pullermanns“ in Cologne.

On saturday-night the „United Fetish-Party“ will take place at the Club STATION 2B Cologne.
At this party we also welcome the new Mr. Fetish Germany 2015.DJ Maik Conrath (Mr. Bear Germany 2013) will again provide as to the regular „fetish & more-Party“ of FGCnrw e.V. for cool sounds and hot atmosphere.

Of course, the aspect of Cruising should not be neglected.


sadOsam: Sounds like a lot of fun. Do you expect a big crowd? 

Uwe: The fun should not be neglacted during this days. We offer a diverse and comprehensive daytime and evening-program and hope it will be an awesome event in Cologne after all the months of preparation. There are so many interesting places to be whether in bars, clubs, the Severinstorburg, sauna, cafe and all other etablishments.

Cologne is always a visit worth and we hope of a lot of visitors from near and far away. The first registrations are quite good. sadOsam-friends are hereby also invited again and called to celebrate with us. Sign, come to Cologne, get directly into your fetishgear and let´s party.

I am looking forward to a lot of friends of the fetishscene and especially in many new contacts…smile.




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