A kinky story written by Max Potter | Chapter 3

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You lay there with Anthony, slowing moving your hand up and down his great chest and abs. His breath normalized. The two of you just rested for a while, then Anthony leaned over and nibbled your ear. It felt good, and you actually giggled a little. Anthony’s hand felt up your chest. You had never realized how good it felt to have a tongue in your ear. Anthony moved down and kissed your neck, at first light kisses that almost tickled you in their gentleness. His kisses got stronger, and he used his teeth gently, almost like he was giving you hickies.

He kissed you around your neck, getting up and reaching to the side of your neck across from where he was laying. Then he kissed across your chest. He lifted up your arm and began to lick your pit. You groaned out loud. He had never done this before. You’d never had anyone do it to you before, and it felt more incredible than you thought it would. After doing this for a few minutes, Anthony kissed down your arm, stopping at the crook of your elbow to play his tongue on the soft skin there. After a bit here, he kissed down the inside of your arm to your wrist. There he played his tongue on the inside.

You could see his cock was hard again, you were amazed he could get it up after what you had just done for it, but such thoughts were fleeting as all your sensations were focused on what his mouth was doing.

Anthony kissed up your palm and took a finger into his mouth, sucking it, his tongue working like it did when he was on your cock. You caught a gleam in his eye, and you smiled at each other. Anthony shifted to be over you, his strong legs on either side of your hips. This gave you easy access to his dick, and you ran your hands over it. He hardened at your touch, and you moved down to fondle his balls. His balls were nice and big, with a decent covering of hair, and you enjoyed feeling his nuts in the sack rolling around in your hands.

Anthony moved his tongue down to give small licks to the point where two of your fingers joined. It was more sensual than you would have thought it was before he started doing it. You had a deep intake of breath. He rubbed his thumb on your palm as he kept those small licks going.

He moved back from your hand and bent down to your hip, and began to kiss up your side until he approached and kissed his way to your nipple. He licked and gently bit your nipple, using his hand on the other one. Anthony then moved his mouth to the other nipple, switching hands so both were being stimulated.

Anthony lifted your arm and moved to lick the pit he hadn’t before. He repeated his kissing down your arm, to the crook of your elbow and wrist. He sucked fingers on that hand, and then did the thing at the place between them. He was such a hot man, and that certainly made all of this so much more erotic. He was slowly going over your body and using his tongue and lips to make you feel so terrific.

Anthony then kissed down the side he was working on from about the place of your nipple to your hip. He lifted your leg and licked behind your knee. Your toes curled, it felt so good. After he had done that for a while, he put the leg down and picked up the other one, licking behind that knee.

Finishing behind the knee, Anthony moved to your foot, drawing his tongue from your heel to the toes. At the toes, he sucked them individually, flicking his tongue where the toes met. Anthony repeated on your other foot.

Lowering your leg, Anthony widened the space between them and began to suck on your cock, bringing his hand to play with your balls. Anthony could deepthroat, and he did, taking your dick all the way to the root. You felt his tongue and throat move around your cock, really giving all of it great sensations.

Being a marine made Anthony able to do some amazing things. You almost got concerned that he was going to pass out when he pulled off. He moved up and down slowly, giving maximum sensations to your cock. Anthony gradually increased the speed of his sucking until he was going at a pretty good rate. You couldn’t hold back any more and shot in his mouth. Anthony clamped down and swallowed, taking your load. Once you stopped spurting, he slowly nursed the rest out, flicking his tongue on your cockhead.

“That tasted great!” Anthony moved up to embrace you, giving you a kiss. You hugged him back, feeling his still hard cock between you.


“Want another hot tub session?” Anthony asked. You both were laying under the trees as the sun headed down. He had just given you a mind-blowing blow job.

“Sure.” You say.

Anthony gathered the blanket and the other things you had there. Then he crouched down in front of you. “Get on me, ride me back.” He said.

“You’re kidding. You must be exhausted.”

“I’m a marine. I can do it. I’ll want to show you what I can do for you.”

“All right, but you do a lot for me already.” You climb on his back. He’s being a horse for you again. It was very sexy, but you knew he had to be tired. Just more proof that he was acting like your slave, even if the two of you didn’t say it directly.

Anthony stood up and headed back to the cabin. It was amazing that he would do so much. Everything he could do for you, he did. You got down at the door, as it was too complicated to open with you on his back. Anthony kissed you and suggested you head for the tub while he put the things up. You did.

The hot tub was relaxing, and you put your arms out along the edge. Anthony walked through the door you were facing. You were again impressed by the fantastic body. Muscles that made him look like a Greek statue, and that nice covering of hair that turned you on so much. His face was handsome, and he had a nice shadow of beard that just added to the unbelievable sexiness he exuded. His cock and balls swung as he walked, large and so filling when inside you. His cock showed that he was somewhat excited. Anthony was very confident in his nudity, not showing the slightest discomfort. “I love your dick.” You say, as Anthony slides into the tub next to you.

“It loves you too. I’ve never gotten so hard with anybody. And I’m always a bit stiff; being near you, thinking of you, touching you. Kissing you.” Anthony leaned over and kissed you. Your arms wrapped around each other. You felt his chest press against yours. His body felt so strong, you felt safe and excited with him. Anthony’s hand reached down and found your cock. He stroked it, making it harder than it already was.

Kissing had always been one of your favorite activities, and you two kissed long. You pushed Anthony back, straddling his lap as your lips stayed together. Anthony’s large cock was up against the crack in your ass, and yours was against his tight abs. The kissing continued. It was so wonderful not to have any time pressure, and be able to kiss as long as you wanted knowing there was nothing keeping you or pressing on your time. You kissed more, your hands roving over Anthony’s body, cock, and balls. Anthony’s hands moved over your body, cock, and balls as well. It was magnificent to feel his hands and his body.

The kissing continued, so long and satisfying. Even after being with Anthony for a few months, you had never had such a long session of just kissing. It was great. Anthony did everything he could to please you, and it was the best relationship you had ever had. Who wouldn’t want a virtual slave as a hot boyfriend? You moved your hands up over his shoulders to wrap over his head, keeping his head kissing you.

The kissing continued for a very long time, until you were finally contented. You pulled back. The two of you smiled at each other, and you lay your head on his shoulder.


You both just rested there enjoying each other bodies. You barely talked, but it was wonderful. After such a long time, Anthony asked if you were ready for him to make dinner. You agreed and he gave you a quick kiss before getting out of the hot tub. You watched his fine ass as he headed back into the cabin. Taking a deep breath, you got out of the tub and went to get dressed. Anthony was grilling again, so you sat on a chair on the porch and watched Anthony’s naked body work.

You had only been watching him a few minutes when he disappeared inside the cabin, returning with a wine glass and a bottle. He poured a glass and kissed you on the cheek before returning to the grill.

You enjoyed the wine and the view, his large penis swinging in response to how Anthony moved around. You really could do this all day. In fact, you were, having as much time to just drink in his unbelievably great body as you wanted.

Anthony served grilled shrimp and sat down near you so you could both have dinner. You noticed that he did chub up near you. You had seen him completely flaccid, and could tell he was a bit excited. It felt so good knowing just your presence turned him on so much.

As you finished, you both had a final glass of wine, enjoying the night and the stars. Anthony stood up and took your hand. He led you out to the backyard, to the top of a bit of a hill there. He held you around the waist, and you both looked up at the stars. You leaned against him, feeling so good and loving the closeness of his body.

After a bit, Anthony kissed you on the lips, and began to remove your clothes. You let him, knowing he has something planned. When you were naked, he stood face to face with you and kissed you, grabbing your ass with his hands, kneading your cheeks nicely.

He pulled you down to your knees and further lowered your hands to the ground. You figured he was going to fuck you doggie, but when he made it behind you and pulled apart your asscheeks, you felt his mouth make it to your ass. He did seem to love rimming you. It felt great as always.

Anthony’s tongue really went deep into you. His skill sent shivers of pleasure through you. He was so good at rimming. He usually rimmed you a bit before fucking you, and so you expected another great fucking. But he kept up the rimming. Much longer than ever before.

The scratches of his beard shadow just added to the feelings, and it was remarkable. The pleasure knocked you down, sliding until you were laying on the ground. Anthony kept moving his tongue around and in your hole. You groaned, all thoughts running from your head.

Anthony’s tongue was very talented. He had proven he could deep throat you and get his tongue to your balls. He could really get his tongue deep. You moaned, so deep was he going, you would have fallen if you weren’t already down.

Anthony kept going, and going. Your mind was gone, you could only feel the wonderful sensations coming from what he was doing. Your hands reached out and grabbed grass, tearing it up. How long had he been doing this? You had no idea of time.

More rimming, and it didn’t stop. You didn’t want it to stop. Why would you? His stamina was impressive, and he was using it to put you in pleasure again. How great it was, and it never seemed to end.

Anthony had shown he could suck you for over an hour, and he rimmed you over an hour. How much longer, you couldn’t be sure, but it was almost a relief when he stopped, slowing bringing his mouth from your hole and kissing the globes of your ass cheeks.

You rolled over, still hard, even though you had cum some time before. You reached for him, and he enfolded you in his arms.


“Fuck me now?” You asked.

“Sure.” Anthony replied. He rolled your legs up and positioned his cock by your well-lubed ass. He slowly pushed in. The feelings of his cock filling you gave you new waves of pleasure. His motions in pumping you were slow at first, really letting you feel every inch of his long, impressive member.

“Just a bit faster.” You whispered. Anthony complied. He always fucked you so you got maximum enjoyment out of it. You could tell he wanted that more than coming off himself. You revelled in how long it took for his entire cock to go in and out.

His breathing became deeper, you moved your hands up to feel his great pecs, the dark hair covering them. Moving down a bit, you felt his ripped six-pack. Anthony had a magnificent body, and dedicated it to pleasuring you.

“Faster.” You looked into his eyes, a flash of pleasure, he could do something for you again. He sped up. How great all of this was, how deep he went into you.

“Keep going, make me cum!” You gasped. After the kissing, the rimming, all the access to his body, you just wanted to cum. You bucked back against him as his thrusts intensified.

His hips pistoned, his whole body was involved in the fucking, as was yours. He started to quake, he was actually cumming before you. That fact pushed you over the edge, ropes of cum shooting over your chest as he buried deep and let out an animalistic shout.

Spent, he fell to your side, both of you breathing deep. Once he had control, he leaned over and lapped up your cum. “I love that taste.” Anthony said.

“You do make me cum a lot.” You told him.

“You like it, right?” Anthony looked at you, hoping you did.

“Fuck right I do. I never want you to stop.” You smile at him.

Anthony smiled back. “I promise.” You lay in each other’s arms watching the stars.

To be continued …

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Max Potter discovered an interest in domination and slavery at a very early age. First reading about historical accounts of slaves, that eventually turned to an interested in the Dom/sub culture. A voracious reader, he see dominance and submission in many passages. When a friend gives up something, when a man takes a metaphorical blow for someone else. When one will is subjected to another. For his writing, he looks for the unusual situation. It could be total reluctance on the part of the sub, or innovative commands given. Always on the lookout for a novel idea, he can be contacted at his Gmail account as maxrpotter.

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