Once upon a time, kinky people haven’t had Recon or Planetromeo and they have had to go to bars and clubs to find somebody to have fun with ….

Hankies have been very popular in the fetish scene in the 70ies. Colored hankerchiefs in the hip pockets  have been the sexual profiles at that time. The left was the top side and the right the bottom side. This color code is called hanky code and nowadays you can see it often at fetish parties integrated in leather tapes around the wrists, upper arms or in rubber or leather cloths.

Probably you don’t belive it but that worked and they have had kinky sex at that time.

Loves to masturbateWhiteLoves stroking
Heavy S/M MasterBlackHeavy S/M Slave
Bondage TopGreyBondage Bottom
PisserYellowPiss Freak / Lover
Scat TopBrownScat Bottom
 Like to get rimmedBeigeLoves to rimm
SpitsPale YellowLoves to be spit on
Has 8″ or moreMustardWants a big one
Anything, anytime, everywhereOrangeAnithing but not now
Dildo FuckerLight PinkDildo Fuckee
Tits TorturerDark PinkTits Torturee
Wants HeadLight BlueExpert Cocksucker
FuckerNavy BlueFuckee
HustlerGreenJohn / Escort
Military OfficerOlive GreenMilitary Recruit

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