In our last Bondage tutorial, we’ve shown you how to make a Harness and told you what it could be used for. But often, if you want to incentify someone to try something, a demonstration shows more than a thousand words could. So we prepared a little clip for you what’s possible with some of the things we showed if you master rope skills.

Please remember: This is merely inspiration for you to try things. To make such such suspension bondage is not recommended for beginners. Please try something suited to your skills. If you want to try first steps into suspension, maybe go for something easier, like tying up someone’s feet, and letting him balance on his knees. Then you already need to consider several things about weight distribution. And it can look really hot as well.

Lastly, if you ever do something like this, always make sure that you don’t put pressure on places where you could cut off blood flow, and aren’t suited for holding weight. We’ll bring you other tutorials on that at some point in the future. Be sure to catch those too! But for now, enjoy 😉

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