Sizes: S-M-XL- XXXL

S: 9.75″ Tot. Length
9.50″ Circ.

XL: 14.75″ Length
 9.25″ Circ.

Med Firm / 75% Soft
Texture: Realistic
Extras: Vac-u-Lock

The Holy Trainer is one of the most known chastity cages on the market. It has relieved the CB 6000 of it’s pole position.


For a plastic cage, it’s easily one of the most comfortable ones I’ve worn. It’s very snug, the ring doesn’t pinch anywhere, and the bulge also looks semi-organic with the integrated lock mechanism. As for escapability: I was able to get out. Sometimes my dick even escaped on it’s own during the night. That isn’t a quality issue of the cage though. Just meant wasn’t the right one fitting my dick anatomy.

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