Welcome, and thank you for taking an interest in Me, My boy and My slave. I’m Brad, and have been a part of the BDSM world off and on for nearly thirty years, and have had My full-time slave approaching five years. Recently a boy has joined Me, and makes Me very happy with this dedication and service to Me.

I’ve been asked to write periodic articles for Master Mark as a way of documenting the ZAHLENmen, and to give back to the community. I’ve committed to writing about Me and My men quarterly, there will be something coming out at the start of each new season, with some periodic bonus pieces in between.

The first piece was in interview done with MasterMarc some time ago, about My slave and living with permanent chastity. The second piece, presented today is by My boy, about his reflections on becoming a boy. A third piece, what it means to Me to be a Master will be coming next.

Until W/we meet again;

boy uli

1978 | 173 cm | 64 kg
Toronto (CA)

When i was 20, my friend and i would snicker about 40-year-old ‘boys’ in the classifieds. Now, at the the age of 41, i have become a leatherman’s boy, and i feel better than i have in a long time.

i have always been on the sub side, but in years past that only came out during play – i could not stand the idea of not being equals in a relationship. Until the idea of another man controlling me in a broader sense started to turn me on, fuelled by porn stories and electronic conversations. With time came the realization that, apart from a long relationship that made me increasingly unhappy, what separated me from such a life was misplaced pride and a fragile self-esteem. Then this relationship ended a number of months ago, and by a fluke of fate, i met the special man who is now my Sir. i am quite picky in who i submit to, but the kind of respect and affection i have for Him makes me want to submit to Him. He makes me feel like he deserves my submission. He is good to me in a way few people have been: He wants to bring out the best in me, to enjoy life to the fullest, and being kinky as hell, He helps me push my boundaries. It makes me proud when i hear him introduce me as His boy – and i want him to be able to be proud of me, too. That, for me, is crucial: i don’t want a Dom who puts me down and makes me feel worthless – i don’t believe a relationship based on that is good for anybody in the long run, whether you’re into degradation or not. my Sir makes me feel like what I can give him has value.

Sir also owns a very dedicated, 24/7 slave, and it was actually him who brought U/us together. While this constellation is not something i had wished for, and it took some getting used to for someone who previously only had been in traditional relationships, it works well. There is no competition, and i don’t feel any jealousy. we bring very different things to the table. The slave is more experienced, he has no limits in his submission, and his service without question, whereas as a boy i have agency to make my own decisions about most things and can have a more playful edge. Obviously, whatever i do i try to avoid anything that may reflect poorly on Him. The way Sir relates to us sexually is also different – the slave is there to serve Him, with me it’s more complex. i see my role such that i want to make Sir’s life more fun while also hopefully being a good partner, although not an equal.

An aspect that O/our relationship has in common with other Sir/boy relationships is that the Sir is an organizing force in the boy’s life – many Sirs enjoy seeing a boy grow and reach their life goals. He enjoys leaving His stamp on me and my life. That includes changes to my appearance – for instance, He has me shave smooth and decides what haircut i have. i have a few piercings i would probably not have gotten on my own, even though i’m very into them now in part because they are constant reminders of Him IN me. Importantly, He has a lot control over my sex life. i am not allowed to touch my cock other than for cleaning and pissing; obviously, He directs what happens in the play room; and He has last say in other sexual contacts i have. He loves the idea of loaning me out, so that may happen more in the future.

While i am writing this, i am wearing a rubber suit for 24 hours – because He told me so. There is also a whole set of rules and protocols regulating various aspects of my life from how W/we communicate to me getting a motorcycle license. In his own words, He is a ‘benign dictator’. These interventions are designed to be reminders of Him, or to push me in a direction W/we both want me to develop – or they simply turn Him and me on, such as that i am to be plugged whenever W/we meet. This leaves a constant horny undertone in my every-day but also just feels ‘right’ to me emotionally. Perhaps one reason is that i am often undecided and i tend to overthink, so it can give me a sense of calm not to have to worry about something, or wonder if i like something or not, when He has already decided.

i have the unfortunate tendency to find a hair in every soup, but striving to be a good boy i try to be game whatever He decides to throw at me and just go with the flow. What allows me to let go in this way is that i know that He will protect me from physical or emotional damage, no matter what.

So what does it mean to be a boy? Certainly individual experience may vary, and everybody can make their own rules. To me, this is it, and it’s made me a very happy boy.


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