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Author: Bartek

Publisher: by Bartek himself

Pages: 112

What’s the book about?

Bartek is a great Polish cartoonist and we are very proud that he pusblishes his sketches on sadOsam frequently. Now he has published his firt book, a collection of the best cartoons he has made yet. It’s a fun book and must for people who like a little weird kinky humor. And of course it is a possibility to support a kinky artist. A nice book to have in the own bookshelf or to surprise kinky friends with a funny gift.

Hi Bartek. Your drawings have become haptic. How is it to hold your first own created book in your hands?

On one hand you are happy. You really have the fruit of your labour in your hands. But on other hand you are wondering „who will buy it? Are drawings in this book good enough?” I think that the feelings are similar to your feelings when you’ve started your website. 🙂

Yes it is always a mix of feelings but you know your illustrations are good enough, Bartek. We all enjoy your drawings. What is for you the difference between seeing your own sketches in a book if you compare it with your drawings you’ve seen many times online?

I think the paper book is more personal and more physically/real. Digital version published on Internet gives you quick feedback, likes, comments from readers/buyers. I draw digitally so paper book is a little more special for me.

It looks really good and you’ve done a great job. Even if it sounds a little degrading it is a big compliment, if something becomes Toilet Read. It’s the place you are sitting for a short while and you’ve nothing to do, beside shitting, and you want to be entertained for just some minutes. 🙂 In my eyes your new book is perfect for that. How do you see that?

Yes, it’s true. And it is safer to take a cheap book to the toilet than an expensive tablet or phone, of course 🙂

Hehe. Even if you say on Amazon that your book is not worth any penny please tell us, why people should buy it?

To answer your question I just want to quote one of comments on instagram: „The jokes are so bad, but on the other hand so brilliant good” 😁

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