Pup Rexxx

1997 | 172 cm | 64 kg
Georgia (U.S.)

I tend to only get into the puppy headspace when I am extremely horny or feeling very playful

In your mind, what’s your dog race?

Honestly, I have thought about this but never could tell what type of dog race I would be. I think with my new custom puppy hood, which has not arrived yet, I’d probably be a husky of some sort. Or just a very blue puppy. Besides that, I’d be unsure what type of puppy I am haha. I think with all the different colors and designs, it doesn’t matter what type of puppy we are, we all look cute either way!

How did you start out as a pup? What was your first time trying it out? And what was it like?

I started out as a pup when Tumblr was still popular. There were other major puppies on Tumblr that drew me to the kink and I instantly became intrigued. I remember being online and finally submitting the order for my very first puppy hood and could not believe how great it felt to put it on. The neoprene material smelled refreshing, and the hood itself felt tight and snug on my head. I knew from that moment being a puppy was what I wanted to continue to be.

What is pup play for you? And how do you live it out?

For me personally, puppy play is definitely more of a fetish/kink rather than a lifestyle. I tend to only get into the puppy headspace when I am extremely horny or feeling very playful. Believe it or not, but I don’t have much experience with puppy play outside of my bedroom or home. I’ve never really met any other pups at kink events or in person, so I don’t have a master/handler or a pack. The best way for me to live out my puppy persona is to play around the house and have fun by myself, which I think all dogs should do. I’m finally going to experience my first kink event at the Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco, so hopefully being there will open up my eyes more about the kink, BDSM, and puppy community. And I hope to meet a handful of like-minded kinksters and puppies.

Whats important to you when pupping?

Pupping is important to me when I get to express myself in a way I didn’t know I could. In other words, being a puppy headspace is definitely a freeing and liberating feeling. I like to think I’m known for my puppy photos on Twitter, so when I get comments or messages saying that I’m someone’s puppy/fashion inspiration, it’s a very good feeling that runs through me because I try to be the puppy I’ve always wanted to see on social media.

What makes you wag your tail?

The things that make me wag my tail are: being locked in chastity, seeing other pups in chastity, a hot kinky dom, a sexy man in rubber, a man with facial hair, receiving a bone as a treat, getting new toys, being called ‘pup/puppy’ or ‘good boy’, a handsome guy in gear, being someone’s slave or submissive, pleasing a man the way he wants to be pleased, slight humiliation, and so much more can make my tail wag.

What would be your ideal day as a pup?

My ideal day as a puppy would have to include just being a very very good boy for my owner (if I had one) and doing everything he wanted. I believe in obedience and training so rewards and punishments are major incentives for me when I am in the process of pleasing a dom. I’m sure my ideal day as a pup would also include me being locked in a chastity cage and struggling with containing my horniness and doing everything I could to be released from it so I can have my bone play with.

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