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Hello dear readers, I’m here today with Buttons, an adorable little from the abdl world. Say Buttons, how does one realize he’s into that? How did that go for you?

*blushes* thank you for that intro hehe

My story sort of started from the DL side of it all; which, turns out, seems to be the case for a lot of Littles and ABDLs. I can clearly remember being 4 years old and asking my mom if I (and my best friend) could get a diaper to wear. The answer was obviously “no”, but it never stopped me wanting to be back in diapers. I’ve never worked out why, but it’s never gone away.

It’s only been in the last 3 years that I’ve found a little side to myself thanks to some ABDL friends; it’s just a nice headspace away from adulting, that I couldn’t get from just being in diapers… and I love it!

I’m gonna ask about the headspace in a moment, but what exactly do you like about wearing diapers? I mean, most people, once they get out of them, they wanna keep them away if possible xD

Eeek! That’s such a difficult question cos I’m not 100% sure what the attraction is…

The feeling of them is the main thing, I guess; the softness and snugness of the fit. Then there’s the look and the aesthetic of them; to me they’re more attractive (and cute!) than regular underpants or boxers, which again is how I must have felt about them from a very young age.

Then there’s the taboo of using them 🙂 I think that comes back to the feel of them, but that is also partly why the “little” side of things exists; it makes me feel little and dependent.

It’s true, most people wouldn’t dream of going back into diapers, but honestly, I would challenge them just to try one on.. not to use them (unless they really are that curious! hehe) but just to experience the kind of comfort and confidence that DLs feel when in diapers.

Haha maybe one of our readers here will 😉 You’re saying it makes you feel little and dependent? Is that the headspace you described? What else does it feel like?

I suppose more little within myself, than dependent, when I think about it. I’ve never had a “big”, CG or Dom figure before, so have never had that dynamic… but little, yeah, definitely; that’s a headspace that’s comes out in my demeanour occasionally.

I’m not a fully regressive little, but just have little tendencies. My friends will testify to my occasional tantrums, huffs, loudness, lack of care, and of course my continuous need for cuddles with my stuffies XD It’s a really relaxing facet to my life, and my go-to if I’m having a particularly stressful time adulting!

I wish there was a word to describe how it feels, but how I feel about diapers changes all the time. There’s obviously a sexual element (less so with little space) but that really depends on my mood and environment. I guess that’s true of all kinks though 🤷♂

Such things are indeed very situative. You’ve never had a “big”/Dom figure before… do you yearn for that then, or have the feeling it’s something worth exploring? Or do you see it as something not really needed in your little space?

I think so — I know I definitely want to explore that dynamic with another person, and my own “big” side too. I’m fairly monogamous, so have resigned myself to the fact that I need a relationship with some active ABDL engagement; not just an acceptance of it.
Whether that’s me having a big, me being the big, or both!

I know a few doms, daddies, mommies, and caregivers who still have an active DL side, so I think I could roll with that dynamic, since diapers are still my primary attraction with it all.

I don’t think I could cut ‘little me’ out entirely, as it’s really tied to my personality now, but if I had to spend less time in little space I’d be okay with that 🙃

Did abdl also lead you to other kinks to explore?

I suppose ABDL has led me to other kinks, as it crosses over so easily into other things! I haven’t really explored any of it (yet!) but about things like pup play and dom/sub RP; there seems to be a strong crossover there.

It never started as kink for me given it’s been there from a young age, so I was initially quite heedful about using diapers and ageplay in a sexual context. I think I was 19 before it became something relating to kink.

Must be something that comes with age, ironically!

XD Do you think you’ll ever grow out of it?

Part of me hopes so.. part of me loves it too much. Nobody wants to get older in general, and the thought of being a lot older and into any kink doesn’t appeal, but I daresay I’ll feel differently about that when I actually get there!

I’ve thought about this a lot to be honest… the reality that I’ve accepted is that I’ve tried to “shake off” my ABDL side so many times, but always come back to it. Again, I think the fact that diapers have been a forefront thought for much whole life means it isn’t going away anytime soon.

But we shall see! :3 let’s do this interview again in 20 years and see what’s changed!

One last question: Do you still have some abdl/kink things that you’d love to experience once before those 20 years?

Oh gosh, so many things!… but experiences are best shared with someone else, and I’ve just not been that fortunate yet. Some day soon I hope!

Frankly, too many fantasies to list but I’ll try most things once. If it’s ABDL related, you can bet your padded ass I wanna try it.

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